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Full Restoration Process to Repair and Refinish a Classic Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Sports Car

Author: Dino DCTime: 2024-01-02 04:20:01

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Removing Wrap Reveals Paint Damage on Iconic R34 GT-R

When the vinyl wrap was removed from the legendary Bayside Blue R34 GT-R featured in this YouTube video, some unfortunate paint damage was revealed underneath. After 5 years under wrap, residue, glue, and other imperfections were left on the exposed original factory paint.

Close inspection showed scraping and scratches in the clear coat, likely from when the wrap was originally applied. This meant repainting some panels would be necessary before the final polishing and ceramic coating steps.

Assessing Damage After Vinyl Wrap Removal

The owner transported the GT-R to Okada Bankia, a renowned body shop located just outside of Tokyo. Here, technicians fully assessed the extent of the clear coat damage after wrap removal. They determined the front bumper, hood, left front fender, and a section of the side skirt would need to be repainted to achieve an optimal, flawless finish.

Transporting the R34 to a Body Shop for Repainting

With years of experience specializing in high-end sports cars, the team at Okada Bankia was very familiar working on vehicles like the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34). The owner left the iconic right-hand drive car in their trusted hands for 8 days while they performed their repainting magic.

Flawless Repaint Work on R34 Front Bumper, Hood, and Fender

When the owner returned after over a week, he was thrilled to see the R34 with its freshly repainted front end components. The Okada Bankia paintwork matched the original factory panels perfectly, retaining the stunning Bayside Blue hue in a deep, rich finish.

Picking Up the R34 8 Days Later with Fresh Paint

The body shop team performed flawless, meticulous work repainting the damaged areas the wrap removal had exposed. Seeing the R34 with its new vibrant paint was an exciting milestone in the restoration process. The owner happily picked up the Skyline GT-R and transported it to the next stage - professional detailing and ceramic coating by Shogun Autosport in Tokyo.

Polishing Away Imperfections for a Brand New Shine

When the owner first dropped off the R34 at Shogun Autosport, it still showed significant swirling, scratching, residue, and other imperfections left from the old vinyl wrap.

Through two full days of intensive machine polishing and paint correction work, their experts completely transformed the finish to a flawless, glass-like shine.

Before: Damage from Wrap Residue and Glue

The wrap removal process had been lengthy and difficult. Even after getting repainted, glue, hazing, swirls, and scratches remained all over the exposed body panels. The roof had endured the worst damage, with deep swirling obscuring clarity and reflectivity. With the heavy defects, the R34 lacked the quintessential crystalline shine a car of its caliber deserves.

After: Crystal Clear Perfection Thanks to GTechniq Coatings

Shogun Autosport worked their magic combining extensive paint correction via machine polishing followed by professional grade ceramic coatings from GTechniq. The results took the 20+ year old R34 to phenomenal, better-than-new condition. Flawless clarity, depth, and reflectivity now match its fresh paintwork - crystal clear perfection.

Finishing Touches: New Emblems and Carbon Components

With the heavy detailing completed, it was time for some final touches to round out the restoration. The owner sourced pristine GTR and vintage Nissan emblems to replace aged badges.

He also plans to install some new NISMO carbon fiber pieces - starting with an R34 rear spoiler blade to replace the damaged original part.

Sourcing a Pristine GTR Badge and Vintage Nissan Emblem

Over two decades of exposure had weathered the original badging. Though iconic, the GTR and Nissan symbols were now slightly faded and worn. The owner visited NISMO headquarters to source fresh OEM replacements. The R34 now proudly wears perfect new badges front and rear - completing its restored, factory-fresh aesthetic.

Potential Upgrades: NISMO Spoiler Blade and Engine Dress Up

One final touch will replace the old, damaged rear spoiler blade with an authentic NISMO carbon fiber version. This lightweight black blade will accent the R34's lines beautifully. Further down the road, some engine bay carbon fiber dress up items could provide an extra special touch inside the GT-R's twin turbo heart.

Conclusion: Celebrating a Successful R34 Restomod Project

This epic YouTube series chronicled an intensive, months-long R34 GT-R restoration process from wrap removal to flawless repainting through final polish and protection.

Seeing the iconic Skyline returned to its former factory fresh glory was tremendously rewarding. The owner can now enjoy this JDM legend for years to come thanks to these comprehensive restomod efforts.


Q: What kind of wrap was previously installed on the R34 GT-R?
A: The video does not specify the brand or type of vinyl wrap originally installed. It could have been a custom printed wrap to give the R34 a unique look.

Q: What damage or issues resulted from removing the wrap?
A: When the wrap was removed, it pulled up some of the original factory paint in certain spots like the side skirt. It also left behind a scratchy texture and adhesive glue residue on the clear coat.

Q: What body panels were repainted on the R34?
A: The front bumper, hood, front left fender, and a section of the side skirt were repainted to fix the flaws revealed after wrap removal.

Q: What products were used to polish and refinish the paint?
A: The detailing shop called Shogun Autosport used GTechniq products including polishes and ceramic coatings to buff away scratches and give the R34's paint glossy UV protection.

Q: How long did the R34 restoration process take?
A: Over approximately 3 weeks - 8 days for body shop paint work, 2 days of machine polishing by the pro detailers, and time for sourcing new badges/components for finishing touches.

Q: What new parts or upgrades were considered for the R34?
A: The owner considered a new NISMO carbon fiber rear spoiler blade and NISMO engine dress up parts to replace worn components.

Q: What was the final result of the R34 restore project?
A: In the end, the 20+ year old R34 GT-R was restored to nearly showroom new condition from bumper to bumper - a successful restomod.