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7 Day Lean Arms Fat Burn Home Workout Challenge

Author: Lilly SabriTime: 2024-01-20 11:45:00

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Introduction to the 7 Day Arms Workout Challenge

This 7 day program is an intense lean arms fat burn home workout challenge. The centerpiece is a 6 minute daily circuit that targets the arms through various raise, hold, and rotation exercises. For those seeking more, there is also a full 7 day upper body challenge plan, with a completely different home workout for each day.

Both programs are available in the LEAN app, which offers customized meal and workout plans to help you achieve your fitness goals. The app also contains additional resources like physical therapy guidance, nutrition advice, tutorials, and more. Read on to learn about the specifics of these 7 day arm workouts and the features included with a LEAN app membership.

Overview of the 7 Day Arms Workout Challenge

The primary 7 day arms challenge consists of a 6 minute circuit workout that is intended to be done daily. Each day targets the arms through rhythmic rotation, raise, and hold movements using hand weights. The full upper body plan provides more variety, with unique 15-30 minute workouts each day over the course of a week to hit different muscle groups.

Benefits of the 7 Day Arms Program

Taking on either the 6 minute daily arms workout or the full 7 day challenge offers many benefits. You will burn arm fat, build strength and endurance, and develop definition in your arms, shoulders, back, and core. The quick daily circuit is convenient and takes just 6 minutes, while the full plan provides more comprehensive benefits working different muscle groups each day.

The 6-Minute Daily Arms Workout Routine

The core of the 7 day program is the 6 minute circuit, which works the arms in three blocks:

  1. Front raises around the world, going from palms up to palms down in a fluid movement, followed by two arm hold variations

  2. L-shape front raises bringing the arms up and around in an L, again followed by hold positions

  3. Front punching rainses, alternately punching with right and left arms, concluding with another hold

Day 1: Front Raise Circuit Demo

The workout begins with front raises, raising the arms forward and up with palms facing upward, then circling around the world to bring them back down, palms down. This exercise sequence dynamically works the shoulders and arms. Two arm hold variations follow to isoate those muscle groups at the top range of the movement. For the first hold, extend arms straight out to the front. Then for the second hold, flip palms down and hold arms straight out at shoulder height. This trio makes up the first functional block of the circuit, training endurance in the arms and shoulders.

Additional Exercise Pairs

The second pairing focuses more on the arms, going from L-shape front raises up to shoulder height, again concluding with two arm hold positions. This part targets the shoulders while also involving the triceps and biceps more directly. The final block shifts to punching movements, alternating right and left jabs. The purpose here is to train explosive arm strength. The set ends with another arm hold immobolizing the triceps.

The Full 7 Day Upper Body Program

While the 6 minute routine delivers results on its own, serious fitness enthusiasts can take on the full 7 day upper body challenge for more comprehensive benefits. This multi-day plan provides unique ~30 minute workouts daily, hitting different major muscle groups each session over the course of the week.

Days 1 and 2 can be accessed for free on the LEAN app. Unlocking premium access for about $0.25 daily opens up the complete guide.

Completely Different Workouts Daily

Each session targets underworked muscle groups to avoid overtraining. For example, the first day may concentrate on shoulders and arms, while the next focuses on the back. This way, you work specific muscle groups maximally each session without fatiguing other body parts being trained in adjacent workouts. Benefits include muscle development in the arms, shoulders, back, chest and core. Following proper programming principles and the included rest days leads to dramatic visible improvements in upper body muscle size and definition over just a 7 day period.

Unlocking Premium Content on the LEAN App

While the first two workouts are available for free, unlocking the full 7 day challenge costs about $0.25 per day. This gives you access to specialized programming and detailed video tutorials for workouts 3-7, led by a professional trainer. Along with the upper body program, a premium LEAN app membership provides additional features like customizable meal plans, physical therapy tips, nutrition advice, and accountability tools to help you achieve your fitness goals.

LEAN App Membership Benefits

Beyond the arms programs, the LEAN app offers many additional features to support your broader fitness journey for just pennies per day with a premium membership:

  • Customized workout and meal plans tailored to your goals, preferences, dietary needs, etc.

  • Physical therapy guidance to improve mobility and prevent injury

  • Nutrition tips to better fuel your workouts and recovery

  • Tutorials on proper exercise technique, programming, and more

  • Habit trackers to build consistency

  • An engaged community to keep you motivated

Personalized Meal and Workout Plans

Customized workout routines and meal plans matched to your individual needs and preferences help you make consistent progress cutting through the clutter of generic online advice.

Additional App Resources

The full LEAN app provides guidance on all aspects of your fitness journey. You can learn proper exercise form to train safely, fuel your workouts optimally, stay accountable through habit trackers, get professional advice, and more.

Conclusion and Next Steps

If you are looking for an efficient way to start burning arm fat through short daily home circuits or seeking a more comprehensive upper body transformation through a week-long progressive training program, the 7 day arms challenge delivers. The LEAN app provides detailed guidance and additional membership perks to set you up for sustainable success.

Get Started Today

Don't wait to get started sculpting and strengthening your upper body. Download the LEAN app and begin the 7 day arms program or full upper body challenge today. Consistency is key, so be sure to incorporate these workouts daily or stick to the structured weekly plan.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Thousands have already undertaken this 7 day challenge and experienced real results. By pushing yourself each day and following the programming, you too can transform your upper body. Read testimonials from real users highlighting their tangible improvements.


Q: How long is each workout?
A: The daily 6-minute workout is just 6 minutes long. The full upper body program has varying workout lengths each day.

Q: What equipment do I need?
A: The workouts are designed for home use with minimal equipment - just a set of dumbbells.

Q: Can I access the program for free?
A: You can access the first 2 workouts for free. Unlocking the full 7 days costs around 25 cents daily.