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Dolly 3 and Bing Image Creator Wows Stock Photographers with Text Generation

Author: Rohane HamiltonTime: 2024-02-01 14:45:00

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Introduction to Dolly 3's Text Generation Capabilities for Stock Photographers

Dolly 3, the latest image generation AI from Anthropic, represents a major advance for stock photo creators. While previous versions like Dolly 2 generated images far below the quality of leading AIs like MidJourney, Dolly 3 finally achieves photorealistic image generation on par with the best systems.

Even more importantly, Dolly 3 introduces the ability to seamlessly incorporate text into generated images. This opens up huge new creative possibilities for stock photos, allowing creators to easily generate keyword-rich images perfectly tailored to buyer needs.

Dolly 3 vs MidJourney Image Quality

In terms of pure image quality, Dolly 3 stands shoulder-to-shoulder with MidJourney, the current leader in photorealistic AI art. While Dolly 2's image quality was amateurish compared to MidJourney, Dolly 3 represents a massive generative leap into professional-grade creations. There are still occasional artifacts and imperfections in some Dolly 3 images, but these are easily corrected by regenerating images or editing in Photoshop. Overall, Dolly 3 represents the arrival of AI image generation as a practical tool for stock photo creators.

Dolly 3's Text Incorporation Ability

Unlike any other AI image generator, Dolly 3 introduces the groundbreaking capability to seamlessly incorporate text into generated images. For stock photo creators, this is revolutionary. Need an image with the text "Happy Valentine's Day"? Dolly 3 can generate multiple creative options with the text cleanly integrated. Even unusual names and phrases are rendered perfectly legible within images. This ability to automatically generate keyword-rich images tailored to buyer needs will be a huge advantage for Dolly 3 users creating content for stock libraries and other commercial applications.

Dolly 3 Access for Stock Photographers

While Dolly 3 is currently limited to select users, stock creators have several options to access this powerful new AI.

Full access is granted to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, where Dolly 3 is directly integrated into the chatbot interface. Users can describe images in natural language and Dolly 3 will generate prompts and images in response.

For those without ChatGPT access, Microsoft's new Bing Image Creator provides a free alternative powered by Dolly 3. Users receive 100 fast image generations per day before slowing to a free tier.

Between these options, stock creators have ample opportunity to start leveraging Dolly 3's innovative text and image abilities for content creation.

Leveraging Dolly 3 and ChatGPT for Keyword-Rich AI Images

One of the most powerful use cases of Dolly 3 for stock content creators is pairing it with ChatGPT to efficiently generate keyword-optimized images.

Within ChatGPT, Dolly 3 allows prompting images through natural language. ChatGPT can also provide ideal titles, descriptions, and relevant keywords for images based on Dolly 3's creations.

This end-to-end integration allows stock creators to streamline their workflow. They can utilize ChatGPT's uncanny skill for keywords and metadata to auto-generate perfectly optimized images with Dolly 3 in one seamless process.

ChatGPT for Titles and Keywords

Stock photo keywords are critical for marketplace visibility and sales. Fortunately, few AI systems are better suited for generating ideal keyword-rich metadata than ChatGPT. When provided with a Dolly 3 image, ChatGPT can analyse the content and provide an optimally SEO-friendly title and list of detailed keywords perfect for marketplace listings.

Streamlining with Single Software

Rather than jumping between programs, ChatGPT+Dolly 3 allows creators to stay within one interface to move seamlessly from conceptualizing to creating to metadata generation. This single integrated workflow provides huge time savings compared to manual keyword research, ideation, and editing across multiple platforms.

Uploading Dolly 3 Images to Stock Sites

Once generated through Dolly 3 and optimized with ChatGPT, AI images are ready for upload to major stock photo marketplaces like Adobe Stock.

Remember to properly tag images as AI-generated in your metadata, and double check marketplace guidelines regarding synthetic content and copyright.

With the power of Dolly 3's image quality and text abilities combined with ChatGPT's keyword mastery, stock creators have an unparalleled new tool for efficiently generating high-value AI content.

Bing Image Creator Also Powered by Dolly 3

Microsoft's new Bing Image Creator provides a free alternative to access Dolly 3's capabilities for stock content creation.

While limited to 100 fast generations per day, Bing Image Creator allows prompt creation and image synthesis powered by the same Dolly 3 architecture as ChatGPT.

So even without ChatGPT access, stock creators can leverage Dolly 3's innovative text incorporation and quality image generation through this free resource from Microsoft.

Conclusion and Next Steps for Stock Photographers

The arrival of Dolly 3 represents a major advancement for AI-generated stock media, with image quality and text capabilities that outpace previous generative systems.

By combining Dolly 3 and ChatGPT, stock creators gain an incredibly efficient workflow for developing, optimizing, and distributing AI content to marketplaces like Adobe Stock.

As access expands over 2023, stock photographers should focus on leveraging Dolly 3's strengths for creating next-level AI images that meet buyer needs and drive sales.


Q: How does Dolly 3 compare to MidJourney for stock photography?
A: Dolly 3 matches MidJourney's image quality but also incorporates text, which MidJourney cannot do. This makes it very useful for generating keyword-rich images.

Q: Can I access Dolly 3 without paying for ChatGPT?
A: Yes, you can use Bing Image Creator for free and it is powered by Dolly 3. You get 100 fast credits per day.

Q: What's the benefit of using ChatGPT with Dolly 3?
A: ChatGPT allows you to generate images through natural language prompts. It can also create titles, keywords, prompts and more to streamline your workflow.

Q: Can I sell Dolly 3 images on stock sites?
A: Yes, stock sites like Adobe Stock allow AI-generated images if properly labeled. Be sure to check each site's terms.

Q: How is Bing Image Creator related to Dolly 3?
A: Microsoft's Bing Image Creator uses the same Dolly 3 technology as ChatGPT. It provides free access to test capabilities.