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Free Access to DALL-E 3: How to Use Microsoft Bing's Image Creator

Author: AI Insider TipsTime: 2024-01-01 12:05:01

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Introduction to DALL-E 3 and Its Limitations

DALL-E 3 is the latest AI image generator from OpenAI that can create realistic images and art from natural language descriptions. It builds on OpenAI's previous DALL-E models and offers enhanced creativity, object permanence, and scene understanding capabilities compared to its predecessors.

However, as I explained in my previous DALL-E 3 update video, the model currently has very limited availability. It is only accessible to select OpenAI API customers under a closed preview program.

What is DALL-E 3?

DALL-E 3 utilizes a transformer neural network architecture to generate images. The key difference from DALL-E 2 is it can now render consistent objects, understand relationships between elements in a scene, and generate more realistic and creative images that properly fulfill text prompts. Its image generations exhibit state-of-the-art coherence, diversity, and fidelity thanks to architectural tweaks that equip the model with object persistence. This allows DALL-E 3 to render the same objects consistently as they move around a frame.

Limitations of DALL-E 3 Access

As noted on OpenAI's website, DALL-E 3 access is currently limited to select customers under a closed preview program. OpenAI has not provided a timeline for opening up access more broadly. Specifically, the model is only available for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise tier customers. However, even those customers do not have access to DALL-E 3 capabilities within ChatGPT itself yet. The availability remains restricted for now.

Using Bing Image Creator for Free DALL-E 3 Access

Fortunately, there is a way to access DALL-E 3's state-of-the-art image generation capabilities completely for free — by using the new Bing Image Creator tool.

Microsoft has integrated DALL-E 3 into Bing Image Creator, allowing anyone with a Microsoft account to generate AI images at no cost beyond the initial 100 free credits.

Comparing Bing Output to DALL-E 3 Examples

To test out the capabilities, I took one of the example prompts and images from OpenAI's DALL-E 3 announcement and ran it through Bing Image Creator. The output was remarkably similar in style, content and quality. This proves the tool taps into the same DALL-E 3 model to power its image generations with no noticeable difference in results compared to OpenAI's own examples.

Downloading & Customizing Images

Once generated through Bing, you can download any image freely and edit it however you like. This makes it easy to customize the AI-generated art for your own projects and content. Bing Image Creator grants full commercial rights to use its DALL-E 3 outputs royalty-free. So you can repurpose them for commercial or personal use cases with no restrictions.

Alternative: Using Bing Chat for DALL-E 3

In addition to the dedicated Image Creator interface, you can access identical DALL-E 3 image generation capabilities directly within Bing's web chatbot.

By selecting the "More creative" option and entering a text prompt, Bing Chat taps into the same model backend and provides similar results to the Bing Image Creator tool.

Why Choose Bing Over DALL-E 2?

With free access to DALL-E 3's state-of-the-art capabilities, the Bing integration offers clear advantages over OpenAI's own DALL-E 2 model accessed through the public playground.

DALL-E 2 images exhibit issues like distorted faces and objects, poor cohesion between elements, and lack of consistency frame to frame. The third iteration improves on all these fronts for more realistic and intelligible results.


In summary, I demonstrated how anyone can unlock the full capabilities of OpenAI's newest DALL-E 3 model at no cost using Microsoft Bing's AI image generation tools.

The Bing Image Creator and Bing Chat integrate the same model backend to offer feature-complete access without the closed preview program limitations or cost associated with OpenAI's own interface.


Q: What is DALL-E 3?
A: DALL-E 3 is the latest AI image generation model from OpenAI that can create realistic images from text descriptions.

Q: Does Microsoft Bing use DALL-E 3?
A: Yes, Microsoft has integrated DALL-E 3 into its Bing Image Creator and Bing Chat features.

Q: Do I need to pay for Bing Image Creator?
A: No, Bing Image Creator provides limited free access to DALL-E 3 generation capabilities.

Q: Can I download images from Bing Image Creator?
A: Yes, you can download DALL-E 3 generated images to use/modify however you want.

Q: Is Bing better than DALL-E 2?
A: Yes, Bing uses the more advanced DALL-E 3 model compared to the older DALL-E 2.