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AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Plan Generator Chrome Extension

Author: HowfinityTime: 2024-02-13 07:05:00

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Introducing the Social Media Marketing Plan Generator Chrome Extension

There's a free Google Chrome extension called ARP RM for ChatGPT that creates a 30-day complete social media marketing plan with just one click. This extension integrates with ChatGPT to generate high-quality content suggestions tailored to your business.

After installing the extension, you can access special ChatGPT prompts under the 'Marketing' topic. One option is '30 Social Media Posts and Image Suggestions', which generates a custom 30-day social media calendar when you provide your business name and type.

What the Extension Provides

The extension creates a table with 30 post ideas that include the text for each post and suggested hashtags. It also provides AI-generated image ideas that can be used with the posts. This saves a huge amount of time compared to manually planning and creating 30 unique social media posts and images from scratch. The extension delivers a complete month-long calendar in seconds.

Key Benefits and Features

Some of the key benefits of the Social Media Marketing Plan Generator extension include:

  • Automatically generates 30 high-quality, customized post ideas for your business
  • Includes text, hashtags, and AI-suggested images for each post
  • Saves tons of time compared to manual social media planning
  • Provides a complete month-long social calendar in one click
  • Easy to install and use - no expertise required

Using ChatGPT to Create Social Media Posts

The text suggestions that the Social Media Marketing Plan Generator provides can be used as-is for social media posts. However, you can also leverage ChatGPT itself to create completely custom posts.

ChatGPT is extremely versatile for writing all types of content. With the right prompts, it can generate social media posts tailored to your brand's voice, audience, and goals.

Prompt Setup for the AI

When setting up prompts for ChatGPT to create social media posts, include key details like:

  • Your company name, industry, products/services
  • Desired post length (e.g. 2-3 sentences)
  • Goal of the post (e.g. promote a sale, share company news)
  • Target audience personality and interests
  • Your brand's tone of voice and style

Reviewing the Generated Suggestions

Once you provide a detailed prompt, ChatGPT will generate post suggestions. It's important to carefully review the posts before publishing:

  • Check that the tone matches your brand voice
  • Confirm the messaging aligns with your goals
  • Look for any inaccuracies about your company
  • Polish the wording and style as needed
  • Add your own flair for authenticity

Finding Images with AI Tools

Visuals are key for social media engagement. The Social Media Marketing Plan Generator provides AI-suggested images, but you have other options too.

Advanced AI tools can actually generate unique images based on text prompts. You can also search royalty-free libraries to find suitable photos.

Leveraging DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 by OpenAI is a leading AI system that creates original images from text descriptions. To find images:

  • Enter the suggested prompt from the extension
  • Generate a few samples and pick the best option
  • Refine the prompt if needed to improve results
  • Use for social posts or as inspiration to find similar stock photos

Searching Royalty-Free Libraries

Stock photo sites like Envato Elements offer royalty-free images. You can search these libraries using:

  • Relevant keywords from the suggested image prompt
  • Your industry, products, or services
  • Image sizes and orientations suitable for social media
  • Sort by popularity or relevance to find ideal visuals
  • Download and customize images to match your brand style

Completing and Scheduling the Posts

Once you have the content and images, it's time to complete the posts and get them scheduled:

  • Combine the text, hashtags, and visuals into a polished post

  • Make any final tweaks to align with your brand voice and style

  • Add captions, emojis, tags, etc. to optimize engagement

  • Use a social media management tool to schedule posts in advance

  • Spread posts throughout the month based on your audience's habits

Maximizing Engagement With Hashtags

Hashtags are generated by the extension, but you can take engagement further by:

  • Using relevant trending hashtags popular on each platform

  • Mixing both niche and broadly-used hashtags

  • Researching hashtags used by competitors and influencers in your industry

  • Tracking hashtag performance and refining over time

  • Creating branded hashtags for campaigns, events, or promotions


Social media marketing is a hugely valuable but time-consuming task. Tools like the Social Media Marketing Plan Generator Chrome extension can automate the process and provide a complete month of high-quality content with just one click.

Efficiency Benefits

  • Saves dozens of hours compared to manual planning and creation
  • Provides tailored suggestions matched to your brand in seconds
  • Lets you spend time on strategy vs. repetitive content creation
  • Easy to implement even without marketing expertise

Looking Ahead

AI content tools will continue to evolve rapidly. You can look forward to:

  • More personalized and nuanced suggestions
  • Tighter integration between tools like ChatGPT and creative platforms
  • The ability to refine and customize output for perfect alignment
  • Seamless workflows to optimize and schedule social content


Q: How much does the extension cost?
A: The Social Media Marketing Plan Generator extension is free to install and use.

Q: What business types can benefit?
A: Any business with a social media presence, including ecommerce stores, agencies, bloggers, influencers, and more.

Q: Can I customize the generated content?
A: Yes, you can edit both the text and images before scheduling posts.