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How to Access and Use Microsoft Bing Chat: A Guide

Author: Tim Harris Video AITime: 2024-02-06 16:30:00

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Introduction to Bing Chat with Microsoft Edge Browser

Bing Chat is now finally available for everyone to access without waitlists. However, there is still a requirement to use the Microsoft Edge browser. Bing Chat now utilizes the powerful ChatGPT-4 engine, representing a major advancement in conversational AI.

This article will provide a tutorial on accessing and using Bing Chat, along with a feature overview and brief demo. We'll cover the Microsoft account requirement, chat limits, and how Bing Chat compares to Google's new Bard chatbot.

Bing Chat Leverages Cutting-Edge AI Capabilities

The key benefit Bing Chat provides is integration with ChatGPT-4, OpenAI's latest natural language model. ChatGPT-4 demonstrates enhanced reasoning, memory, and factual grounding compared to prior versions. It can comprehend context, admit mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. Leveraging ChatGPT-4 enables Bing Chat to hold more natural conversations, provide thoughtful recommendations, and generate higher quality responses. It represents a major step forward for conversational AI.

No More Waitlists to Access Bing Chat

Previously, Bing Chat was only available as a limited preview, requiring waitlist registration. However, Microsoft has now opened access for all users. This removes a major friction point for those interested in testing Bing Chat. Still, there are usage limits in place, which we'll cover later. The goal is likely avoiding stability issues that plagued ChatGPT's initial public release. For now, anyone can freely experiment with this promising new AI assistant.

Accessing the New Bing Chat Experience

While Bing Chat is now available to the public, accessing it does require going through a few steps. Specifically, you need to install the Microsoft Edge browser and sign in with or create a Microsoft account.

We'll walk through this process to get you chatting with Bing's AI assistant.

First, when searching on Bing.com, you may see a prompt to 'Try the New Bing Today.' This indicates that the conversational Bing Chat feature is ready to use. However, you can only access it through Microsoft Edge at this time.

Microsoft Edge Browser Is Necessary

Upon clicking the 'Try Now' link for the new Bing, you'll receive a message that Bing Chat is only accessible on Microsoft Edge. Therefore, you'll need to download this web browser if you don't already have it. Microsoft Edge is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices. Installation is quick and straightforward. And the browser offers conveniences like tab syncing across devices. Once installed, return to Bing.com and click the 'Try Now' link again, which should now present you with introductory info and examples showcasing Bing Chat's conversational capabilities.

A Microsoft Account Is Also Required

However, before you can actually start chatting, Microsoft requires you to sign in with or set up a Microsoft account. This is likely meant to discourage abuse of the chatbot capabilities. Creating a Microsoft account is free and easy. You just need to provide an email address to get started. This gives you access to Microsoft services like Outlook, OneDrive, Xbox Live, and now Bing Chat AI. After logging into your Microsoft account in the Edge browser, the 'Try Now' link should finally allow you to access the new conversational Bing experience. You're now ready to start chatting!

Key Features and Capabilities of Bing Chat

With access enabled, what can you actually do with Bing Chat? Let's overview some of the key features and use cases.

At a high level, Bing Chat allows natural language conversations with an AI assistant to get information, recommendations, and more. Think of it like ChatGPT focused specifically on enhancing web searches and browsing.

Conversational Interfaces

The most obvious benefit Bing Chat provides is enabling conversations with AI rather than just entering search keywords. You can ask questions, seek explanations, or request recommendations using normal sentences and get thoughtful responses. Bing will clarify unclear requests, admit knowledge gaps if needed, and follow logical reasoning chains. It aims to provide relevant, high quality information through an intuitive chat interface accessible to anyone.

Usage Limits Are In Place

In contrast to ChatGPT's initially unlimited availability, Microsoft has implemented some usage caps on Bing Chat to maintain stability. Each individual chat session is limited to 15 conversational exchanges. After the 15th back-and-forth, you will be cut off until starting a new chat. Microsoft also notes a total limit of 150 chat instances per day. While restrictive, these limits are likely necessary to ensure wide access and prevent disruption as happened with ChatGPT's viral launch. The experience remains very usable within the capped interaction totals.

How Bing Chat Compares to Google's Bard Conversational AI

Google recently announced its own AI chatbot named Bard, positioned as a competitor to Bing and ChatGPT. But how exactly does Bing Chat compare to Google's first-party conversational assistant?

In terms of core capabilities, Bard seems similar to Bing Chat. Both allow natural language queries and responses on any topic through an intuitive chat interface. And each chatbot leverages large language models developed by their parent companies.

However, Bing Chat has benefited enormously from integration with ChatGPT itself. This provides more advanced reasoning and conversational abilities than Bard currently demonstrates. And Bing Chat is accessible to all immediately rather than the limited testing availability Google has allowed.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

In closing, Bing Chat represents an exciting evolution of web search through conversational AI. Powered by ChatGPT integration and now available widely, it provides an impressive platform for getting information, advice, and recommendations.

While usage limits are in place, Bing Chat remains highly usable and showcases the future potential of search engines augmented by advanced natural language capabilities. It compares very favorably to Google's initial Bard offering.

As Microsoft expands access and enhances integration, expect Bing Chat to rapidly improve as a next-generation search portal. The conversational AI space is clearly supercharging how we interact with and leverage the internet's ever-growing knowledge.


Q: What AI engine does Bing Chat use?
A: Bing Chat uses the advanced ChatGPT-4 engine developed by Anthropic.

Q: Do I need a Microsoft account for Bing Chat?
A: Yes, you need a Microsoft account to access the new Bing Chat features.

Q: Is Bing Chat better than Google Bard?
A: Bing Chat and Google Bard have different strengths and weaknesses. More comparative analysis is needed.

Q: What browsers support Bing Chat?
A: Currently, Bing Chat is only available through the Microsoft Edge browser.

Q: Can I use Bing Chat on my phone?
A: Not yet, but mobile support for Bing Chat is likely coming soon.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can use Bing Chat?
A: Yes, there is currently a limit of 15 chats per session and around 150 chats total per day.

Q: How accurate is the information from Bing Chat?
A: Bing Chat pulls information from reputable websites, but accuracy is not always guaranteed. Verify any critical information.

Q: Can I wipe the chat history in Bing Chat?
A: Yes, you can start a new topic to wipe the previous chat history and start fresh.

Q: What unique features does Bing Chat have?
A: Bing Chat allows adjusting the chat style and provides reference links to sites it pulls information from.

Q: Will Bing Chat replace search engines?
A: No, Bing Chat enhances search with conversational interactions. Traditional search remains important.