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Create Immersive 360 Degree Images in Midjourney with These Tips

Author: Samson - Delightful DesignTime: 2024-02-10 00:35:01

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Generate 360 Skyboxes with Skyblockade

Skyblockade (https://skyblock.blockaidlabs.com/) is an excellent tool for easily generating 360 degree panoramic images, also known as skyboxes. By combining it with AI art generator Midjourney (https://www.midjourney.com/), you can create fully immersive and intricate virtual worlds. In this post, I'll walk through the step-by-step process to leverage both these tools to generate detailed 360 environments.

Download the 360 Image from Skyblockade

First, head to the Skyblockade website and enter a textual prompt to have it auto-generate a 360 background image for you. For example, you could prompt "underwater world" or "alien planet". Once generated, download the image by clicking on the download button at the bottom right corner.

Copy the Image URL

Next, go to Midjourney's Discord chat interface. Here, you will upload the Skyblockade image as an image prompt. To do this, drag and drop the 360 image file you just downloaded into Discord's chat box. Once uploaded successfully, right click on the image and select 'Copy Image Address'.

Use Midjourney to Enhance the Image

Upload Image to Midjourney

In the Midjourney chatbox, paste the copied image URL into a new message. By providing the AI model with this reference image, it will enhance and refine the existing 360 background.

Add 360 Degree Prompt

After pasting the image URL, write the text prompt "360 degree raw VR photo of a..." and fill in specifics about the image (for example, "360 degree raw VR photo of an underwater coral reef"). This signals to Midjourney that you want a seamless 360 render.

Specify Aspect Ratio

Lastly, specify the wide 2:1 aspect ratio that works best for 360 images by adding "--ar 2:1" to the end of your prompt. Now generate the Midjourney variations and select your favorite refined 360 render!

Upscale the Image Resolution

Since high resolution imagery is crucial for detailed virtual environments, we'll want to upscale the image next. Services like Let's Enhance (letsenhance.io) make this easy. Simply upload your 360 render and 4x the image size. Then download the upscaled version once complete. This will drastically improve clarity and detail.

Upload to Skyblockade for 360 Viewing

With the upscaling complete, head back to Skyblockade and upload the enhanced 360 image file. You can now preview the end result as an interactive 360 environment! The combination of Skyblockade's quick generation and Midjourney's refinements produces impressive, vivid virtual worlds.

Review the Final 360 Image

When reviewing your final 360 panorama, look out for any visible seams where the image tiles connect. Unfortunately these images aren't always perfectly tileable. Also check for areas that lack detail due to Midjourney's resolution constraints at such large scales. But overall, this workflow enables creating complete explorable worlds with ease!


Q: How do I create a 360 degree image in Midjourney?
A: Use a 360 image generator like Skyblockade, enhance it in Midjourney, upscale the resolution, then re-upload to Skyblockade for 360 viewing.

Q: What is the best aspect ratio for 360 images in Midjourney?
A: Use the widest possible aspect ratio which is 2:1.

Q: What prompts work best for 360 images?
A: Try elaborating on the original image content from the 360 generator. Interior scenes tend to work better than landscapes.

Q: How can I fix seams in the 360 image?
A: Unfortunately the images aren't tileable yet in Midjourney. Wait for them to reintroduce tileable images.

Q: Why is the resolution low in parts of the image?
A: Upscale the image after Midjourney processing to maximize resolution before viewing in 360.

Q: What types of 360 environments can I create?
A: You can create underwater, alien planets, wizard houses, abstract geometry, and more immersive environments.

Q: Is this process difficult for beginners?
A: The process is straightforward but does require using multiple online tools together effectively.

Q: Are there limitations to this technique?
A: Yes, lack of tiling and lower resolution in parts of the image.

Q: What is the best online 360 image generator?
A: Skyblockade has a simple interface and produces high quality 360 environments for this technique.

Q: Can I do this with DALL-E 2 or other AI?
A: Midjourney currently works best for generating detailed interior 360 images.