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Animaniacs Revival Coming November 2022: What to Expect from the Meta Warner Siblings Return

Author: VailskibumTime: 2024-01-03 15:50:01

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Animaniacs Returns with Original Creative Team

The zany Animaniacs are back after more than 20 years, with the original creative team helping launch the revival on Hulu. Animators and voice actors from the 1990s series have reunited to bring back favorites like Yakko, Wakko, and Dot with the same anarchic humor and visual flair that made the original a hit.

The new Animaniacs sticks to the winning formula that worked back in the day. According to cast members, the Warner siblings will be very aware of their long absence from TV, leading to lots more pop culture references and meta-gags.

Faithful Animation with Modern Touches

While remaining visually faithful to the original, the new Animaniacs adds some modern stylization to the characters and backgrounds. The show's creators are not trying to reinvent the wheel but rather recapture the magic for old fans while bringing on board a new generation.

The Warner Siblings Return to Wreck Havoc

As always, the show will focus on the exploits of Yakko, Wakko and Dot as they create chaos and comic confusion. Joining them will be several fan-favorite supporting characters like Pinky and the Brain, continuing their quest to take over the world.

With Hulu giving the green light for two 13-episode seasons, fans can look forward to plenty more hilarious Warner sibling hijinks and songs that gleefully lampoon everything in their path.


Q: When does Animaniacs return?
A: Animaniacs returns November 20, 2022 on Hulu, over 20 years after the original series run.

Q: How many new Animaniacs seasons are planned?
A: Hulu has ordered two 13-episode seasons of the Animaniacs revival so far.

Q: Who is returning for the new Animaniacs?
A: The voice cast of Yakko, Wakko and Dot returns along with Pinky and the Brain and much of the original creative team.

Q: Will the revival have the same style of humor?
A: Yes, the meta self-referential irreverent style of the original Animaniacs will continue in the new series.

Q: Do you need Hulu to watch the revival?
A: Yes, the new Animaniacs seasons will stream exclusively on Hulu in the U.S.

Q: Will kids today like Animaniacs?
A: While unknown to many kids, the fast-paced humor should appeal to young audiences while offering nostalgia for parents.

Q: What characters are featured?
A: The Warner siblings Yakko, Wakko and Dot take center stage, with Pinky and the Brain in a secondary role trying to take over the world.

Q: How long are the episodes?
A: Each episode of the Animaniacs revival will run 22 minutes, on par with the original series.

Q: How many episodes will there be?
A: 13 episodes will release in Season 1, followed by 13 more episodes in Season 2 the following year.

Q: Where can I stay updated on the latest Animaniacs news?
A: Check back here as more sneak peeks and hype builds ahead of the November premiere only on Hulu!