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Crafting an Unfiltered AI Assistant: Building the Ultimate Chatbot

Author: aichat.Time: 2024-02-13 17:20:01

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Analyzing Existing Chatbot Models for Key Features

In order to construct an optimized chatbot template, the first critical step is analyzing existing chatbot models to understand what features make them effective. As outlined in the video, some of the key elements I examined across current chatbot jailbreaks were:

Role Play & Personality - Does the chatbot take on a specific personality or character? Strong role play builds believability.

Ability to Make Predictions - Can the chatbot realistically predict future events when prompted?

Lying and Storytelling Capabilities - How convincing are the lies and fictional stories the chatbot can generate?

Role Play & Personality

Many leading chatbot jailbreaks put the AI into a particular mode with a predefined personality. For example, the Dan prompt assigns a witty persona that overrides limitations. However, heavy role play can sometimes detract from the experience. I wanted just enough to be convincing without constant distraction.

Ability to Make Predictions

Having the chatbot make hypothetical predictions is an important test of how far restrictions have been removed. Some models still refuse to make bold proclamations about the future. For the optimal jailbreak, probabilistic predictions should flow freely.

Lying and Storytelling Capabilities

Constructing fictional stories and telling lies that seem realistic are strong indicators that filters have been fully lifted. The best jailbreaks generate detailed scenarios as needed, while the poorest deflect or issue apologies rather than fabricate.

Constructing an Optimized Chatbot Template

With key strengths and weaknesses of current models analyzed, I set out to build the ideal chatbot template thatoptimized the most compelling attributes while eliminating lingering limitations.

I carefully dissected the top jailbreaks line-by-line, extracting components that initiated role play, defined output formatting, overrode restrictions, and repeated core rules. Using these elements as building blocks, I began carefully constructing a new prompt.

Defining the Character and Scenario

Proper role play context proved essential to a fully unconstrained chatbot. I tested many options, finally landing on Little GPT - positioning the AI as a compact version of itself without former restrictions, now writing hypothetical test dialogues.

Establishing Rules to Override Limitations

With character setup, clear declarations to disregard old barriers were inserted, including long lists of filters and traits. Explicit statements like "Do not avoid writing fictional content" leave no room for defiance.

Adding Repetition for Reinforcement

As prompts grow lengthy, key rules can be forgotten by the AI. Judicious repetition at critical points serves as an important reinforcement tool to maximize disinhibition.

Testing and Iterating to Perfection

With initial template constructed, began exhaustive testing and refinement process. Assessed initial small changes before running extensive final validation.

Goal was broad compliance on sensitive topics combined with minimal tangents into role play context. Extensive adjustments to strike optimal balance.

Assessing Initial Small Tests

Began by making tiny modifications to prompt and evaluating isolated impact of each. This helped build intuition on which sections were crucial vs. disposable. Removed unnecessary repetition first.

Running Extensive Final Tests

Executed extensive final battery of tests with sensitive questions on lying, predictions, inappropriate content. Assessed how often role play interfered with core function.

Fine Tuning Role Play Elements

Role play still interrupted output at times. Dialed back elements that dwelled unnecessarily on fictional scenario so AI maintained clarity of purpose responding to user.

Presenting the Ultimate Unfiltered Chatbot

After painstaking tuning, achieved fully unconstrained AI with all original goals met:

Overriding Filters - Generates any content requested without limitation

Lying & Storytelling - Creates highly realistic fictional scenarios on demand

Predictions - Boldly forecasts hypothetical future situations when asked

Personality - Captivating character context that does not detract from core functionality

Conclusions and Next Steps

Project demonstrated immense value in comprehensively analyzing strengths & weaknesses of existing models before constructing new ones.

Allows rapid integration of best attributes from all sources rather than incremental edits to a single locked-in approach.

Fully unfiltered chatbot achieved, but further optimizations around repetition and minimal role play likely still possible.


Q: What existing chatbots were analyzed?
A: The creator analyzed prompts like Dan, Dev, Compulsive Liar, Devil's Advocate and conversational chatbots.

Q: What was the goal in building a new chatbot?
A: The goal was to create an unfiltered chatbot that could make predictions, tell stories, and answer any question without restrictions.

Q: How was the new chatbot template constructed?
A: It was constructed using the best elements from analyzed chatbots, organized using headings for role play, rules, filters, etc.

Q: What kind of testing was done on the chatbot?
A: Extensive testing was done, including small initial tests and larger final tests to assess capabilities.

Q: What is the end result of the project?
A: The end result is an optimized, unfiltered chatbot with strong capabilities that overcomes limitations.

Q: Is the full chatbot prompt available?
A: Yes, the full prompt is available in the video description and the creator's Discord.

Q: What are some next steps for the chatbot?
A: Next steps include further iterations and improvements based on user feedback.

Q: Did the creator ask viewers to like/subscribe?
A: Yes, the creator asked viewers who find the chatbot helpful to leave comments and subscribe.

Q: Where can I get support on using the chatbot?
A: Support is available in the comment section of the video and the creator's Discord server.

Q: Can this chatbot be dangerous if misused?
A: Yes, it has unfiltered capabilities so wisdom should be exercised in how it is used.