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ChatGPT Launches GPT4 Turbo: Faster, Cheaper AI With 128,000 Token Context

Author: Julian Goldie SEOTime: 2023-12-28 18:35:01

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ChatGPT Releases GPT4 Turbo Model With Larger Context Window

OpenAI has released a major update to ChatGPT with the launch of GPT4 Turbo. This new model comes with a context window of 128,000 tokens, allowing it to work with much more data compared to previous GPT4 models that were limited to 8,192 tokens.

In addition, GPT4 Turbo is faster and cheaper, costing only 33% of the price of regular GPT4 API access. The model is also trained on more recent data from April 2023, making it more accurate on current events.

Comparing Old vs New GPT4 Models

When comparing the old and new GPT4 models side-by-side, it's clear the new Turbo model outputs content much faster thanks to its increased scale. Where the old model takes time thinking and writing content on a sample prompt about 'conaty bananas', the new 128k model instantly generates multiple paragraphs. This demonstrates the new model's improved speed and ability to handle more data in its context window without losing accuracy or coherence.

Testing Speed and Accuracy of Content Generation

We tested the new GPT4 Turbo by asking it broad questions about events in 2023. As expected, the 128k token model provided up-to-date responses reflecting its April 2023 training data. The older 3.5 model, however, failed to produce accurate responses about recent events, indicating its data only covered up to 2022. This proves the new Turbo model has a clear advantage in speed and accuracy over previous versions.

OpenAI Offers Copyright Protection and GPT Model Store

Beyond upgrades to GPT itself, OpenAI's other major announcement was a new Copyright Shield to defend users against infringement lawsuits when using the API. This provides peace of mind for those leveraging the technology commercially.

OpenAI also unveiled plans for a GPT Model Store allowing users to create, train and sell custom AI models. Specialized models focused on creative writing, games, technology advice and more can be published and monetized through the store.

Leveraging Improved AI for SEO Content and Imagery

The updates have significant implications for SEO by enabling easier large-scale, high-quality content generation. The increased context window and reduced pricing grant access to more capable models at lower cost.

The release of the DALL-E 3 API also unlocks new potential for automatically generating images and visual assets to complement SEO content.

Integrating GPT4 Turbo into SEO Tools and Workflows

Developers can now integrate the more powerful GPT4 Turbo into existing and new SEO software tools and platforms. With faster outputs and expanded context, the updated models pave the way for enhanced bulk content creation capabilities.

For example, existing solutions like the GPT-powered SEO Content Generator Sheet can leverage the new API for even greater scale and automation. Custom GPT models for SEO could also emerge for purchase in the Model Store once launched.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

The launch of GPT4 Turbo represents a major leap forward in the scale, speed, accuracy and affordability of ChatGPT for content creation. Combined with stronger copyright protection and opportunities around custom model development/monetization, the update promises to further revolutionize workflows for SEO professionals.

In summary, key benefits for SEO include expanded context enabling more in-depth content, increased generation speeds to drive greater productivity, improved accuracy thanks to fresh training data, and potential for powerful customized GPT models tailored specifically for search optimization needs.


Q: What updates were made to GPT4?
A: GPT4 Turbo was released with 128,000 token context, faster speeds, lower pricing, and data trained up to April 2023.

Q: How does GPT4 Turbo compare to previous versions?
A: It has over 15x more context capacity than before, is trained on more recent data, and generates content much faster.

Q: What new offerings were announced by OpenAI?
A: A GPT model store for selling customized AI, copyright protection, and an updated DALL-E 3 API.

Q: How can improved AI capabilities benefit SEO?
A: Faster content creation, better optimization, automated workflows, high-quality imagery, and custom tools.

Q: When will GPT4 Turbo integrate into SEO tools?
A: It's not confirmed yet, but likely soon as developers update to leverage the new API capabilities.

Q: Can I make money with GPT4 Turbo?
A: Yes, by creating custom models to sell on OpenAI's GPT store or using it to boost traffic and sales.

Q: Is the content from GPT4 Turbo fully accurate?
A: No AI is perfect, but it is more accurate than previous versions given improved training.

Q: What were the key announcements covered?
A: GPT4 Turbo specs, GPT store plans, copyright protection, DALL-E 3 API, and SEO integrations.

Q: Where can I learn more about AI for SEO?
A: Check the free chatGPT SEO course linked in the article comments section.

Q: Who is this article intended for?
A: SEOs, content marketers, business owners, AI developers, and others leveraging AI for online growth.