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Bing Image Creator DALL-E Free: Tutorial, Best Prompts, and Example Generations

Author: The Al AdvantageTime: 2023-12-20 17:24:49

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Introduction to Bing Image Creator DALL-E

Microsoft recently released the Bing Image Creator for free public use, providing access to powerful AI image generation capabilities through DALL-E models. As of now, it's freely available to everyone with impressive results across a variety of prompts and creative applications.

What is Bing Image Creator?

The Bing Image Creator allows users to describe any image they want generated through text prompts, and the AI will automatically create it. It was initially announced for ChatGPT Plus users in early October, but has now been opened up more widely in preview. Everyone gets access to 100 free credits to experiment with creating images.

Key Capabilities and Features

Some of the key capabilities enabled by the Bing Image Creator include:

  • Photo-realistic image generation based on text prompts
  • Ability to recreate specific art styles and artist techniques
  • Insert popular characters and brands seamlessly into generated images
  • Create logos, graphics, memes and more with just simple text prompts

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Using Bing Image Creator

Using the Bing Image Creator is simple. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

How to Access Bing Image Creator

Go to bing.com/images and you'll see the option for 'Bing Image Creator'. Click on it and you'll be prompted to sign in with a Microsoft account if you aren't already. Then you can start creating images!

Crafting Effective Text Prompts

The key to generating great images is writing good prompts. You simply describe what you want to see in 1-2 sentences. Use descriptive language and specifics. Drawing inspiration from existing resources can be helpful when getting started.

Understanding Image Generation Process and Outputs

After entering a text prompt, click Create and the AI will start generating an image, typically taking 15-30 seconds. Review the initial output, and try regenerating if needed to achieve your desired result, iterating on the prompt as necessary.

Best Prompts and Techniques for Stunning Generations

Here are some proven prompts and techniques for generating visually stunning images with DALL-E:

Logos and Graphics

The Bing Image Creator excels at generating logos, graphics, and icons. For example, simply prompt it to create a "YouTube logo for a channel called AI Advantage". The quality allows using outputs directly or perfecting them with some quick editing.

Recreating Artist Styles

Specifying an artist's name and style in prompts like "Image of a landscape in the style of Van Gogh" works remarkably well. The AI accurately replicates lighting, brush strokes, colors and more to match the artist's technique.

Incorporating Popular Characters

Reference any popular characters like "Homer Simpson" or "Iron Man" in prompts to seamlessly insert them into generated images. This opens up unique mashups and compositions previously not possible.

Impressive Example Generations from Community

The AI art community has produced impressive images showcasing what's possible with the Bing Image Creator. Here are some highlights:

Artistic Paintings and Landscapes

Text prompts based around art styles produce remarkable images like traditional portraits and landscape paintings.

Character Insertions and Mashups

Inserting characters into unexpected situations through prompts results in funny and surreal mashups.

Creative Prompting Ideas

The community continuously experiments with prompting formats like "X versus Y" to splice images for stunning artistic collage-like generations.

Conclusion and Next Steps

The Bing Image Creator provides an exciting new way for anyone to instantly generate images based on text prompts for free through AI. As the technology continues improving, the opportunities will only expand. Be sure to experiment with different prompting techniques to create your own impressive images!


Q: Is Bing Image Creator free to use?
A: Yes, Bing Image Creator is currently free for anyone to use, with some usage limits.

Q: What types of images can it generate?
A: It can generate a wide variety of images including logos, digital art, memes, landscapes, portraits and more based on text prompts.