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Genmo AI: Create Beautiful AI-Generated Animated Videos in Your Browser

Author: Sejin AITime: 2024-01-21 00:20:00

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Introduction to Genmo AI: A Hidden Gem for Generating AI Animated Videos

Genmo is an exciting new platform for creating AI-generated animated videos right in your web browser. Still in beta, Genmo is brought to you by a creative research lab focused on building intuitive tools for generative art.

In this post, we'll give you a tour of Genmo's key features for customizing and enhancing your AI video creations. We'll also demonstrate how easy it is to get started making your own AI animations, even if you have no prior experience with generative art tools.

What is Genmo AI?

Genmo is a web-based platform that allows anyone to create AI-generated animated videos with just a few clicks. All you need to get started is a browser and an internet connection. Similar to Runway and DALL-E, Genmo leverages the power of AI generative models to instantly create videos from text prompts you provide. But unlike most AI art tools needing specialized hardware or coding skills, Genmo offers an intuitive browser-based editor requiring no downloads or installations.

Key Features of Genmo AI

Genmo stands out for its unique focus on short, seamlessly looping AI animation videos. Key features include:

  • Generate up to 6-second long videos, with loop setting to extend durations
  • Batch create up to 3 videos at once with the same prompt
  • Add magical video effects and transitions with FX Preset Library
  • Fine-tune motion and camera angles before generating
  • Zoom and pan camera angles mid-video
  • Download MP4 videos instantly to use anywhere

Generating AI Animated Videos with Genmo

Getting started with creating AI-generated videos on Genmo is quick and easy, similar to Runway or Moon Valley. Simply visit their website, sign up for a free account, and you can immediately start prompting animations in their online editor tool.

With 100 free daily credits for generating videos, Genmo provides more than enough daily use even for casual hobbyists. And options to upgrade to 1,000+ daily credits make Genmo scalable for professional creators needing higher volumes.

Customizing Your AI Animated Videos

Where Genmo really shines is the advanced customization options for your animated video projects. Adjusting parameters before generation allows you to have granular control over the look, length, motion, camera angles, and special effects.

Take your videos from AI first drafts to polished products by experimenting with Genmo's settings and FX Preset features before downloading your final rendered videos.

Aspect Ratio Options

Videos can be generated in common aspect ratios like vertical 9:16 and square 1:1, ideal for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Horizontal formats like 16:9 and 4:3 are also available for Youtube and film projects. Simply select your desired video dimensions in the Settings menu prior to hitting generate.

Duration and Loop Settings

Create videos between 2 to 6 seconds in length. Then enable the "Loop" function to seamlessly double durations, with the ability to export up 12-second looping animations. This extended lengths combined with flowing loop effects opens unique video possibilities perfect for mesmerizing social media content.

Motion Control Options

Adjust how much overall motion occurs in your animated videos on a scale from 1% to 99%. Lower percentages yield more subtle animations, with higher settings featuring intense transformations. High motion works great for flashy VFX content, while minimal motion fits better for adding a gentle living element to product displays or brand videos.

Advanced Video Effects with FX Presets

Genmo's FX Preset Library takes video projects to the next level by letting you overlay dazzling post-production effects with one click.

Choose from unique transitions like Rings Moving Outward to add a warped distortion, or Whirl Grow for a twisting kaleidoscope look. With 11 trippy FX presets currently available, the creative possibilities are endless.


As you can see, Genmo brings powerful AI generative video tools right to your web browser. No technical skills or experience with creative coding required!

The intuitive browser editor, daily free credits, and advanced customization settings make Genmo perfect for beginners and experts alike. Plus short video lengths with loop effects fill a unique niche missing in current platforms.

Overall, Genmo could become a rising star in the AI art world. We highly recommend artists and creators check out Genmo today at the link below. The future of generative videos is here!


Q: What is Genmo AI used for?
A: Genmo AI is used to generate short animated videos from text prompts in your web browser. It utilizes AI to create unique video animations.

Q: How do I get started with Genmo AI?
A: Getting started is easy - just go to genmo.ai, create a free account, and start generating AI videos by entering text prompts and tweaking video settings.

Q: What makes Genmo AI unique?
A: Some unique features of Genmo AI include long 6-second video duration, loop options to extend videos, batch video generation from one prompt, FX presets for cool video effects.

Q: How good is the video quality?
A: The AI animated videos from Genmo have decent quality at 720p resolution. Advanced users can tweak settings for better stability and motion.

Q: Can I use my own images with Genmo AI?
A: Yes, Genmo allows uploading your own images to generate video animations based on them and text prompts.

Q: Is there a limit on how many videos I can create?
A: The free version of Genmo provides 100 daily credits to generate videos. Upgrading gives 1000 daily credits for more generation.

Q: What file formats do the videos come in?
A: Genmo AI exports the generated animated videos as MP4 files that can be readily shared online.

Q: How fast does Genmo AI generate videos?
A: Video generation happens in real-time, so you see the AI animation process on the screen as it unfolds.

Q: Can I sell or commercially use Genmo AI videos?
A: Genmo's Terms of Service do not allow selling or commercially using the AI generated video content without permission.

Q: What are the best practices for prompts?
A: Use clear, descriptive language and avoid overly complex prompts. Focus on core visual elements rather than context.