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Enable Siri Pro Mode with ChatGPT on iPhone

Author: Tim Harris Video AITime: 2024-02-08 09:00:18

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Introduction to Siri Pro Mode: Overview and Benefits of Using Advanced Siri Capabilities

Siri Pro Mode refers to an enhanced version of Siri, Apple's voice-activated digital assistant. It leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT, an advanced conversational AI system created by Anthropic, to deliver more intelligent, natural and useful responses.

By linking Siri to ChatGPT through a custom iPhone shortcut, Siri Pro Mode enables extended voice-based interactions covering a diverse range of topics and tasks. From answering complex questions to generating written content, recipes, code and more, Siri Pro represents a major upgrade over standard Siri.

Overview of Siri Pro Mode

Siri Pro Mode essentially transforms Siri into an interface for ChatGPT. When activated through a custom voice trigger phrase, it taps into the knowledge capabilities of the ChatGPT model to provide detailed responses delivered verbally by Siri. This includes conversing on just about any topic, answering complex questions, offering advice, generating written content such as articles or code, explaining concepts, and any number of other advanced tasks powered by ChatGPT.

Benefits of Using Siri Pro Mode

There are several key benefits to using Siri Pro versus regular Siri or even just using ChatGPT directly:

  • Faster, voice-based access to ChatGPT's capabilities without launching an app or typing requests
  • More conversational and natural-sounding dialogue compared to ChatGPT alone
  • Seamless hands-free experience leveraging iPhone/Siri capabilities

Steps to Enable Siri Pro Mode: Account, Shortcut and API Key Configuration

Getting up and running with Siri Pro Mode requires just a few quick steps: creating a ChatGPT account, downloading a special Siri shortcut, and generating an API key to connect the two together.

The process is fast and easy. Within minutes, you can have advanced conversational Siri ready with just a custom voice command.

Create a ChatGPT Account

First, you will need to create an account on ChatGPT at chat.openai.com. The sign up process takes just a minute or two and many of the key features are available free of charge. With an account created, you will be able to generate a unique API key in the next step to link ChatGPT to the Siri shortcut.

Download the Siri Shortcut

Next, download the special Siri shortcut from the link in the description below. This shortcut, once configured, enables the connection to your ChatGPT account. The initial downloaded shortcut will contain a prompt requesting you paste in your unique ChatGPT API key which will be added in the next step.

Generate an API Key

The final step is to create your unique API key within your ChatGPT account at beta.openai.com/account/api-keys. Simply log into your account, click to generate a new secret key, and copy it. Then paste this API key into the designated field within the Siri shortcut settings. Once saved, the connection will be enabled. Test it out by triggering your custom activation phrase or tapping the shortcut.

Using Siri Pro Mode: Capabilities, Voice Commands and Effective Techniques

With Siri Pro mode configured and ready, the expanded capabilities of ChatGPT on iPhone are available instantly with your voice.

From tapping into genius-level intellect to enhancing productivity or just having fun, Siri Pro unlocks a whole new realm of assistance.

Voice Commands

You can access Siri Pro hands-free at any time by saying your chosen activation phrase, such as: "Hey Siri Pro". From there, questions, requests for information, task assignments and instructions will be smoothly handled. For example: "Siri Pro, what is the capital of Australia?", "Siri Pro, how do I make pancakes?", "Siri Pro, write me a blog post introduction about artificial intelligence."

ChatGPT Capabilities

With ChatGPT powering Siri Pro, you have access to exceptional conversational ability, vast knowledge on almost any topic, and content generation covering writing, code, tutorials, recipes, advice and more. The depth of assistance spans from answering curiosities to solving math problems to outlining detailed, step-by-step solutions for complex issues.

Tips for Effective Use of Siri Pro

Like any new technology experience, it may take some trial and error to get the most out of Siri Pro. Here are a few tips:

  • Retry during peak usage times if errors occur - ChatGPT may experience heavy loads

  • Customize your activation phrase for quick, natural access

Retry During High Traffic Times

As ChatGPT gains mainstream popularity, there may be times when its servers are overwhelmed, resulting in connection issues. Don't be discouraged by errors - simply try again a bit later as capacity frees up.

Customize Activation Phrase

Consider updating the voice shortcut settings to customize your activation phrase to best suit your preferences and usage style. This will make accessing Siri Pro faster and more natural.


With just a few quick steps, Siri Pro Mode unlock's ChatGPT's advanced intelligence capabilities through convenient voice access on iPhone. From tapping genius-level intellect conversing on any topic to solving complex problems or generating written content, recipes, code and more, Siri Pro represents a major upgrade over standard Siri in usefulness. With flexibility to retry during peak usage times and customization options to suit your needs, Siri Pro offers a truly game-changing iOS digital assistant experience.


Q: What is Siri Pro mode?
A: Siri Pro mode allows you to access advanced ChatGPT capabilities through Siri using a custom shortcut on iPhone.

Q: How do I get Siri Pro mode on my iPhone?
A: You need to create a ChatGPT account, download a custom Siri shortcut, generate an API key, and link it to the shortcut to enable Siri Pro mode.

Q: What can I ask Siri Pro?
A: You can ask Siri Pro for anything you would normally ask ChatGPT - get help, advice, explanations, translations, and more.

Q: Does Siri Pro always work?
A: Siri Pro relies on ChatGPT servers so may not work during high traffic times. Just wait and retry later.

Q: Can I change the activation phrase?
A: Yes, you can customize the phrase to activate Siri Pro mode in the shortcut settings.

Q: Is there a ChatGPT app for iPhone?
A: Yes, you can also download a ChatGPT app shortcut to access it directly without using Siri.

Q: Does Siri Pro have limitations?
A: Siri Pro has the same capabilities and limitations as ChatGPT. It may sometimes respond inaccurately.

Q: Is Siri Pro better than regular Siri?
A: Yes, Siri Pro offers more advanced conversational AI like ChatGPT while regular Siri has more limitations.

Q: Do I need a ChatGPT subscription?
A: No, Siri Pro works with a free ChatGPT account. Paid plans unlock additional features.

Q: Can I rename the Siri Pro activation phrase?
A: Yes, you can customize the activation phrase to your liking in the Siri shortcut settings.