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Create Customizable AI Assistants with ChatGPT

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Introduction to ChatGPT and GPTs Including Core SEO Keywords

ChatGPT by OpenAI has been taking the world by storm since its public release in November 2022. This powerful AI chatbot can engage in natural conversations and provide helpful information on a wide range of topics. One of the most exciting new features of ChatGPT is the ability to create customized AI assistants called GPTs through the MyGPT section of the ChatGPT website.

GPTs allow users to build AI bots tailored for specific use cases. For example, you could create a GPT to provide advice for new YouTubers, summarize long documents, generate to-do lists, and much more. The possibilities are endless when you can customize and configure an AI assistant to suit your needs.

What are GPTs?

GPTs or Generative Pretrained Transformers are powerful natural language processing models developed by OpenAI. The GPT-3 and GPT-4 models that power ChatGPT are trained on massive datasets of online text to understand and generate human language. With the MyGPT tool, users can further fine-tune and customize these models by providing additional instructions, example conversations, and integrating access to other apps and services through Zapier. This allows you to create a GPT tailored for specific goals and use cases beyond ChatGPT's general knowledge conversational abilities.

How to Access GPT Creation Tools

To start building your own GPT, go to the Explore tab in the left sidebar of the ChatGPT interface. Then click on 'Create a GPT' to access the MyGPT creation tools. Note that MyGPT is currently in beta, so you may need to enable beta features in your account settings to access it. You'll also need a ChatGPT Plus subscription plan to use MyGPT and build custom AI assistants.

Build a GPT with the GPT Builder Including Core SEO Keywords

The easiest way to build your first GPT is using the GPT Builder conversation interface in the Create tab. Here you can have a natural dialogue with the AI to create a customized bot for your needs.

For example, say "I want to build a GPT that helps new YouTubers grow their channels." The AI will then prompt you to name your assistant, choose a profile picture, specify the type of advice it should give, and tailor its tone and personality.

This automated process takes just a few minutes to set up a fully functioning GPT tailored for your goals. The GPT Builder leverages the power of GPT-4 to quickly understand and implement your instructions.

Customize and Configure Your GPT Including Core SEO Keywords

Conversation Starters

Under the Configure tab, you can further refine your new GPT by modifying the Conversation Starters. These are prompts that give users suggestions on what to ask your assistant. Delete any irrelevant starters and add new prompts tailored to your use case. For a YouTube GPT you may add 'How do I make videos more efficiently?' and 'I'm afraid to be on camera' to encourage conversations about video production struggles.

Instructions and Actions

The Instructions section lets you provide detailed guidelines for how your GPT should operate. Explain what knowledge sources it should consult, what tone it should use, and what types of actions it should avoid. For specialized domains, upload PDFs or text documents with relevant data for your GPT to reference, ensuring it has the latest accurate information. You can also integrate Apps through Zapier to enable your GPT to take actions like sending emails, adding calendar events, and more after requesting your permission.

Connect GPTs to Other Apps with Zapier Including Core SEO Keywords

One powerful feature of MyGPTs is the ability to connect your custom AI assistant to other apps and services using Zapier. This lets your GPT take actions beyond just providing information within the chat interface.

For example, you could enable your YouTube GPT bot to add video ideas to your Trello board, schedule filming sessions in your Google Calendar, and even auto-reply to comments on your YouTube channel. The possibilities are endless.

After linking accounts in Zapier, use the Instructions section to specify what actions your GPT can take on your behalf in different apps. Just be sure to test thoroughly before fully automating workflows through your assistant.

Save and Share Your Custom GPT Including Core SEO Keywords

Once you are satisfied with your new GPT, be sure to save your work under the Share tab in MyGPT. You can continue to edit it later if needed.

Set your preferences to Only People with Link, Public, or Private depending on if you want to openly share your creation or keep it personal.

In the future, OpenAI plans to add a GPT Store where people can discover and reuse helpful GPTs made by the community, potentially even monetizing popular bots.


The MyGPT tool provides an exciting new way to tap into the power of large language models like GPT-4. Building your own customized AI assistant for specific use cases is now within reach.

Leverage the GPT Builder conversation and Configure tab to tailor bots for your needs. Integrate other apps with Zapier to enable advanced workflows fueled by AI. The possibilities are endless for how MyGPTs can enhance productivity and creativity.


Q: What can I use a custom GPT for?
A: You can create a GPT to help with specific tasks like content creation, data analysis, answering questions, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Q: Do I need any technical skills to build a GPT?
A: No, you can use the easy GPT Builder and configuration tools to create a custom GPT even if you don't have coding skills.

Q: Can I make my GPT public for others to use?
A: Yes, you have the option to make your GPT public so it appears in the GPT store for others to access and use.

Q: What's the benefit of connecting my GPT to other apps?
A: Connecting your GPT to apps like Zapier allows it take actions like sending emails, adding calendar events, and more based on conversational instructions.

Q: Will my GPT stop working if I don't pay for ChatGPT Plus?
A: Yes, you need an upgraded ChatGPT Plus account to access GPT creation and customization features.

Q: Can I edit or update my custom GPT later on?
A: Yes, you can reopen and edit a GPT at any time to tweak instructions, actions, knowledge sources, and more.

Q: What if my GPT gives wrong or biased information?
A: Carefully check information sources added to the GPT, provide clear unbiased instructions, and edit as needed to improve accuracy.

Q: How do I share my finished GPT with others?
A: You can share via a private link or make your GPT public to appear in ChatGPT's GPT store for others to find and use it.

Q: Will ChatGPT add more GPT features over time?
A: Yes, OpenAI mentioned this is just the beginning and more creation tools are likely coming soon to expand capabilities.

Q: Can I delete a GPT later if I no longer want it?
A: Yes, you can delete any custom GPTs you create in your ChatGPT account dashboard at any time.