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Activate Bing Chat Enterprise AI from Microsoft 365 for Protected Workplace Conversations

Author: Peter Rising MVPTime: 2024-02-06 08:55:00

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Introduction to Bing Chat Enterprise for Microsoft 365: What is Bing Chat Enterprise and Benefits

Bing Chat Enterprise is a new protected chat experience from Microsoft, powered by large language models and artificial intelligence. It brings the conversational abilities of consumer chat services like ChatGPT to Microsoft 365 customers in a secure and compliant way.

With Bing Chat Enterprise, organizations can benefit from AI-powered chat for work tasks while keeping their data private. User queries and content are not retained or used to train Microsoft's AI models. This allows employees to use the full capabilities of natural language AI without compromising sensitive business information.

What is Bing Chat Enterprise?

Bing Chat Enterprise is an enterprise version of Microsoft's Bing chatbot, designed for use with Microsoft 365. It uses large language models and AI to have natural conversations and complete tasks, like: Answering questions Summarizing documents Analyzing data Generating content Automating workflows And more The key difference from consumer chatbot offerings is that Bing Chat Enterprise keeps all user data private within an organization.

Benefits of Bing Chat Enterprise

There are several benefits for organizations using Bing Chat Enterprise:

  • Powerful AI capabilities from natural language conversations
  • Increased productivity by automating tasks
  • Protection of sensitive data and IP
  • Compliance with regulations like GDPR
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 apps and services
  • No training required for users

Prerequisites to Activate Bing Chat Enterprise

Before activating Bing Chat Enterprise, organizations must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have an eligible Microsoft 365 license such as E5, E3, Business Premium or Business Standard

  • Assign licenses with Bing permissions to users

  • Global admin or search admin permissions to turn on the service

  • Use a supported browser like Microsoft Edge

How to Turn On Bing Chat Enterprise in Microsoft 365

Enabling Bing Chat Enterprise is simple for eligible Microsoft 365 customers. Here are the steps to activate it:

Use the Bing Chat Enterprise Activation URL

Visit the activation URL: https://aka.ms/turnonBCE Sign in with global or search admin credentials Review and accept the terms of use Toggle the switch to turn on Bing Chat Enterprise Confirm the change The update takes effect immediately

Enable Bing Chat Enterprise with Global or Search Admin

Alternatively, global and search admins can turn on Bing Chat Enterprise in the Microsoft 365 admin center:

  • Go to Settings > Org settings > Services
  • Select Bing Chat Enterprise
  • Toggle 'Enable Bing Chat Enterprise' to 'On'
  • Save changes This activates the service for all eligible users and groups.

Bing Chat Interface Before and After Activation

The Bing chat interface looks slightly different before and after enabling Bing Chat Enterprise. Users can easily identify whether they are in the protected work version.

Consumer Bing Chat Experience

Without Bing Chat Enterprise, the Bing chatbot has a casual, blue consumer branding. It allows open-ended conversations without protection of user data. The chatbot can be accessed on bing.com by clicking the Chat icon.

Enterprise Bing Chat Protection

With Bing Chat Enterprise enabled, the chatbot shows a banner indicating data protection. Users can select a formal or casual conversation style. Queries and documents stay private within the organization. This shows employees they are using the enterprise version.

Start Using Bing Chat Enterprise for Your Organization

Once Bing Chat Enterprise is activated, users can start taking advantage of AI-powered chat:

  • Access it directly at bing.com/chat

  • Use it via the Bing sidebar in Office apps

  • Query it through browsers, Teams, and more

  • Ask questions, analyze data, automate workflows and tasks

  • Experiment with content generation and document summarization

  • Keep all data secure without retaining user history

The enterprise chatbot helps employees work smarter and access the latest AI capabilities while respecting privacy and compliance policies.


Bing Chat Enterprise brings advanced AI chatbots into the workplace through tight integration with Microsoft 365. Organizations can enable natural language conversations and automation to boost productivity without compromising on security or privacy.

With just a few clicks, eligible customers can turn on this innovative service and explore the future of work powered by artificial intelligence, while keeping their data protected.


Q: What licenses do I need for Bing Chat Enterprise?
A: Bing Chat Enterprise is included with Microsoft 365 E5, E3, Business Premium and Business Standard licenses.

Q: Is Bing Chat Enterprise the same as consumer Bing Chat?
A: No, Bing Chat Enterprise provides enterprise-grade security and data privacy protections.

Q: How do I turn on Bing Chat Enterprise?
A: Use the Bing Chat Enterprise activation URL and enable with Global or Search admin permissions.

Q: What browser can I use Bing Chat Enterprise in?
A: Bing Chat Enterprise works in Microsoft Edge browser.

Q: Will my data be retained when using Bing Chat Enterprise?
A: No, conversations in Bing Chat Enterprise do not contribute data to Microsoft's language models.

Q: Is Bing Chat Enterprise available now?
A: Bing Chat Enterprise is rolling out to eligible Microsoft 365 customers starting mid-2023.

Q: Can I analyze documents with Bing Chat Enterprise?
A: Yes, you can get AI-powered insights from Bing Chat Enterprise on documents in OneDrive.

Q: How does the interface differ between consumer and enterprise Bing Chat?
A: Bing Chat Enterprise shows it is optimized for business with enterprise data protections.

Q: Do I need to train Bing Chat Enterprise?
A: No, Bing Chat Enterprise leverages Microsoft's pre-trained language models out of the box.

Q: Can I turn off Bing Chat Enterprise if I don't want it?
A: Yes, you can easily turn off Bing Chat Enterprise at any time in Microsoft 365 admin center.