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Glitter Bomb Trap Catches Porch Pirates Red-Handed

Author: Mark RoberTime: 2024-01-19 13:55:00

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The Evolution of the Glitter Bomb Trap

The glitter bomb trap designed by Mark Rober has gone through several upgrades over the years. It started as a simple revenge device for thieves stealing packages off porches, but has evolved into a high-tech system of phones, motors, and fart spray engineered to both prank and publicly shame package thieves.

Each year, Mark has introduced new features and capabilities to create an increasingly sophisticated trap. The latest version in 2023 looks nothing like the original, thanks to Mark's creative engineering skills and drive for novelty and surprise.

Upgraded Outer Casing for Improved Aesthetics

The outer casing and appearance of the glitter bomb has been upgraded each year. The original was a simple cardboard box, while newer versions feature a custom cybertruck-inspired aesthetic. This helps the trap blend in seamlessly on a porch while intriguing potential thieves.

Enhanced Internals for Better Functionality

Under the hood, the glitter bomb contains a complex system of electronics designed for maximum surprise and chaos. An Arduino with custom circuitry controls phones, fart spray cans, a glitter cup, and more. This allows for录long recordings, odor dispersion, and multi-angle video capture when the box is opened.

New Features to Catch Thieves Off Guard

Mark keeps making the glitter bomb more elaborate and extreme to heighten the prank factor. Recent additions include sound effects, colored lights, smartphone controls, and more fart spray. This randomness and escalation keeps thieves disoriented as they try in vain to stop the box.

Baiting Thieves with a Tempting Package

The trap always contains a tempting package as bait, usually branded as containing expensive electronics or valued goods. Buzz item names like BuzzBuds are used because they sound enticing when thieves excitedly read the labels out loud before opening the box.

Hilarious Reactions from Shocked Thieves

The highlight of each video is showing thieves open the box and react with shock and confusion. Most are left covered in glitter and fart spray, panicking about whether the box will explode. Their reactions, cursing, and attempts to close the box provide lots of comedy.

Teaming Up to Glitter Bomb Scammers

For an ultimate challenge, Mark teamed up with scam-baiter Jim Browning to glitter bomb real fraudsters. They intercepted cash-filled packages destined for scammers and swapped in glitter bombs instead. More complex stories of bringing scammers to justice are coming soon.

Testing in Cars to Catch Car Break-Ins

In high car break-in areas like San Francisco, Mark tested the glitter bomb in parked cars. It successfully surprised multiple thieves even in quick smash-and-grab robberies. But dangerous reactions from thieves with guns ultimately convinced Mark to be cautious with this approach.

Favorite Reactions and Final Thoughts

After showing many outrageous reactions from thieves over the years, Mark reflects on his favorites. He also explains his motivation is not just petty revenge, but public shaming as a deterrent. The ever-escalating prank glitter bombs display an impressive level of creative engineering.


Q: What is the purpose of the glitter bomb trap?
A: The glitter bomb trap is designed to catch porch pirates in the act while recording them and marking them with glitter as evidence.

Q: How does the glitter and fart spray get released?
A: Motors spin to spray glitter and fart spray when the box is opened. More keeps spraying every 30 seconds.

Q: Why does the box have a countdown?
A: The countdown is included to terrify thieves after being sprayed, making them discard the box quickly.