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Hilariously Cursed AI Images

Author: CallMeCarsonTime: 2024-01-22 03:05:01

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Introducing AI-Generated Cursed Images

In this blog post, we will be taking a look at some bizarre and unsettling images generated by artificial intelligence. Specifically, we used an AI image generator to create so-called "cursed images" - strange, confusing photos that leave you wondering just what exactly you're looking at.

We wanted to experiment with this new technology and see the kinds of weird images it could produce. The results certainly did not disappoint, ranging from mutated video game characters to eldritch biblical figures.

So come along with us on this journey into the uncanny valley of AI-generated images. It's equal parts hilarious, confusing, and downright disturbing. We can't promise you'll ever be able to unsee some of these photos, but it will certainly be an entertaining ride.

What Are Cursed Images?

For those unfamiliar with the concept, cursed images refer to bizarre, unsettling photos that are often so surreal and nonsensical that they leave you questioning reality a bit. They tend to feature confusing visuals or seemingly impossible situations. Cursed images have become hugely popular internet memes in recent years. Entire online communities are dedicated to collecting, creating, and sharing these strange photos. They tap into that human fascination with the weird, unexplained, and creepy parts of life.

Using AI to Create Cursed Images

Of course, technology has progressed to the point where AI can now automatically generate its own cursed images for us. By feeding the right prompts and keywords into an AI image generator bot, you can get it to produce all kinds of Eldritch horrors and confusing fever dreams. We had a lot of fun thinking up strange and silly prompts to feed to the AI bot. And the results it gave us did not disappoint in terms of sheer weirdness and shock value. Let's take a look at some of the AI cursed images it came up with for us!

Reactions and Discussion of the Cursed AI Images

Now let's go through some of the AI-generated cursed images and give our reactions and analysis. There's a lot to unpack with some of these photos!

Right off the bat we see an image titled "Biblically Accurate Feet." This appears to show two sets of feet with eyes on them. A reference to angels in the Bible being described as having eyeballs covering their bodies. Definitely an unsettling image and it makes you afraid to imagine what the rest of this biblical figure looks like!

In the top right we have an image labeled "Cheese Accident." This seems to depict the Mona Lisa covered in and spilled cheese. An absurd situation for sure, but the AI does a remarkable job actually blending the cheese visually with the Mona Lisa. It leaves you wondering about the chaotic backstory behind this cheesy Mona Lisa mishap.

And finally the bottom left presents us with an armed Mario ominously pointing a gun. A classic video game character thrust into a dangerous real-world scenario by the AI. It makes you realize Mario could actually be quite terrifying if he decided to turn to a life of crime!

Biblically Accurate Feet

This cursed image puts a bizarre twist on the concept of Biblically accurate angels. The multiple eyes covering the feet suggest this might be what certain angelic figures look like underneath their holy robes. Definitely an unsettling, creepy photo. You have to wonder if the AI specifically chose feet here for maximum shock value. There's just something inherently disturbing about disembodied feet or legs to many people. The added eyeballs ratchet up the cursedness even further.

Cheese Accident

We have to laugh at the randomness of the Mona Lisa being doused in spilled cheese here. What kind of freak cheese accident could have led to this messy masterpiece? You can imagine the AI had fun grafting dripping cheese and stainless steel bowls onto the Mona Lisa portrait. It chose two things that seem like they couldn't be further apart and smashed them together into one cursed image. Maybe this is commenting on how overhyped and overused the Mona Lisa itself has become. That such an iconic figure could be degraded and made silly through a vulgar cheese spill incident.

Mario With a Gun

This dark take on Mario sees him angrily wielding a pistol and looking ready to shoot some unfortunate Goombas or Koopas. It suggests that even the most cheerful, innocent video game mascots have a hidden dark side to them. The cognitive dissonance of seeing Mario preparing for a drive-by shooting really brings the cursedness. This shouldn't be something the cute, overalls-wearing plumber would ever do. But the AI doesn't seem to care about staying true to the character. It makes us realize the Mushroom Kingdom could be a much more terrifying place if Mario decided to turn to villainy and crime instead of heroism. Let's hope Bowser's safety protocols are up to date should a deranged Mario decide to go on a rampage.

