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Dolly 3 vs Midjourney: The Ultimate AI Art Showdown

Author: The Nerdy NovelistTime: 2024-01-31 12:50:00

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Introduction to Dolly 3: Overview and Access

Dolly 3, the latest image generation AI from Anthropic, has finally been incorporated into ClaudeChatGPT. This integration provides access to Dolly 3's advanced image generation capabilities directly within the Claude interface. In this post, we'll take a deep dive into Dolly 3 and share our first impressions.

To access Dolly 3, you need to be a ClaudeChatGPT Plus subscriber, which is $20 per month. This gives you unlimited access to Dolly 3 generations, although there are some rate limits similar to Claude's text generation limits.

Within Claude, you can access Dolly 3 by going to the ClaudeGPT-4 tab and selecting 'Dolly 3'. This will open up the Dolly 3 interface where you can start prompting it for images.

Overview of Dolly 3 and Midjourney

Dolly 3 represents a major leap forward in AI image generation capabilities. It leverages Claude's advanced natural language understanding to allow for more detailed and nuanced image prompts. Midjourney has been the dominant AI art platform, but Dolly 3 brings some unique strengths. Dolly 3 follows prompt instructions better and allows for finer control over image details. However, Midjourney still exceeds at generating consistent, creative styles for individual objects or themes.

Accessing Dolly 3

To access Dolly 3, you need to be a ClaudeChatGPT Plus subscriber, which provides access to Claude and Dolly 3 for $20/month. Within Claude, go to the ClaudeGPT-4 tab > Dolly 3 to open the image generation interface. One limitation is Dolly 3 currently doesn't allow image uploads to modify, unlike Midjourney. However, its text prompt capabilities help compensate for this.

Testing Out Dolly 3 Image Generation

With Dolly 3 access unlocked, it's time to test it out! We'll run through examples of generating book covers, text, comic scenes, and more. This will reveal strengths and limitations compared to Midjourney and other AI art platforms.

Overall, Dolly 3 generates high quality images, especially when providing detailed text prompts. It falls short of Midjourney in some stylistic areas but exceeds in character/scene consistency and text generation.

Fantasy Book Cover Example

Let's start with a detailed fantasy book cover prompt. The results showcase Dolly 3's attention to detail like specified clothes, poses, background, etc. The lighting and scene atmosphere also match the 'epic fantasy' description. However, the facial features and small details like armor trim aren't as crisp as Midjourney. This may improve with future Dolly 3 updates focused on image quality.

Generating Text

Dolly 3 can generate text as part of an image, handling prompts like 'Fantasy style text that says Dawn of Raw'. The text style matches the description but the accuracy of the words themselves varies. This text generation exceeds Midjourney's capabilities, but for book covers, it's still better to generate separate text/image layers for more control.

Comic Book Character Test

Dolly 3 also fares well at generating consistent comic book characters compared to Midjourney. Specifying hair color, costumes, poses etc. in sequential prompts retains more details. Some inconsistencies still occur, especially for more complex scene prompts. But overall, Claude's robust language understanding enhances continuity across images.

Dolly 3 for Concept Art and Logos

Beyond book covers and comics, Dolly 3 also shines for applications like concept art and logo design.

The fine-tuned control allows Dolly 3 to hone in on specific character costumes, background styles, and other details described in a prompt.

For logos, Dolly 3 can incorporate initials, themes, and styles into imaginative designs. Even if the end result needs refinement, Dolly 3 provides a strong creative starting point.

Creating a Superhero Concept

Dolly 3 can dial in on costume details like chest logos and cape colors when generating a superhero concept character. With enough prompt tweaking, the results stay quite consistent across different poses and scenes featuring the character.

Designing an Author Logo

For author logo design, Dolly 3 generates various visually pleasing options incorporating initials, themes like fantasy or minimalism, and creative shapes. The logos still require some refinement for professional use but provide inspiration and concepts that would be tedious to ideate manually.


Dolly 3 represents a big advancement in AI image generation thanks to its integration with Claude. While not yet exceeding Midjourney overall, Dolly 3 excels in some key areas like character continuity, text generation, and prompt detail control.

As both Dolly 3 and Midjourney continue rapid development, artists and creators now have multiple powerful tools to augment and enhance their workflows.

We're still in the early days of exploring Dolly 3's full potential. It will be exciting to see how Claude's robust language capabilities further enhance Dolly 3's image generation skills.


Q: How do you access Dolly 3?
A: To access Dolly 3, you need to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber which costs $20 per month. Then go to the GPT-4 section and select Dolly 3.

Q: What are the main differences between Dolly 3 and Midjourney?
A: Dolly 3 excels at following detailed prompts and generating text, while Midjourney produces more creative and stylized images. Midjourney is better for single objects and scenes, while Dolly 3 handles relationships between objects and characters better.

Q: Can Dolly 3 edit existing images?
A: Not currently. Dolly 3 generates new images based on text prompts only. It does not allow uploading images to edit and modify like some other AI tools.

Q: Is Dolly 3 better than Midjourney?
A: There is no definitive 'better' tool. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Dolly 3 follows prompts more accurately while Midjourney outputs more artistic creations. It depends on your specific needs and use cases.

Q: What are some good uses for Dolly 3?
A: Dolly 3 works well for concept art, logos, comic books, character art, and other use cases where consistency and details are important. The text generation also provides unique capabilities.

Q: Will Dolly 3 overtake Midjourney?
A: It's unlikely in the short term. Midjourney continues to rapidly improve and has advantages in creative output. However, Dolly 3 offers strong prompt engineering and text generation that may appeal to many users.

Q: Does Dolly 3 have any limitations?
A: Yes, Dolly 3 lacks the ability to edit existing images. It also has tighter constraints than Midjourney on content allowed, censoring celebrities, brands, etc. And it currently maxes out at 50 prompts every 3 hours.

Q: What new Dolly 3 features can we expect?
A: An API for third-party integrations, potential image uploading/editing capabilities, improvements to text generation, and increased prompt lengths and frequencies are some likely upcoming Dolly 3 features.

Q: Will Midjourney add text generation?
A: Most likely. Midjourney has stated text generation is on their roadmap. Given the rapid pace of AI progress, Midjourney will likely match or exceed Dolly 3's text skills within a few version updates.

Q: Which tool should I choose for my needs?
A: Try both Dolly 3 and Midjourney to see which better fits your specific use case. If you need accuracy to prompts or text generation, lean towards Dolly 3. If you want more creative freedom and artistic styles, Midjourney may be better.