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ChatGPT's Massive Update: Chat with PDFs & Use Tools Together

Author: Daragh WalshTime: 2024-02-11 03:55:01

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Get Access to ChatGPT's New Features

ChatGPT recently released a major update that unlocks exciting new capabilities. To access these cutting-edge features, you'll need to upgrade to a paid ChatGPT plan for $20 per month. You'll also need to enable beta features in your account settings to try out these functionalities while they are still in testing.

Once your account is set up, keep an eye out for a notification in ChatGPT letting you know the updates are available. ChatGPT seems to be rolling out access in phases, but using all of its tools extensively can help gain early access.

Upgrade to a Paid ChatGPT Plan

The first step to access ChatGPT's latest features is upgrading to a paid subscription. The Plus plan unlocks additional chat time and faster response speeds. The Pro plan builds on this with even more chat capacity per month.

Enable Beta Features

Along with a paid plan, you'll need to enable beta features. This gives you a sneak peek at tools ChatGPT is still testing. Navigate to your account settings and toggle on beta features to try out the newest capabilities as soon as they launch.

Chat Directly with PDF Documents

One major addition in the ChatGPT update is the ability to chat with PDF documents directly. Previously, this required installing plugins, uploading files to external sites, or pasting public URL links. Now PDF chatting functionality is seamlessly built-in.

To get started, simply upload or drag-and-drop any PDF into the ChatGPT interface. The AI will scan, process, and understand the contents, allowing you to ask questions, summarize, generate new text, and more based on the document.

Summarize PDFs

Ask ChatGPT to provide summaries of any length from PDFs. This allows you to quickly get the key ideas or overview of reports, research papers, manuals, books, and any other documents.

Generate New Essays from PDFs

Beyond summarizing, ChatGPT can now leverage the information in PDFs to generate completely new texts. For example, ask it to write a short essay analyzing themes and symbolism from an uploaded novel.

Search for Phrases in PDFs

You can also have ChatGPT search uploaded PDFs for specific words or phrases. It will provide page numbers and context for where matching text appears in the document.

Combine ChatGPT Tools for Enhanced Results

ChatGPT's update enables seamlessly combining its suite of AI tools like DALL-E for image generation in a single chat. This unlocks new creative possibilities.

ChatGPT Vision + DALL-E 3

Upload any image to ChatGPT, then ask DALL-E 3 to generate a modified version. For example, keep the original pose of a photo's subject while changing the setting or adding cartoon stylization.

Bing Search + DALL-E 3

First leverage Bing search to gather top news headlines or other data. Then use this content to prompt DALL-E 3 to create relevant images visualizing the text.

Leverage Upgraded Features for Content Creation

ChatGPT's new tools open up exciting possibilities for content creators. Integrate summaries, AI-generated text, and images into ebooks, blog posts, short stories, and more. The only limit is your imagination!


Q: How do I get access to ChatGPT's new features?
A: You need a paid ChatGPT plan and to enable beta features in your account settings.

Q: What types of PDFs can I chat with?
A: You can chat with books, financial reports, user manuals, scientific papers - any type of PDF document.

Q: What can I do when chatting with a PDF?
A: You can get summaries, generate new essays, and search for specific phrases and terms within the PDF content.

Q: How does ChatGPT Vision work with DALL-E 3?
A: You can upload an image to ChatGPT and ask DALL-E 3 to modify or recreate it based on a text prompt you provide.

Q: Can I combine Bing search with DALL-E 3?
A: Yes, you can search for news headlines in Bing and have DALL-E 3 generate images to visualize them.

Q: What are some use cases for ChatGPT's new features?
A: You can create ebook covers from book PDFs, generate characters for animated videos, put together visualized newsletters, and more.

Q: Will these features work for any PDF or image?
A: They should work for most publicly available PDFs and common image formats. Copyrighted material may have issues.

Q: Are there any limitations to the new features?
A: The features are still in beta, so you may experience occasional errors or suboptimal output quality.

Q: Do I need any special skills to use the new features?
A: No, they are designed to be user-friendly - simply follow the examples to get started.

Q: Can I access these features on mobile?
A: Not currently - you need to use the desktop version of ChatGPT for now.