Trying New AI Image Prompts

After seeing the delightfully cursed results from the initial AI image prompts, we decided to try feeding it some more ideas for bizarre photo concepts:

"Big Waffle D-Day" - Does exactly what it says, with large armed waffles storming a beach

"Scooby Doo Becomes a Murderer" - Our classic mystery-solving dog turned to a life of crime

"Ideal Front Lawns" - The AI's take on perfect suburban landscaping

Big Waffle D-Day

This prompt envisioned a D-Day style beach invasion, but with sentient waffles rather than Allied forces. The AI did not disappoint, rendering the waffles with great realistic detail, firearms, and battle equipment. You can imagine these waffles air-dropped en masse onto the beach, chaotically storming the enemy lines amidst syrup and powdered sugar explosions. It's total breakfast food warfare madness. This is the kind of zany, food-based warfare scenario a child might dream up. But the AI takes the silly concept and generates a beautifully rendered, dramatic battle scene around it. Truly a cursed clash for the ages taking place here on Waffle D-Day.

Scooby Doo Becomes a Murderer

Our classic animated Great Dane Scooby Doo takes a dark turn in this prompt, which imagines him turning to murder instead of mystery-solving. The AI generates a fairly disturbing police-style mugshot for this new criminal Scooby. You can detect a sort of crazed look in his eyes here - this clearly is no longer the same cute, snack-loving pooch from the cartoons. It makes you wonder what traumatic events could have led Scooby down such a dark path into violence and murder. Maybe too many years chasing ghosts in creepy mansions finally got to him. Now it seems some creepy spirits have taken hold of Scooby's once-innocent soul and driven him to become a maniac.

Ideal Front Lawns

In contrast to the previous disturbing and violent prompts, this one tasked the AI with envisioning some lovely suburban front lawns - the kind you might see on a Better Homes & Gardens magazine. The results don't disappoint, with neatly manicured green grass, ornate gardens, decorative statues and street lamps. These are some classy, high-maintenance dream lawns for sure. You can envision some sort of Stepford Wives-style suburb filled with these orderly, picture-perfect lawns. They seem sterile and conformist in their uniform tidiness and organization. A little too perfect, perhaps, to feel totally comfortable...

Joe Biden and Burning Semi Trucks

One surreal AI image depicts Joe Biden bizarrely looking out at a highway filled with crashed and burning semi trucks. He gazes with a strange curiosity, seemingly unconcerned at the chaos and destruction around him.

This prompts so many questions about this scene. Why are there so many wrecked trucks? Why is the President here? And why is everyone so calm despite the disturbing visuals?

It truly leaves you puzzled as to the backstory behind this odd presidential emergency scenario dreamed up by the AI. The mix of a real world political figure inserted unnaturally into an apocalyptic disaster scene elicits major cursed vibes all around.

Drake and the On-Fire Semi Truck

In perhaps an even more nonsensical follow-up image, we see hip hop superstar Drake bizarrely hanging off the side of a flaming overturned semi truck.

Drake clings precariously to the wreckage as flames and smoke billow out around him. It's not clear if he caused this crash or is just an innocent victim/bystander to it all.

But like the previous image, it makes zero logical sense to see a celebrity randomly inserted into such over-the-top disaster spectacle. The absurdity overload pushes this firmly into cursed image territory.

You can imagine this as maybe an album cover or scene in one of Drake's angsty emo songs about a fiery toxic relationship. The AI has woven together a beautifully strange and surreal, if utterly confusing, scenario here.


Q: What kind of images can AI generate?
A: AI can generate all sorts of random, absurd, funny, and strange images based on text prompts providing it with keywords and concepts.

Q: Can AI create cursed images?
A: Yes, AI is very capable of generating hilariously cursed images when given the right prompts.

Q: What prompts produced the funniest images?
A: Some of the funniest prompts included Big Waffle D-Day, Scooby Doo as a murderer, and Joe Biden next to a burning semi truck.

Q: Were any images too strange or nonsensical?
A: A few images didn't make much sense, like the hot dogs in front of nuclear explosions. But that's part of the fun with AI!

Q: Can I try generating my own AI images?
A: Yes! There are sites like DALL-E 2 where you can sign up to create your own AI generated images.

Q: Were there any bad or inappropriate images?
A: No, the video creators were careful not to use harmful prompts. The images, while bizarre, were all in good fun.

Q: What was the overall reaction to the AI images?
A: The video creators found the images hilarious and entertaining. It sparked their creativity to keep trying new silly prompts.

Q: Will AI replace human artists?
A: While AI can generate unique images, it still requires human prompting and creativity. The technology is more likely to complement artists rather than replace them.

Q: Can AI turn famous people into cheese?
A: Absolutely! As demonstrated in the video, the AI had no problem depicting the Joker and Batman as sentient cheese.

Q: Where can I find more AI generated images?
A: You can check out r/weirddalle on Reddit which is dedicated to strange and funny AI creations. Or run your own prompts with DALL-E 2.