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Create Stunning AI Artwork with DALL-E 3 and ChatGPT Prompts

Author: AI ScholarTime: 2023-12-29 17:45:00

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Introduction to DALL-E 3 Image Generation

DALL-E 3 is the latest AI image generation model from Anthropic. It is capable of creating highly detailed and realistic images from text prompts. However, to get the best results, it helps to provide customized prompts that give DALL-E 3 more specific instructions.

Without guidance in the prompt, DALL-E 3 will generate images based on its training data, which tends to produce more generic results. Providing a detailed prompt allows you to tap into the full capabilities of this powerful AI model.

Overview of DALL-E 3 Capabilities

DALL-E 3 represents a major leap in AI image generation. Some of its standout capabilities include:

  • Generating photorealistic images that are hard to distinguish from real photos
  • Creating consistent imagery that matches specified art styles or brands
  • Producing completely original images from text prompts without the need for any reference images
  • Iteratively improving images through conversational interaction

Need for Customized Prompts

While DALL-E 3 is skilled at generating images from basic text prompts, providing more details in the prompt allows you to tap into its full potential. Without extra context and instructions, DALL-E 3 often resorts to drawing generic images based on its training data. Specifying attributes you want the image to have gives DALL-E 3 clear direction to produce more tailored results catered to your needs. This could include details like required objects, styles, colors, lighting, camera angles and more.

Accessing DALL-E 3

To access DALL-E 3, you first need a premium ChatGPT Plus subscription. Once logged into ChatGPT, switch to the GPT-4 model then select the DALL-E 3 option from the sidebar to activate it.

The ChatGPT interface itself does not change when accessing DALL-E 3. You still converse with it through text prompts as normal. The key difference is providing more detailed prompts that tap into DALL-E's image generation capabilities.

Using Custom Instructions for Better Prompts

Background Information

When accessing DALL-E 3, you'll notice a "Custom Instructions" option. This allows you to provide additional context that can help DALL-E 3 generate better, more tailored images. The first text box is for background information - relevant details about the kind of images you want that may not be present in DALL-E 3's training data. Providing this extra context primes DALL-E's model to produce more relevant results. The second text box allows instructing DALL-E 3 on how to respond. You can provide guidelines detailing required objects, art styles, composition, lighting and more. Defining these upfront allows DALL-E 3 to generate images catered to your specified needs.

Controlling Responses

With custom instructions, you have granular control over how DALL-E 3 generates images. For example, social media managers could provide brand guidelines so DALL-E 3 produces images matching their desired style. Or photographers could instruct on lighting, camera angles and other photographic techniques to get images following their creative vision. The key is giving DALL-E 3 as much context upfront so it can tailor the image generation process to your needs, instead of resorting to its default training.

Prompt Example and Image Generation

Initial Prompt and Results

Let's see an example prompt in action. We'll start with: "A closeup photo of a Caesar salad." While simplistic, providing the keyword "photo" instantly gives DALL-E 3 context that we want an realistic image mimicking a photo. The generated images show attention to detail - with photorealistic ingredients, depth of field, balanced lighting and appetizing composition. Notice how in the right pane, DALL-E 3 provides a detailed breakdown of everything included in the generated image. This level of detail would not be possible without the proper prompting and instruction provided to DALL-E 3 beforehand on the required objects, lighting, camera angle and food style we want.

Iterative Improvements

We can also iteratively improve on the initial images. DALL-E 3 conveniently provides alternative ideas for modifications. We can ask it to generate those suggestions, but with some tweaks - like referencing condensation and colored lighting. This results in more artistic, styled versions of the original Caesar salad images. With just a simple initial prompt and slight iterations, we quickly created interesting social media-worthy photos that stand out from generic stock images. Being able to guide DALL-E 3 in an interactive way, instead of relying on a single complex prompt, makes the image generation process efficient.

Tips for Better Prompts

Here are some key tips when providing prompts to DALL-E 3:

  • Clearly specify required objects and attributes like style, color, lighting etc

  • Provide background context and custom instructions to steer the image generation

  • Start with a simple prompt, then iterate on suggestions from DALL-E 3

  • Give conversational guidance on tweaks like new angles, compositions etc

  • Save custom instructions for consistent results tailored to your brand or creative style


DALL-E 3 is capable of generating incredibly detailed and realistic images, but providing the right prompts is key to tapping into its full potential.

Taking the time to provide background context, custom instructions and iterative guidance in an conversational way allows you to produce images catered exactly to your creative needs.

Implementing these prompting best practices sets your DALL-E 3 images apart, going way beyond basic generic visuals.


Q: How do I access DALL-E 3?
A: You need a premium ChatGPT Plus subscription. Then switch to the GPT-4 model and select DALL-E 3.

Q: What are custom instructions in DALL-E 3?
A: Custom instructions allow you to provide background context and guide how DALL-E 3 generates images, conforming to your desired style and brand guidelines.

Q: Why are customized prompts important?
A: Generic prompts limit detail and quality. Custom prompts unlock DALL-E 3's full potential for stunning, professional-grade AI artwork.

Q: What makes a good DALL-E 3 prompt?
A: Effective prompts are detailed and specific while allowing room for creativity. Iterate on suggestions from initial results for dramatic improvements.

Q: Can I create social media images with DALL-E 3?
A: Yes, with customized brand guidelines in the prompts, you can generate images fitting your brand style for all your social media needs.