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Experience Dolly 3: The New King of AI Image Generation Free

Author: howtoaiTime: 2023-12-20 17:22:11

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Dolly 3 Delivers Unparalleled Image Accuracy

OpenAI just released Dolly 3, and it's undeniably the best AI image generator available right now. The unparalleled accuracy Dolly 3 provides is insane. The reason why it's been getting so much praise these last days after the release is that you now can generate images with text in them.

Take a look at the comparison between Midjourney and Dolly 3 for the prompt 'a big carrot man holding a sign that says subscribe to how to Ai'. The results speak for themselves. While the Dolly 3 generated image might not be as aesthetically pleasing, remember that the prompt didn't specify artistic style. This example shows how precise Dolly 3 is for inserting text in designs, opening possibilities for business use cases.

Precise Text Insertion Opens Possibilities

This small difference of accurately inserting readable text is so important. It opens endless possibilities for using AI image generation in business, like creating accurate logos, infographic designs, ads - anything requiring legible text.

Business Use Cases Become Achievable

Whereas previous AI models struggle with text, Dolly 3's precision enables creating images with specific, customizable text for business use cases.

Access Dolly 3 Before Official Release

OpenAI is initially only allowing ChatGBT Plus users to access Dolly 3. Here's a method to try accessing it for free before official rollout.

Two factors determine early Dolly 3 access: using particular browsers like Firefox or Brave, and clearing cookies/cache beforehand. This leads some Bing Images users to Dolly 3, whereas most still use Dolly 2.

Leverage Specific Browsers

When prompted to create images, some browsers like Firefox or Brave may access Dolly 3 for some users. Try different browsers and clear cookies/cache to increase your chances.

Clear Cookies and Cache

Make sure to clear your browser's cookies and cache before attempting Dolly 3 access through Bing Images. This step is crucial to get past systems still using Dolly 2.

Verify You Have Dolly 3 Access

Since Bing doesn't confirm if you have Dolly 2 or 3 access, a prompt can verify it. Ask for an image with readable text - if it's legible, you likely have Dolly 3.

Prompt Spider-Man Sign Test

Prompt a test image, like Spider-Man holding a sign. If the text is clear, not gibberish, you have Dolly 3 access and text precision.

Assess Text Formation Accuracy

Previous models can't form readable text when prompted. Assessing text accuracy in generated images is the best way to confirm you reached Dolly 3.

Dolly 3 Showcases New Capabilities

Dolly 3 images showcase major improvements, like accurately generating text and complex scenes. There's still room for improvement, but it's an exciting step toward increasingly capable AI.

Avocado Therapist Comic

A Dolly 3 image of an avocado speaking to a therapist spoon references a classic AI test image. Midjourney struggled with the same prompt, showing Dolly 3's accuracy.

Stormy Sea Glass Heart Image

Another complex Dolly 3 image depicts impressive detail, like a stormy sea and glass heart. The text wasn't perfectly placed but the quality demonstrates new potential.

The Future Looks Bright

With unprecedented text accuracy and detail, Dolly 3 ushers in an exciting new era for AI image generation. As models continue improving, the possibilities are boundless.


Q: What makes Dolly 3 special?
A: Dolly 3 enables highly accurate text insertion in images, allowing for precise prompts and business use cases.

Q: How can I access Dolly 3 for free?
A: Try using alternative browsers like Firefox or Brave after clearing your cookies and cache to potentially access Dolly 3 on Bing Image Creator before official release.

Q: What's the best way to confirm Dolly 3 access?
A: Prompt the AI to generate an image with text, like Spider-Man holding a sign. If the text is legible, you likely have Dolly 3.

Q: What can't you generate images of with Dolly 3?
A: Dolly 3 prohibits generating fake/misleading images of people or reproducing artistic styles without permission.

Q: Can Dolly 3 make realistic images?
A: Yes, the stormy sea heart example showcases Dolly 3's ability to produce intricate, hyper-realistic images.