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Experiencing Stunning AI Image Generation with Dolly 3 and Bing Image Creator

Author: How to Art.ITime: 2024-02-11 16:30:01

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Introduction to Dolly 3: OpenAI's Newest Text-to-Image Marvel

OpenAI has just released the latest version of its text-to-image generator DALL-E, known as DALL-E 3. For those unfamiliar, DALL-E 3 is OpenAI's newest AI engine that can generate highly detailed images from textual descriptions. DALL-E 3's capabilities surpass its predecessors, making it easier to translate ideas into more accurate images through text. It could potentially be a strong competitor to other AI image generators like Midjourney, Anthropic's Claude, Stability AI's Stable Diffusion, and more.

As demonstrated in the images below, the visuals produced by DALL-E 3 are incredibly accurate and detailed. DALL-E 3 will be directly integrated into ChatGPT+, allowing users to generate images through conversational prompts. But don't worry - you can also access DALL-E 3 for free through Microsoft's new Bing Image Creator.

What Makes DALL-E 3 Superior for AI Image Generation

So what makes DALL-E 3 stand out from other AI image creation platforms? Here are some of its key advantages: Firstly, it has better contextual understanding, allowing it to generate highly detailed images from text by accurately translating ideas into images. The images are often more precise than those from other text-to-image AIs. Secondly, DALL-E 3 can also create coherent text within an image with impressive accuracy. Text and images generated by other platforms can appear garbled, but DALL-E 3 renders text clearly and legibly. Thirdly, DALL-E 3 seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT, OpenAI's conversational AI. This integration enables ChatGPT+ users to generate images through conversational prompts, not just engage in text-based chat. However, it's worth noting that ChatGPT+ is a subscription-based service, while alternatives like Bing Image Creator provide free access to DALL-E 3. Lastly, DALL-E 3 includes security features to prevent harmful use, respect copyright, and protect user privacy. Measures are in place to reject requests that involve generating specific individuals or IP.

Accessing DALL-E 3 Through Bing Image Creator or ChatGPT+

As mentioned earlier, DALL-E 3 can be accessed in two ways: through Microsoft's new Bing Image Creator, or by subscribing to ChatGPT+. Bing Image Creator provides free access to DALL-E 3 from any web browser. Simply go to bing.com/create. If you don't have a Microsoft account, you'll need to create one first. Once logged in, you'll see the main page of Bing Image Creator where you can start generating AI images. Microsoft currently provides 15 free credits per month, allowing you to create 15 images. The alternative is subscribing to ChatGPT+ which natively integrates DALL-E image generation into its conversational interface. However, ChatGPT+ requires a paid membership.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Bing Image Creator

As mentioned, anyone can access DALL-E 3 through Microsoft's free Bing Image Creator web app. Here is a step-by-step guide to using it:

First, go to bing.com/create in your browser and make sure you're logged into your Microsoft account. The homepage will display example images generated by DALL-E 3 along with their text prompts.

Next, type or paste a text prompt into the text box to describe the image you want to create. Make sure your prompt is detailed - the more information you provide, the better the result.

When ready, click 'Create image'. Bing will start generating the image which takes about 15-30 seconds.

Once completed, you can preview the full-size image and download it by clicking the download button. The downloaded image will be saved at 1:1 aspect ratio.

You can continue creating images with different prompts until you use up your 15 monthly credits. Make the most of this free opportunity to experiment with DALL-E 3!

Creating a Microsoft Account

If you don't already have a Microsoft account, you'll need to create one before accessing Bing Image Creator. Visit the Microsoft account creation page and enter your email and a password. You can use an existing Gmail or other email address. After creating your account, you'll automatically be logged into Bing Image Creator and can start creating AI images.

Generating Images with Text Prompts

The key to generating great AI images lies in providing good text prompts. Here are some tips:

  • Be as detailed and specific as possible - provide context, setting, style, colors, etc.
  • List multiple descriptive attributes to refine the image
  • Avoid ambiguous language that could lead to unpredictable results
  • You can reference specific brands, people, fictional characters, etc.
  • Experiment with creative scenarios and combinations of disparate ideas
  • leverage the full context capabilities of DALL-E 3

Downloading and Saving Your AI Images

Once DALL-E 3 generates an image you're happy with, make sure to download it:

  • Click the 'Download' button below the image to save it to your device
  • Downloaded images are saved at 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Rename files appropriately for easy organization and search
  • Consider uploading unique images to stock sites or print services

Experimenting with Fun and Creative Image Ideas

One of the best parts of AI image generation is seeing what emerges when you get creative with text prompts. Here are some fun DALL-E 3 image ideas to try in Bing Image Creator:

Anime Characters in Unexpected Situations - Insert your favorite anime character into silly or ironic scenarios totally different from their usual setting. For example, "Naruto wearing a suit in a corporate boardroom".

Crossover Scenarios with Famous People/Characters - Combine two well-known pop culture icons that would never normally interact. For instance, "Shrek and Donkey enjoying afternoon tea with the Queen of England".

Anime Characters in Unexpected Situations

DALL-E 3's contextual understanding enables it to depict anime characters in ridiculous situations far removed from their normal universe:

  • Naruto as a barista in a hipster coffee shop
  • Goku and Vegeta as middle-aged suburban dads grilling in the backyard
  • Spike Spiegel as a professor teaching astronomy at Hogwarts
  • Light Yagami as a youth soccer coach
  • Sailor Moon as a Hollywood film director on a movie set

Crossover Scenarios with Famous People/Characters

Pit historical figures, celebrities, fictional characters etc. against each other with DALL-E 3:

  • Shakespeare and George RR Martin meeting for lunch to discuss writing
  • Elon Musk and Nikola Tesla engineering a machine together
  • Darth Vader and James Bond in a light saber vs. spy gadgets duel
  • Santa Claus delivering gifts while riding a dragon
  • Cleopatra joining the cast of Bridgerton in regency London

Responsible and Ethical Use of AI Image Generation

While experimenting with creative prompts can be fun, it's important to use AI image generation responsibly. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid generating offensive, harmful, illegal, or unethical content

  • Respect the dignity and consent of any individuals referenced

  • Do not create explicit, violent, dangerous or misleading content

  • Attribute any generated images you share publicly to the AI source

  • Abide by the content policies of Bing Image Creator and DALL-E 3

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

DALL-E 3 represents a major leap forward in AI image generation with its uncanny ability to translate text into detailed visuals. While it may not be perfect yet, the technology continues rapidly improving.

Through Bing Image Creator, we have an exciting opportunity to access DALL-E 3 for free and experiment with harnessing its creative potential. With responsible use, AI image generation promises to revolutionize the worlds of art, media, design, communication and more in the years ahead.


Q: What is Dolly 3 and how is it used for AI image generation?
A: Dolly 3 is OpenAI's newest text-to-image engine that can generate highly detailed images from text descriptions. It builds on previous versions to translate ideas into more accurate images.

Q: How do I access Dolly 3 to create AI images?
A: You can access Dolly 3 through Bing Image Creator at bing.com/create. It provides 25 free image credits per day. Dolly 3 will also be available in ChatGPT+.

Q: What are some of Dolly 3's key advantages for image generation?
A: Key advantages include better contextual understanding, integrating text within images more accurately, seamless integration with ChatGPT for image prompts, and security features to prevent misuse.