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Adobe Firefly vs MidJourney - AI Image Generation Compared

Author: Motion NationsTime: 2023-12-31 07:25:00

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Introducing Adobe Firefly for AI Image Generation

Adobe has released its new AI based image generation tool called Adobe Firefly. In this article we are going to take a look at it, create a couple of examples, and then compare it with Midjourney using several prompts to see which one gives the best results.

Firefly Beta Key Features

Currently Firefly is in beta, so you need to apply for access. There are two main features available right now: text to image and text effects. More features are coming soon. With text to image, you can enter any text prompt and Firefly will generate corresponding AI images for you. There are options to change the style, color tones, etc.

Generating Images with Text Prompts

For example, if you type "a cute dog wearing yellow boots" and hit generate, Firefly creates four images matching that description. You can tweak them to be more photo-realistic or graphical/illustrated. It's fun to play around with different prompts and see what Firefly comes up with. The AI capabilities are quite impressive even at this early beta stage.

Comparing Firefly to MidJourney Image Results

To compare Firefly and MidJourney, I tried eight different text prompts on both and looked at the AI-generated images. MidJourney has been around longer, but let's see how the newcomer Firefly stacks up.

Reviewing Specific Image Prompts

Prompt 1: Magical Forest Scene

For a magical forest prompt, Firefly's images look more natural while MidJourney's have more of an illustration style. Both nicely capture the scene with tall trees and a flowing river. I'd score this one a tie.

Prompt 2: Futuristic Cityscape

Asking for a futuristic city, Firefly generates very film-like scenes that could be straight out of a movie. MidJourney goes more stylized. I prefer Firefly's naturalism here.

Prompt 3: Shoe Brand Logo

When asking for logos, MidJourney did a better job actually including the correct text. Firefly had issues spelling the brand name properly in its logos.

Prompt 4: Dragon Breathing Fire

Prompting a dragon breathing fire, Firefly mainly showed fire coming from the wings or mountain rather than the dragon's mouth. But MidJourney directly captured what I asked for.

Prompt 5: Sunset Over the Ocean

For a seaside sunset, Firefly generates very realistic and camera-like images that look straight from a photo. MidJourney goes more stylized and consistent between images.

Prompt 6: Man and Dog Watching TV

Asking for a complex scene with a man and dog watching TV in a dark room, Firefly struggled to get all the elements right. But MidJourney neatly captured everything in the description.

Prompt 7: Cute Cuddly Creature

When asked to create an unknown cute creature, both Firefly and MidJourney excelled at coming up with imaginative furry animals with charming facial features.

Prompt 8: Alien Planet

For an alien world prompt, MidJourney generates more intriguing and vibrant landscapes. But Firefly also creates fascinating otherworldly vistas.

Final Thoughts on Firefly vs MidJourney

Looking at the image results, MidJourney produces more stylized, consistent, and accurate images compared to the newer Firefly. But Firefly images have a great realistic and photographic quality when it gets things right.

As Firefly improves over time, it has huge potential thanks to the power of Adobe behind it. But for now, MidJourney seems to have an edge in AI image generation.


Q: How does Adobe Firefly work?
A: Adobe Firefly is an AI image generation tool that creates images from text prompts. It is currently in beta and accessible by applying for early access.

Q: What image styles does Firefly create?
A: Firefly can generate natural, photo-realistic images or more graphical, illustrated images based on prompt and style settings.

Q: How is Firefly different from MidJourney?
A: Firefly creates more natural images while MidJourney produces illustrations and digital art. But both offer high-quality AI image generation from text.

Q: Which platform performed better overall?
A: Based on test prompts, MidJourney produced more accurate images over Firefly. But Firefly output appears more realistic and camera-like.

Q: When will Firefly be publicly available?
A: Firefly is currently in closed beta. No details on general availability have been shared by Adobe yet.

Q: Can I get access to Adobe Firefly beta?
A: Yes, you can apply for the Firefly beta by requesting access from Adobe. Applicants are granted access on a rolling basis.

Q: Is Firefly included with Creative Cloud?
A: No official details on Firefly pricing or bundles have been shared. It is likely Firefly will be a separate paid service or require a Creative Cloud subscription.

Q: What other AI image tools does Adobe offer?
A: Beyond Firefly, Adobe also offers AI-powered features like neural filters in Photoshop and automated workflows through Sensei. But Firefly focuses specifically on image generation.

Q: Can I use my own images to improve Firefly results?
A: Not at this time. Firefly currently only generates images from text prompts. More customization options may come as the beta progresses.

Q: Will there be moderation for inappropriate Firefly content?
A: Adobe has strict content policies and will moderate usage to prevent harmful, dangerous, or illegal image generation. Ethics is a top priority with AI technology.