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4 Underutilized Websites for Finding Cheap Flights

Author: Project UntetheredTime: 2024-01-03 05:10:02

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Using SkipLagged to Find Hidden City Flights

SkipLagged is a clever website that specializes in finding hidden city flights. Hidden city flights are when you book a flight with a layover at your actual destination, get off at the layover instead of taking the final leg of the journey, and save money in the process.

For example, let's say you want to fly from New York to Orlando. Flights to Orlando might be expensive, but SkipLagged may find a cheaper flight from New York to Dallas with a layover in Orlando. You can book that flight and simply get off in Orlando, without ever taking the Dallas flight.

What are Hidden City Flights?

Hidden city flights refer to booking an itinerary where your destination is a connection point or layover along the way to another city. For instance, if you want to fly Los Angeles to San Francisco, you could search for flights from LA to Seattle with a layover in San Francisco. Then you would simply get off the plane in San Francisco and not take the second leg of the flight to Seattle. This allows you to fly to your intended destination often for much cheaper than a direct flight.

How to Use SkipLagged to Find Hidden City Flights

The SkipLagged homepage allows you to search for flights just like any other travel website. Simply enter your origin city, destination city, and travel dates. But pay special attention to any search results where the final destination is crossed out. These are hidden city flight options where flying to the crossed out city with a layover at your intended destination is cheaper than a direct flight. When considering a hidden city itinerary, be careful not to check bags or you may not see them at your early layover stop. It's also courteous not to repeatedly book the same hidden city route as airlines don't love the practice. But as an occasional clever hack to save money, SkipLagged can be very useful!

Leveraging ITA Matrix for Complex Flight Searches

ITA Matrix is the powerful airfare search technology that actually powers many online travel agencies. It offers some advanced features that enable complex flight hacking to find the lowest fares.

For instance, ITA Matrix makes it easy to search open jaw itineraries where your outbound and return journeys are between different origin and destination cities. It also specializes in finding flights with long layovers that allow free or very cheap stopovers in other cities along the way.

Scott's Cheap Flights Newsletter for Epic Flight Deals

Scott's Cheap Flights is an awesome flight deal newsletter that sends highly discounted airfares right to your inbox. The savings are usually 40-90% off normal prices. You choose the departure airports you want to track, and anytime an incredible fare sale pops up from those cities, Scott's Cheap Flights will let you know.

There's a free version focused on international flights, and very affordable paid memberships to also receive alerts for domestic bargains. With average savings over $500 per ticket, Scott's Cheap Flights easily pays for itself by helping travelers score unbelievable flight deals.

Searching Airwander to Add Free or Cheap Stopovers

Airwander is a great website for finding flights with lengthy layovers that allow free or very inexpensive stopovers. You simply search for your intended origin and final destination like normal. But then click the plus button to tell Airwander you want to add a stopover.

Airwander will show flight options with long layovers and detail the extra cost (often minimal) to extend your layover and visit another city along the way. You can even specify how long you want your layover to be. It's an amazing way to tack an extra destination onto a trip for nearly free!


Summary of Top Tools

In summary, websites like SkipLagged, ITA Matrix, Scott's Cheap Flights, and Airwander give savvy travelers extra abilities to find ridiculously cheap flights beyond typical search engines. Leveraging tricks like hidden city ticketing, complex routings, flight deal alerts, and extended layover stopovers can enable some incredible travel hacking! So next time you're searching for an affordable getaway, be sure to consult this toolbox of specialty flight websites to explore if they can uncover some hidden gems tailored to your perfect itinerary and budget.


Q: What are hidden city flights?
A: Hidden city flights are when you book a flight with a layover at your intended destination and get off at the layover instead of taking the final flight. This can sometimes be cheaper than booking a direct flight.

Q: Can I book flights directly on ITA Matrix?
A: No, ITA Matrix doesn't allow you to book flights directly. You'll need to copy the itinerary and book either directly with the airline or through a site like BookWithMatrix.com.