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Google Bard vs Microsoft Bing Chat - Which AI Assistant Provides Better Answers?

Author: Shane CraigTime: 2024-02-07 08:25:01

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Introduction to Google Bard and Microsoft Bing Chat

This blog post compares Google's new conversational AI assistant Bard to Microsoft's Bing Chat. Both offer advanced natural language capabilities to have more useful and informative conversations.

We asked both assistants a range of questions and analyzed their responses for accuracy, detail, and usefulness. Read on for a feature-by-feature comparison.

Overview of Features

Google recently launched an experimental preview of Bard, their conversational AI assistant. It aims to provide helpful answers and recommendations in response to natural language questions and commands. Meanwhile, Microsoft has integrated similarly advanced AI capabilities into Bing search as Bing Chat. This allows having an extended dialogue with contextual follow-up questions.

Comparing Capabilities

In testing, Bing Chat tends to provide more detailed responses with cited sources. However, Bard returns answers more quickly. It remains to be seen how Google will integrate Bard into Android and other products.

Asking Personal Questions

We first asked both assistants personal questions about the author to see what public information they could find.

Queries About the Author

When asked 'What do you know about the YouTuber Shane Craig?' Bard came up blank, while Bing provided accurate biographical details sourced from the author's public profiles.

Bing Offers Better Personal Details

This round goes to Bing Chat for providing more useful and detailed personal information about the author from public sources.

Predicting Unreleased Products

We also asked both assistants to speculate about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Duo 3 foldable device, which has seen changes and delays to its release plans.

Surface Duo 3 Rumors

In response, Bard provided a reasonable summary that the device would likely now be a true foldable rather than dual-screen form factor. However, it did not cite any sources for its guesses. Bing Chat also suggested similar rumors about the changes, but noted each detail was sourced from specific tech news sites and reports.

Mostly Unsourced Guesses

When making predictions without official details available, Bing's inclusion of citations makes its rumors seem more credible, although the core speculation was similar between the two assistants.

Identifying the Best Smartphone

When asked more subjective questions like 'What is the best smartphone?', we observed some key differences in how Google and Microsoft's assistants form and explain opinions.

Factors to Consider

Bard took a measured approach, stating there is no one 'best' phone but rather tradeoffs based on individual priorities. It suggested evaluating categories like price, camera, display, battery life, and more.

Bing Shows More Reasoning

Meanwhile, Bing Chat named specific top phones according to various technology publications. It was then able to take a follow up question about battery life and adjust its suggestions accordingly. The ability to continue a complex dialogue and cite external opinions gives Bing more credibility, although Bard was faster to respond.

Generating Images and Integrations

Both assistants revealed some key advantages in terms of complementary AI features and platform integrations beyond just answering questions.

Bing Can Generate Images

For example, Bing Chat recently gained the ability to generate images based on text prompts, although access is still limited. This could allow illustrating conversations with custom graphic creations.

Google to Integrate Bard Deeper

While less capable today, Google is expected to integrate Bard's conversational abilities much deeper into Android, Search, Maps and its broader ecosystem over time. The potential for smart, AI-powered recommendations across products is immense.


In summary, while Bard delivers faster first answers, Bing Chat seems more advanced when having an extended, nuanced dialogue by citing external sources.

Both Google and Microsoft assistants have strengths today while offering exciting glimpses into the future of AI. We expect rapid enhancements to bring natural conversations and creative content to more people across devices and applications.

Tradeoffs Exist Today

For now, there are tradeoffs between the conversational speed of Google's Bard and the depth/reasoning exhibited by Microsoft's Bing Chat.

The Future Looks Bright

However, both Google and Microsoft have enormous resources to deploy towards this next generation of AI assistants. We should expect the gap to narrow quickly as they learn from each other's innovations.


Q: What are Google Bard and Microsoft Bing Chat?
A: Bard and Bing Chat are AI-powered virtual assistants created by Google and Microsoft to have natural conversations and provide helpful information to users.

Q: How accurate are the AI assistants' answers?
A: Both can provide thoughtful responses, but Bing seems more nuanced as it includes sources. Google is faster but less detailed.

Q: Can the assistants generate images?
A: Bing recently added image generation capabilities, while this feature is still lacking in Bard.

Q: Are the assistants integrated into other products?
A: Bing is integrated into Microsoft Edge, while Bard exists as a standalone website for now. Google plans deeper Android integration.

Q: Which assistant is better overall?
A: It's hard to definitively declare one better. Bing provides more informative answers, while Google is faster. Both have exciting potential as the technology develops further.

Q: Should I use Bard or Bing Chat?
A: It depends on your priorities. For speed, use Bard. For more detailed responses, try Bing. Consider trying both to see which AI assistant better suits your needs.

Q: Can the assistants accurately predict unreleased products?
A: No, both can only speculate based on rumors for unannounced products like the Surface Duo 3 and Pixel fold.

Q: What are the key differences between Bard and Bing?
A: Bing offers more detailed answers with sources cited while Bard provides faster, more concise responses. Bing also currently has image generation.

Q: Will Google Bard overtake Bing Chat?
A: It's too early to say definitively. Bard shows potential but is still in early stages. Bing is more mature. Google will likely improve Bard rapidly over time.

Q: Should I trust the AI assistants' responses?
A: Take any speculative responses with a grain of salt. Consider verifying any questionable facts from authoritative sources.