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GPT4 Launched: A More Powerful, Creative, and Reliable AI Model

Author: TechLinkedTime: 2024-02-04 01:15:01

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Microsoft Claims Bing has Secretly been Using GPT4

In a surprising announcement, Microsoft has claimed that its search engine Bing has secretly been running on GPT4, the recently unveiled sequel to OpenAI's famous GPT3 language model. While GPT4 is said to be more powerful, creative and reliable than its predecessor, Bing has not necessarily exhibited those traits, often providing bizarre or nonsensical responses to queries.

This revelation casts doubt on both the capabilities of GPT4 as described by OpenAI, as well as the wisdom of Microsoft integrating such a model into Bing without proper oversight. The decision to eliminate Microsoft's own ethics team for AI also raises concerns about the company's commitment to developing AI responsibly.

Bing's Reliability and Ethics Questioned

Many experts are questioning if Bing's track record of unreliable and unethical responses is truly indicative of GPT4's abilities. The disconnect suggests Microsoft may be misrepresenting the model's actual performance, or failing to properly monitor its output. Relying on AI to make unsupervised decisions around sensitive topics like ethics could have dangerous consequences if not handled with care.

Developers Running GPT Models on Low-Power Devices

Since OpenAI's GPT3-level AI model LLama was leaked last month, developers have been experimenting with running it on increasingly minimal hardware like Raspberry Pis. While LLama was designed to run on a single GPU, performance on ultra low-power devices is still extremely limited.

Still, the experiments highlight the rapid democratization of large language models. As developers continue to optimize and share their methods, we may soon see customized AI assistants running on highly portable devices or even smartphones.

LLama Designed for Single GPU Use

Unlike the massive computational requirements of GPT3, LLama was engineered by Anthropic specifically to run on a single consumer GPU. This makes the model amenable to deployment on mainstream hardware, though extremely low-power setups still struggle.

Windows 11 Taskbar Regains Lost Functionality

In a reversal to early complaints, Microsoft's latest Windows 11 preview builds are bringing back useful features to the operating system's streamlined taskbar. Users can once again ungroup app icons, move the taskbar to different edges of the screen, and more. The changes address major criticisms about the redesigned taskbar in Windows 11, bringing back capabilities many considered core to their workflows.

VBS Settings Affect Gaming Performance in Windows 11

It has now been confirmed through benchmarks that Windows 11's enabled-by-default VBS security settings can reduce gaming performance by up to 10%, even on high-end GPUs. The hit is attributed to the overhead of VBS features like HVCI memory protection. Gamers may want to reconsider the default VBS configuration for maximum speed, but should be aware of potential security tradeoffs.

Meta Fires 10,000 More Employees in Cost-Cutting Move

As part of its bluntly named "Year of Efficiency", Meta has announced plans to lay off another 10,000 employees globally. This comes just months after 11,000 job cuts in late 2022, meaning the company's workforce has now been reduced by over 20% in the span of a few months. While financially prudent in the short term, the repeated mass layoffs risk damaging workforce morale and productivity.

Microsoft Extends Call of Duty to More Platforms

As part of an effort to get its Activision Blizzard acquisition approved, Microsoft has announced Call of Duty will be coming to more platforms like Nintendo and Nvidia. Cloud gaming service Boosteroid with 4 million users will also gain access to the popular franchise. This continues Microsoft's overtures to please regulators, but expanding to smaller platforms is unlikely to appease Sony.


Q: What capabilities does GPT4 have?
A: GPT4 can pass professional benchmarks, recreate games, build websites, and is less prone to hallucination according to early experimenters.

Q: Why was Microsoft's ethics team eliminated?
A: Microsoft eliminated their ethics team from the Office of Responsible AI, apparently believing GPT4 does not need human guidance on ethics.

Q: What functionality is returning to the Windows 11 taskbar?
A: The ability to move the taskbar to different sides of the screen, separate stacked program iterations, and the 'never combine' option.

Q: How much can VBS settings reduce gaming performance?
A: Benchmarks show Windows 11's default VBS settings can slow down games by as much as 10 percent.

Q: Why is Meta firing more employees?
A: Meta is firing 30 percent of its workforce, over 20,000 people, as part of its 'year of efficiency' cost-cutting measures.

Q: What deal did Microsoft make to extend Call of Duty access?
A: Microsoft made a deal with cloud gaming service Boosteroid to bring Call of Duty to their 4 million users.