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Evidence That DALL-E 2 Public Access is Coming Very Soon

Author: MattVidPro AITime: 2024-01-01 09:50:00

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Interesting DALL-E 2 Generations Showcase Broadening Capabilities

DALL-E 2 is showing its ability to handle a wider range of creative and silly prompts. For example, one prompt on Reddit resulted in an image of a 'gaming chair as a toilet.' The AI rendered a creative gaming-toilet chair hybrid with accurate gaming chair features and the necessary toilet elements. The expanding capabilities and access are allowing for these types of fun, unexpected generations.

As another example, a prompt to generate 'my Indian dad accidentally taking a selfie with the front camera squinting because the camera flash is so bright in his face' resulted in believable images. As DALL-E 2 is opened up more, the range of interesting and fun generations seems to be expanding beyond just artwork into funny concepts and scenarios.

OpenAI Sending Out Pricing Surveys to DALL-E 2 Users

OpenAI has started sending out surveys to some DALL-E 2 users (but not all) asking questions related to potential pricing models. This could indicate OpenAI is looking to make DALL-E more publicly accessible soon, but with a paid model. The CEO previously stated DALL-E 2 would release publicly soon.

Questions on the survey ask DALL-E 2 users about their profession, use cases, and acceptable price points per generation. There is also an open response for additional feedback. Details on the pricing survey questions and response options are covered later in this article.

Analysis of DALL-E 2 Pricing Survey Questions

The DALL-E 2 pricing survey first asks for profession, likely to gauge value and willingness to pay based on job type. It then asks about personal, professional, or other use cases.

Most critically, it asks about price thresholds - what's too expensive, what's reasonable but still pricey, what would be considered a bargain, and so on. This gives OpenAI insight into optimal pricing strategy.

An optional open response section allows users to explain use cases. This qualitative data likely helps OpenAI understand needs to serve with pricing model refinements.

Reddit Community Reaction to Potential DALL-E 2 Pricing

On Reddit, many users reacted with concerns over a per-prompt pricing model as opposed to unlimited monthly access. However, GPT-3 already uses token-based pricing, so per-prompt makes sense based on OpenAI's history.

There were also complaints over possibly paying more for failed generations that require multiple tries. And some argued a per-prompt model may incentivize OpenAI to make the AI worse to increase prompt purchases.

However, with growing competition like Midjourney planning upgrades as well, OpenAI will likely keep quality strong. And reasonable per-prompt pricing could still compete against $30 unlimited Midjourney access.

What to Do When You Get DALL-E 2 Access

Review Content Policy to Avoid Bans

The DALL-E 2 content policy prohibits generating or sharing anything above a G rating. It bans many words you wouldn't expect. Review thoroughly to avoid losing access. Disclose AI involvement, respect rights of imaged people, and know limitations around real people's faces. Support can reinstate bans, but best to avoid through policy review.

Understand Current Usage Limits

Usage is currently limited to 50 prompts per day on a rolling basis. Generated images can be edited, variations created, and so on without additional prompt counts.

Tips for Prompt Engineering

Avoid banned words through trial and error. Surprise Me button provides random generations without using limited prompts. Create detailed, structured prompts for best results.

Leverage Editing and Variations

The DALL-E 2 editing feature allows modifying parts of an image through AI inpainting. Variations can provide fresh takes on existing images without additional prompt counts.

Upload Images to Edit

You can also upload images to generate AI variations on or edit and modify. Just ensure no realistic faces or people in breach of policy.

The Future Looks Bright for Public DALL-E 2 Access

With upgrades progressing, policy refinements to support expanded use cases, and pricing surveys suggesting paid models coming - the outlook is good for public DALL-E 2 sooner than later. Competition will likely keep quality high and pricing reasonable as well.


Q: When will DALL-E 2 be publicly accessible?
A: Based on pricing surveys and increased capabilities, public access is expected very soon, potentially within weeks or months.

Q: How much could DALL-E 2 cost?
A: While unknown, based on the pricing survey questions, costs between $0.10-0.20 per prompt seem reasonable but still a stretch.

Q: What should I do to prepare for DALL-E 2 access?
A: Review the content policy, understand usage limits, learn prompt engineering techniques, and leverage built-in editing tools to maximize value.

Q: Will there be unlimited or subscription options?
A: While not confirmed, it seems likely OpenAI will charge per prompt, with potential for bundle packages.

Q: Can I sell my DALL-E 2 generated images?
A: No, the content policy prohibits commercial use and generating images for NFTs. You can share non-commercial images if properly disclosing AI use.

Q: What happens if I violate the DALL-E 2 content policy?
A: Your access could get banned either temporarily or permanently. Be very cautious with content policies.

Q: Are there alternatives if I don't get into DALL-E 2?
A: Yes, services like Midjourney offer similar AI image generation capabilities through a subscription model.

Q: Can DALL-E 2 generate realistic human faces?
A: No, while it has increased photorealism, the content policy still prohibits realistic human faces or likenesses without consent.

Q: How do I indicate AI generated content?
A: You must disclose which parts of images are AI-generated when sharing on social media or other public platforms.

Q: Can I get on the DALL-E 2 waitlist?
A: Unfortunately there is no public waitlist. Access is currently granted through an application process, but public access is coming.