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ChatGPT vs Bing AI: Comparing Conversational AI Chatbots for Planning, Creativity and Detail

Author: MoneyTechInsiderTime: 2024-02-08 14:20:01

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Introduction to ChatGPT and Bing AI Chatbots

Chatbots and conversational AI tools like ChatGPT and Bing AI are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to understand natural language questions and provide detailed, conversational responses. In this blog post, we'll compare ChatGPT by Anthropic and the new Bing AI chatbot by Microsoft in terms of their capabilities for planning, creativity, and level of detail.

While ChatGPT has been available for over a year, Microsoft recently unveiled its new Bing AI chatbot to compete in the conversational AI space. Since Bing AI is still in limited preview, we'll be evaluating its capabilities based on the demo responses provided.

Overview of ChatGPT and Bing AI Strengths

Launched in 2021, ChatGPT by Anthropic is known for its eloquent and detailed responses to natural language prompts across a wide range of topics and use cases. It can answer questions, generate creative content, translate languages, write code and more thanks to its advanced deep learning model. The new Bing AI chatbot applies similar AI technology but has a more limited scope focused on search queries and information retrieval. Early demos suggest it provides brief responses aimed at answering web searches rather than fully conversing.

Comparing AI Assistants on Planning, Creativity and Detail

When evaluating these AI chatbots, key criteria include their capabilities for planning detailed instructions or recommendations, generating creative ideas and content, and providing in-depth, conversational responses beyond just answering questions. In the comparisons below, we assess how ChatGPT and Bing AI perform on sample requests related to planning a menu and trip itinerary to determine which provides greater detail, customization and conversational depth.

Testing the AI Chatbots with Sample Requests

To compare the detail and creativity of ChatGPT versus the new Bing AI chatbot, we posed the same sample requests related to planning a special three course menu and brainstorming ideas for an anniversary trip itinerary. Here are the responses from each AI assistant.

Requesting a Three Course Menu Plan

When asked to suggest a three course menu plan with chocolate dessert, Bing AI provided this brief response: "Sure I can suggest a three course menu with chocolate dessert: start with mushroom risotto, main course of vegan butter nut squash, and chocolate lava cake for dessert. I hope this helps you plan your dinner!" In contrast, ChatGPT offered multi-paragraph instructions for preparing three vegetarian appetizers, mains and chocolate desserts, including:

  • Detailed ingredients and cooking steps for cauliflower buffalo bites, baked falafel and sweet potato toast appetizers
  • Recommendations for chickpea coconut curry, eggplant Parmesan or lentil loaf main dishes
  • Options like molten chocolate cakes, chocolate pots de crème or chocolate mousse shooters for dessert

Asking for Anniversary Trip Planning Help

Bing AI's trip planning response was again quite sparse, simply suggesting: "For an anniversary trip, I recommend focusing on relaxation and spending quality time together. Some ideas - tropical beach destination, couples massage, fine dining, and planning some romantic surprises for your partner!" ChatGPT, on the other hand, provided several personalized trip itinerary recommendations with specifics on activities, restaurants and hotels:

ChatGPT Provides More Detailed, Creative Responses

Based on the sample responses, there is a clear difference in the detail, customization and conversational depth provided by ChatGPT versus the new Bing AI chatbot.

Bing AI Gives Brief, Limited Suggestions

While Bing AI was able to understand and respond to the planning prompts, its answers were quite short and generic with minimal specifics or custom details. For example, its menu suggestion did not include any recipes, ingredients or cooking instructions - just basic meal ideas. And the trip response was limited to general relaxation-focused activities rather than a personalized itinerary.

ChatGPT Offers Step-by-Step Instructions and Options

In contrast, ChatGPT provided lengthy, conversational responses that included creative recommendations, step-by-step instructions, and options to choose from. Its menu plan encompassed nine different appetizer, main and dessert recipes personalized for the request of vegetarian dishes and chocolate dessert. And the anniversary trip response included details on possible destinations, hotels, restaurants and couple's activities tailored to the request.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

When it comes to detail, customization and mimicking human conversation, ChatGPT clearly outperforms the initial version of Bing AI for planning-related requests based on our comparative testing.

ChatGPT Outperforms Bing AI for Detail and Creativity

While Bing AI showed potential for basic information retrieval, its responses lacked originality and conversational depth compared to ChatGPT's creative, customized suggestions. ChatGPT provided detailed recommendations, step-by-step guidance, and multiple options that far surpassed Bing AI's brevity on the same prompts.

Consider ChatGPT for Conversational AI Needs

If you require an AI assistant that can provide lengthy, tailored responses like a human expert advising a friend, ChatGPT is the superior option over Bing AI at the moment. ChatGPT delivers on creative idea generation and detailed planning instructions - making it a versatile tool for content writing, research, task automation and more conversational use cases.


Q: How do ChatGPT and Bing AI conversational AI chatbots compare?
A: When tested with sample requests, ChatGPT provided significantly more detailed, creative, and helpful responses than Bing AI's brief suggestions.

Q: What requests were used to test ChatGPT and Bing AI?
A: The bots were asked to generate a three course menu and help plan an anniversary trip, to test their skills for planning, creativity, and detail.

Q: What were the key differences in the AI chatbots' responses?
A: ChatGPT gave step-by-step instructions for preparing dishes and offered creative trip ideas and recommendations. Bing AI simply provided a basic menu and trip overview.

Q: How did ChatGPT demonstrate superior performance over Bing AI?
A: ChatGPT provided thoughtful, detailed responses and showed greater capabilities for creative thinking and planning compared to Bing's limited capabilities.

Q: What are the takeaways when choosing an AI chatbot?
A: When more detailed, high-quality responses are needed for planning, creativity and instructions, ChatGPT is likely the better conversational AI option over more basic chatbots like Bing.

Q: Should I use ChatGPT or Bing for my business or personal needs?
A: For most planning, detailed instructions, and creative ideation needs, ChatGPT appears significantly more advanced and capable than Bing AI based on comparative testing.

Q: What are ChatGPT's key strengths over other AI chatbots?
A: Key strengths of ChatGPT include providing detailed, step-by-step responses, generating creative ideas and recommendations, and outperforming more limited chatbots like Bing AI.

Q: Is ChatGPT worth using over free AI chatbots?
A: ChatGPT provides far superior performance and capabilities than free conversational AI like Bing, suggesting it is worth exploring despite the access fee.

Q: Should I always choose ChatGPT over Bing for conversation?
A: For most planning, instructions, and creative needs, ChatGPT appears to be the much better AI assistant option over Bing based on comparative testing.

Q: What tasks is ChatGPT best suited for compared to other chatbots?
A: ChatGPT excels at providing detailed responses, step-by-step instructions, creative recommendations and thoughtful conversation, outperforming limited chatbots.