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Forbidden West Gameplay Reveal: New Tools and Deadly Machines in Horizon Forbidden West

Author: PlayStationTime: 2024-01-02 18:00:01

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Introduction to Horizon Forbidden West's Post-Apocalyptic World

The blog post opens by setting the scene of Horizon Forbidden West, which is set 1,000 years in the future after a global catastrophe. Giant animal-like machines now dominate the land, posing a dangerous threat to the primitive human tribes struggling to survive. The opening gameplay footage shows Aloy, the protagonist, rescuing her friend Erend from a group of vicious raiders. However, an even greater threat looms - a mysterious red blight that is quickly spreading across the land.

If the blight is not stopped, it will strangle all life. Aloy seeks to find technology from the old world that can defeat the blight before this happens. But she faces many obstacles in exploring the post-apocalyptic ruins.

The Spreading Blight Threatens All Life

The blog post explains that the blight manifests as a strange red growth that is rapidly infecting the land. If left unchecked, it will continue to spread and ultimately kill off all organic lifeforms - both human and machine. The source and nature of the blight remains unknown, but it is likely connected to systems and technology from the old world before the apocalypse. As the only one immune to the blight, Aloy takes it upon herself to find a way to stop it before the world succumbs. This requires delving into ancient ruins to uncover secrets and technology from the past that may hold answers.

Aloy Seeks Old World Tech to Stop the Blight

Stopping the spread of the blight will require technology from the old world before the apocalypse destroyed civilization. Aloy must explore ruined cities, underground bunkers, and high-tech facilities to find anything that may help defeat the blight. Dangerous machines and warring human factions make the ruins hazardous to navigate. But with the help of companions like her friend Erend, Aloy is determined to succeed in her quest. Ancient technology that can analyze and neutralize the blight is the key to saving the world.

New Mobility Tools Aid Exploration of Ruined San Francisco

To aid Aloy in exploring the vast ruins of the post-apocalyptic world, she has several new mobility tools at her disposal. When traversing the ruins of San Francisco to save Erend, Aloy utilizes the Focus scanner to identify climbing spots, the Pullcaster to quickly scale walls, the Shieldwing to safely descend from heights, the Diving Mask to swim underwater, and a variety of overriden machines to quickly cover ground.

Creative Combat Against Raider Foes and Giant Machines

Aloy encounters many threats from both human raiders and giant machine creatures in her quest through the Forbidden West ruins. To defend herself, she can utilize a range of creative combat options and weapons provided to the player.

Up close, her Spear provides combos and special Valor Surge abilities to knock back foes. For range, she carries a slingshot with adhesive grenades to trap machines, precision bows to expose weak spots, a spike launcher that explodes on impact, smoke bombs to blind enemies temporarily, and weapons scavenged from fallen machines.

Players will need to make smart use of all the combat systems to overcome the diverse array of dangerous foes.

Overriding Machines for Travel and Battle

Many of the animal-like machines roaming the land can be overridden by Aloy gaining root access to their systems. This allows her to ride peaceful machines as mounts to improve travel speed, as well as take control of combat machines to fight on her side.

The gameplay footage shows raiders who have gained the power to override machines themselves, using Clawstriders and the giant Tremortusk against Aloy. She must find the source of the override technology the raiders are utilizing and prevent them from unleashing an unstoppable mechanized army.

Unraveling the Raiders' Secret Power

The rebel raider tribe's ability to override and control machines poses a major threat to Aloy and her allies. She must venture deeper into their territory, uncovering how they acquired this power as well as its connection to the spreading blight infection she seeks to destroy.

By infiltrating the raiders' camps and installations, Aloy can piece together the secrets of their override technology, track down its source, and use that knowledge to both defeat the raiders and eliminate the blight for good.

Conclusion and What's Next

The gameplay footage and discussion provides an exciting introduction to Aloy's epic quest into the Forbidden West to reverse the blight and restore order from chaos. Many challenges, adversaries, and mysteries await around every corner that she will need to overcome using all her skills and determination.

Stay tuned for more updates as the blog will continue to highlight Aloy's journey leading up to the game's launch. For now, there is hope that this brave hero can rescue the future by saving the past.


Q: What new tools does Aloy have?
A: Aloy has new mobility tools like the Pullcaster, Shieldwing, Diving Mask, and ability to override machines.

Q: What is the threat in Forbidden West?
A: A strange spreading blight threatens all life if not stopped.

Q: Who are the enemies shown?
A: The gameplay shows human raiders and giant overridden animal-like machines as enemies.

Q: What combat tactics are highlighted?
A: The gameplay shows ranged and melee options, weapon upgrading, Valor Surges, and creative tactics against various dangerous machines.