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Harness AI Video to Boost Business Profits

Author: Bill McintoshTime: 2024-01-27 05:00:01

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Introduction to Runway ML's New Motion Features

Runway ML is an AI-powered video editing suite that can create high-quality videos from text prompts. It has powerful capabilities like automatically generating background visuals, animations, voiceovers, and music. Runway ML just released a major update that gives users more control over motion in the generated videos.

The new motion controls in Runway ML allow adjusting the intensity of motion from slow and steady all the way up to fast-paced action movie style. There are also advanced camera controls to specify the direction and style of motion, like zooming, panning, or rolling.

These updates make it easier to produce videos tailored for specific needs. For example, smooth, slow motion could work well for a relaxing nature video. Fast-paced motion may be better for an energetic explaining or sales video.

Overview of Runway ML

Runway ML is an AI-powered creative tool for generating video, images, logos, and more. The text-to-video capability uses machine learning to automatically create videos based on text prompts. It works by generating background visuals, animations, voiceovers, and music to bring the described scene to life. The AI handles finding suitable imagery, arranging objects in logical compositions, adding appropriate movement, and more. Runway ML simplifies video creation so anyone can produce high-quality, customized video content without specialized skills like filming, editing, graphic design, or animation.

Runway's New Motion Features

Previously in Runway ML, users had no control over the motion and movement within generated videos outside of what was described in the text prompt. The new motion update adds a slider interface to control the intensity of motion on a scale of 0 to 10. This allows easily comparing different motion levels and selecting what works best. There are also new advanced camera controls in beta. These allow specifying details like the zoom level, pan direction and speed, tilt angle and direction, and rolling effects.

Adjusting Motion Settings in Runway ML

The motion settings in Runway ML give precise control over the intensity and style of movement in generated videos.

The simple motion slider makes it easy to compare different motion levels side-by-side. The advanced camera controls allow tweaking motion style details like panning left vs. right or tilting up vs. down.

Using the Motion Slider

The motion slider is the easiest way to control overall motion intensity. It sets the motion on a scale from 0 to 10. 0 produces very subtle, smooth motion. 10 results in fast-paced, action-oriented motion. The default is 5, which provides a medium level of motion. After entering a text prompt, drag the slider left or right to preview different motion intensities. Once the desired intensity is selected, generate the full video with that motion level.

Advanced Camera Controls

For more precision over motion style, the advanced camera controls section allows tweaking details like:

  • Zoom level - how close or wide the framing is
  • Pan speed & direction - how quickly the camera moves left/right, and which direction
  • Tilt speed & direction - how quickly camera moves up/down, and angle
  • Roll amount - how much rotational shaking or rolling effect This gives control over the viewpoint and movement style within videos.

Motion Setting Examples

Here are some examples of how the motion settings in Runway ML can be used to produce videos tailored for different needs and contexts.

Astronaut Spacewalk

For a cinematic, sweeping shot of an astronaut spacewalk, the advanced controls were used to set a gradual zoom out, slow left pan, slight downward tilt, and minor roll to add dynamics. This produces an awe-inspiring reveal of the astronaut with Earth slowly coming into view behind them.

Robot Dance Scene

For a lively robot dance scene, the motion slider was dragged all the way to the maximum 10 setting. This made the robot's movements sharp, quick, and energetic with objects around it also moving dynamically. The fast motion matches and enhances the high-energy dance context.

Live Demo - Generating Monkey Video

Here is a live demo of using Runway ML's new motion controls to generate a video.

We'll have Runway ML produce a video of monkeys dancing on a beach, with medium motion intensity. Then we'll tweak the motion higher for comparison.

Default Motion Setting

With the motion slider left at the default 5 setting, Runway ML generated a video of monkeys dancing together on a beach, with a moderate amount of motion. There is some zooming in and out as well as panning to add dynamics. The monkey movements and speed match the medium pace.

Higher Motion Setting

Increasing the motion slider to 8 results in a faster paced, more energetic video. The monkeys movements become quicker and more exaggerated. There is also faster panning, alternating between two zoom levels to add dynamics. For this dancing context, the higher motion intensity works well and matches the scene's energy.


Runway ML's new motion controls provide more control over video motion than ever before. The motion slider delivers precision intensity adjustment. Advanced controls offer detailed tweaking of motion style and camera viewpoint.

These granular options allow truly tailoring motion to match the context and needs for your generated video content. From smooth and cinematic to fast and energetic, Runway ML puts you in the director's chair!


Q: How can I access the motion controls in Runway ML?
A: You can access the motion controls by clicking on the slider icon next to the generate button. This will open up options for either the general motion slider or advanced camera controls.

Q: What is the default motion setting?
A: The default motion setting in Runway ML is 5 on their slider ranging from 0 to 10.

Q: What happens if I set the motion to 0?
A: Setting the motion slider to 0 will result in very little motion in your generated video.

Q: Can I control the direction of motion?
A: Yes, using the Advanced Camera Controls you can specify the direction of motion, such as zooming in, panning left/right, etc.