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Adobe Unveils Major Upgrades to AI Image Generator Firefly

Author: MattVidPro AITime: 2023-12-29 02:55:01

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Adobe Announces Firefly Image 2 Model with New Generative Features

Adobe recently announced a major update to their Firefly image generation model. The new Firefly Image 2 model is now available in the Firefly web app and brings significant improvements in image quality and user control.

Some of the key new generative features added include availability in Photoshop via Generative Fill and Generative Expand, as well as generative recoloring in Illustrator. The standalone Firefly web app, which competes with AI image generators like DALL-E, also received an update.

Firefly Now Available in Photoshop

One of the biggest additions is that Firefly Image 2 is now available directly within Photoshop. Users can access generative image capabilities through features like Generative Fill and Generative Expand, which provide best-in-class AI-powered inpainting.

Generative Features Added

On top of Photoshop integration, Firefly Image 2 powers new generative recoloring abilities in Illustrator. And the standalone Firefly web app, which generates images from text prompts like DALL-E or Midjourney, received a complete update as well.

Firefly Image 2 Significantly Improves Image Quality and Control

So how does the new Firefly Image 2 model actually compare to competitors like DALL-E? From testing the web interface, it's clear Adobe has focused heavily on image quality and creative control.

The image resolution is noticeably better than what DALL-E 3 produces. And unique features like Photo Match styles and advanced Prompt Settings give creators more fine-tuned control over the AI generations.

How Does It Compare to DALL-E 3?

In side-by-side tests, Firefly Image 2 clearly beats DALL-E 3 in some areas like resolution and tiny details. But DALL-E still has an advantage when it comes to coherence and strictly adhering to prompts.

Observations from Testing

The Firefly web interface provides impressively detailed control over settings like aperture, focal length, lighting, and more. This leads to images that can mimic real studio photographs. The ability to match the style of an uploaded image is also incredibly powerful.

New Features Added to Firefly Web Interface

On top of launching the Firefly Image 2 model itself, Adobe also unveiled new capabilities and options in the Firefly web app and interface.

Users now have advanced photo adjustment settings to dial in images exactly how they envision. And the new Match Photo Style feature lets you stylize generations based on an example upload.

Advanced Photo Settings

One of the most impressive additions is a robust set of advanced photo settings. You can manually configure parameters like aperture, shutter speed, focal length, and more to mimic real camera hardware.

Match Photo Styles

Building off years of style transfer research, the new Match Photo Style option lets you upload an image and apply its unique stylistic elements to new AI generations. This maintains creative consistency and control.

More Creative Control

On top of those major upgrades, additional sliders provide control over the visual intensity and style strength of images. Generators have even more options to realize their exact creative visions.

Firefly Pricing and Accessibility

For those looking to test out Firefly Image 2, Adobe has kept accessibility and pricing reasonable across both free and paid tiers.

Both free and paid subscription levels give access to monthly generative credits. And existing Creative Cloud customers receive unlimited AI image generations included with their plans.

Free and Paid Tiers Available

Adobe lets all users access Firefly Image 2 for free up to a limit. Free accounts get 25 monthly credits, while paid accounts start at 100 credits for $4.99 per month. Bulk discounts are also available for power generators.

Existing Adobe Customers Get Unlimited Access

Importantly, anyone with an existing Creative Cloud subscription automatically unlocks unlimited generative credits in Firefly. That means full access to leading AI image capabilities for Photoshop, Illustrator, and web users.

DALL-E 3 and Other AI Models See Increased Content Restrictions

As AI image generation has continued advancing in both quality and accessibility, platforms have begun enforcing stricter content policies.

DALL-E 3 and others now detect and filter some inappropriate or harmful prompt requests. But inconsistent enforcement across users has become an issue.

Copyrighted Content Crackdown

Partly due to viral stories of copyright and trademark infringement via AI, many providers have tightened restrictions on generating protected IP without authorization.

Inconsistent Enforcement An Issue

While blocking offensive and explicit content is understandable, creators have noticed an unreliable pattern of prompt approvals and rejections. This ambiguity can hamper artistic workflows.

Other Notable AI Image Developments Emerge

Beyond the major Firefly Image 2 update, other promising innovations continue pushing the boundaries of AI generation.

Facebook recently built an AI model for suggesting personalized stickers. And an open source DALL-E 4 alternative called Llava provides free image generation.

Facebook Launches Sticker Creator

Leveraging their internal AI research, Facebook released a new Sticker Creator based on image generation models. It suggests customized stickers for users across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Open Source Alternative to DALL-E 4

For those unable to access DALL-E research models, Llava provides a free open source alternative with reasonably capable image generation powered by Hugging Face.


Q: What are the key new features in Adobe Firefly?
A: The new Firefly Image 2 model for enhanced image quality, advanced photo settings like aperture control, the ability to match image styles, and more creative adjustments.

Q: How does Firefly compare to DALL-E 3?
A: Firefly may offer more fine-grained control but DALL-E 3 still edges it out in raw power and coherence. However, Firefly excels at product photos.

Q: What changed with DALL-E 3 restrictions?
A: Copyrighted content like Super Mario is now blocked. However, restrictions seem inconsistently enforced.

Q: What AI model is an open source alternative to DALL-E 4?
A: An open source model called llava offers text-to-image capabilities similar to DALL-E 4, and can even run on an M2 MacBook.

Q: How can I access Adobe Firefly?
A: You can access it via the Firefly web app for free with limited credits. Existing Creative Cloud customers get unlimited generations.

Q: What's coming next for AI image generation?
A: Facebook launched a sticker creator with limited restrictions. Also OpenAI CEO announced GPT 4.5, an upgrade to GPT-4, is coming soon.

Q: How was the Firefly image style matching feature demonstrated?
A: By applying the style of a channel logo image to an image of a dog, it maintained the dog breed's details while adopting the logo's style.

Q: What advanced photo settings does the new Firefly offer?
A: You can control aperture, shutter speed, field of view and more to make images match real photographs' attributes.

Q: What AI developments were mentioned in the YouTube video?
A: Adobe's Firefly updates, increased DALL-E 3 restrictions, the llava open source model, Facebook's sticker creator, and the upcoming GPT 4.5.

Q: What does the Firefly visual intensity slider do?
A: It controls how artistic or photorealistic the generated images are, from very abstract to nearly photographic.