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Comparing an Unused 2008 PS3 to a Modern PS3 for Gaming

Author: MysticTime: 2024-01-04 07:00:01

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Early PS3 Firmware Limitations

When the PS3 originally launched in November 2006, the initial firmware version was 1.10. This enabled basic functionality like connecting to PSN, downloading files from the web browser, and adjusting video output settings. However, there were some key limitations:

Background downloading was not supported until March 2007 with firmware version 1.60. This meant gamers couldn't download digital games or demos from the PS Store unless they waited for the entire download to complete before doing anything else with the system.

Firmware update 1.70 finally added support for PS1 classics in September 2007. So PS3 owners couldn't play their older PS1 games for nearly a year after launch.

Customizing the background visuals beyond the default XMB waves wasn't added until firmware 1.90 in July 2007. So early PS3 adopters were stuck with a bland background for over half a year.

Sixaxis controllers lacked rumble support completely due to an ongoing lawsuit. This was finally resolved and rumble was added back with the DualShock 3 controller in firmware update 2.0.

Adding Key Features

While early firmwares had limitations, Sony did rapidly improve PS3 functionality with various updates:

The Folding@Home distributed computing project was added with firmware 1.6 in March 2007, allowing PS3 owners to contribute their console's power to important medical research.

Firmware 2.30 in October 2007 introduced the Video Store for downloading TV shows and movies. This expanded the PS3's media capabilities greatly.

2.40 in July 2008 added Trophies and support for games with trophies built-in, bringing a popular feature from Xbox 360 to PS3.

Firmware 3.40 in June 2010 saw another major update with video editing software for the PS3 along with PlayStation Plus, expanding online services and value.


Q: What were some early PS3 firmware limitations?
A: Early firmwares lacked background downloading, personalization options, folders, and key gaming features like trophies and in-game XMB.

Q: When did PS3 add trophy support?
A: Trophy support came in firmware 2.40 in 2008, over a year after launch.

Q: What media capabilities did PS3 firmware add?
A: Updates added photo editing, video editing, 3D movie support, and a dedicated TV/Video Services tab.

Q: What do modern PS3s have that early ones didn't?
A: Modern PS3 firmware includes streaming apps, cloud saves, grief reporting, and tight integration with PS Vita.

Q: What useful features have been removed from PS3 firmware over time?
A: The ability to play videos while navigating system menus was removed, as was the original dark black XMB theme.

Q: How capable was the 2008 PS3 firmware?
A: By late 2008, PS3 firmware had added most key gaming capabilities, though media features outpaced gaming early on.

Q: How often did Sony update PS3 firmware?
A: Sony pushed out frequent PS3 firmware updates to add features and tweak performance.

Q: Did PS3 firmware add printer support?
A: Surprisingly, Sony enabled connecting printers to PS3 before adding trophy support or other key gaming features.

Q: What changed in the PS3 user interface over time?
A: The main changes were a redesigned XMB, What's New section, and lighter background theme rather than black.

Q: Which PS3 firmware version is this 2008 console on?
A: The 2008 US Air Force PS3 discussed is running extremely old firmware from November 2008: version 2.52.