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Brawl Stars Season 6 Brawl Talk: Belle & Squeak Join the Wild West

Author: Brawl StarsTime: 2024-01-02 14:10:01

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Introducing Belle - The New Chromatic Brawler

Belle is the new Chromatic Brawler for Season 6 in Brawl Stars. She is an outlaw who likes to rob banks in any town she can find. Belle is a sharpshooter who can attack multiple enemies with her bouncing main attack projectiles until they spread out.

Her Super is a special bullet that charges up her teammates' damage after hitting a target. Any damage they deal after that will be increased for a period of time.

Belle's Sharp-Shooting Main Attack

Belle's main attack allows her to shoot sharp projectiles that bounce between enemies until they spread apart. This allows her to deal damage to multiple brawlers at once if they are grouped together. The bouncing bullets encourage enemies to spread out to minimize the damage. A skilled Belle player can use the ricocheting shots to their advantage to hit enemies hiding around corners or behind walls.

Belle's Super Charges Teammates' Damage

Belle's Super is a unique skill shot that marks an enemy target. After hitting that enemy, Belle's teammates will deal increased damage to them for a period of time. This provides great synergy with other Brawlers by allowing Belle to amplify their damage output significantly. It forces the enemy team to retreat and reposition themselves to wait out the damage amp.

Belle Goldhand Skin in the Season 6 Brawl Pass

The Season 6 Brawl Pass will feature an exclusive Belle Goldhand skin. This sharpshooting outlaw has a shiny golden hand and glittering outfit. It's the perfect skin to match Belle's wild west bank robbing escapades.

The pass also includes the new Gunslinger Colt skin on the free track. There are additional western and gold-themed skins coming in this update like Marshal Ruffs, Misfortune Tara, Amber de la Vega and Quickdraw Edgar.

More Wild West Skins Coming

In addition to the Belle and Gunslinger Colt skins, Season 6 brings even more Wild West and gold-inspired cosmetics.

These include the ornate Marshal Ruffs skin for everyone's favorite Sheriff dog. Misfortune Tara seems to have struck gold with her intricate new outfit. Amber is ready to join the Vega gang with her matching ensemble. And Quickdraw Edgar will leave his vampire cave to try out this cowboy look.

There are new profile icons, Star Point skins like Gold Neko Bea, and more waiting to be unlocked this season.

Saloon 8-Bit Skin in Power League

For those who enjoy competing in the strategy and skill of Power League, a special reward awaits this season. Reach a high enough tier and you can unlock the slick looking Saloon 8-Bit skin.

In keeping with the western theme, 8-Bit gets an upgrade to hang out in the local tavern. Two additional exclusive profile icons can also be earned through Power League this season.

Golden Week Skins

In celebration of Golden Week, there are two special gold-themed skins being added. Neko Bea gives the honey loving hero a brand new golden outfit. And for those who upgrade all the way to Gold Neko Bea, she gets even more shiny embellishments.

Other skins coming in the update include Lantern Sandy and Do It Yourself Surge. So lots of new looks to unlock across your Brawler roster!

Archvillain Bea Winner Revealed

The Archvillain Bea skin created by Supercell Make contest winner Twisted Fate has been revealed. The artist brought Bee-a over to the dark side with an intricate outfit full of spikes and reds.

With that contest over, Supercell Make has now launched a new campaign for players to design their own Nita Summer Splash skin concept. Go check it out and submit your own idea!


Q: Who is the new Chromatic Brawler?
A: The new Chromatic Brawler is Belle, an outlaw sharpshooter who specializes in robbing banks.

Q: What is Belle's main attack?
A: Belle's main attack is a bouncing shot that ricochets between enemies until they spread out.

Q: What does Belle's super do?
A: Belle's super charges an ally's attacks to do extra damage for a period of time after hitting them.

Q: What skin is in the Season 6 Brawl Pass?
A: The Season 6 Brawl Pass includes the Belle Goldhand skin for the new Belle Brawler.

Q: What new game mode is coming?
A: A new 3v3 game mode called Knockout is coming, where defeated Brawlers do not respawn.

Q: Who is the second new Brawler, Squeak?
A: Squeak is an alien that evolved from Colonel Ruffs' dog toy drool and throws explosive sticky toys.

Q: What Golden Week skins are coming?
A: Golden Week will bring Neko Bea and Gold Neko Bea skins.

Q: What Power League skin can be unlocked?
A: Saloon 8-Bit can be unlocked through Power League.

Q: Which Supercell Make skin winner is arriving?
A: Archvillain Bea, the Supercell Make campaign winner, is coming in this update.

Q: What other Wild West skins are coming?
A: More Wild West skins coming include Marshal Ruffs, Misfortune Tara, Amber de la Vega, and Quickdraw Edgar.