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How to Download ChatGPT App Shortcut for iPhone iOS

Author: Tim Harris Video AITime: 2024-02-09 07:00:15

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Overview: Downloading ChatGPT iOS App Shortcut

In this blog post, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to download a ChatGPT app shortcut for iPhone iOS. This will allow you to quickly access ChatGPT features and capabilities directly from your iOS home screen, without having to open a web browser.

There are two methods covered here to download the ChatGPT iOS app shortcut:

  1. The quick and easy method which lets you add ChatGPT to your home screen in just a few taps. This gives you basic functionality but lacks some visual polish.

  2. A more complete method for building a custom ChatGPT iOS app using the Shortcuts app. This results in an app-like experience that looks and functions like a native iOS app.

Prerequisite: Create a ChatGPT Account First

Before downloading the ChatGPT iOS shortcut, you need to have an existing ChatGPT account. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up if you don't already have one. Simply go to chat.openai.com, enter your email, create a password, and complete the captcha to get started. You can also use Google or Facebook to instantly create an account.

Method 1: Quick Shortcut Download

The quickest way to get ChatGPT on your iOS home screen is to use the 'Add to Home Screen' option built into Safari. Just load chat.openai.com in Safari, tap the share button, scroll down and select 'Add to Home Screen', name it whatever you want, and tap 'Add'. This will save an app-like shortcut with a snapshot of the website as the icon. Super simple and fast but lacks visual polish.

Method 2: Complete Custom App Build

For a complete ChatGPT iOS app experience, we can build a custom shortcut using the Shortcuts app plus an icon and launch URL. This method allows creating an app with a clean icon, no browser interface elements visible, and overall looks and functions like any other native iOS app once installed.

Step-by-Step: Building a ChatGPT iOS App

Now I'll walk you through how to build a custom ChatGPT iOS app using the Shortcuts method for a clean interface and custom icon.

It just takes about 5 minutes to complete the following steps:

Delete Any Existing Shortcuts

First, open the Shortcuts app and delete any existing ChatGPT shortcuts you may have. This allows us to start fresh.

Import Custom Shortcut Profile

Next, import the custom ChatGPT shortcut profile I provide. You can easily add this via the link in the video description below without needing to build it yourself. This profile contains the necessary scripting code to convert a web URL into an app experience.

Prepare Assets: Logo and URL

With the shortcut added, gather the required assets. First, copy the ChatGPT login URL from your browser to have ready. This will launch the app. Next, save the ChatGPT logo image from their website to your Photos. This will be the clean app icon.

Build the App in Shortcuts

Go back to Shortcuts, open the newly imported ChatGPT shortcut, rename it if desired, paste in the copied URL, and select the saved logo image. That now builds an unapproved ChatGPT iOS app we'll need to authorize before installing.

Approve and Install the Profile

The final step is approving the newly built shortcut so iOS allows it to be installed as an app. You'll get a profile download prompt - tap Allow and proceed through the confirmation screens. After approving the profile, you'll find your polished custom ChatGPT iOS app ready to enjoy directly on your home screen!

Using the ChatGPT iOS App

With your new ChatGPT app shortcut installed, let's look at the user experience and some tips for getting the most out of it:

Log In and Start Chatting

On first launch, you'll go through the login flow to access your ChatGPT account from the app. Enter your credentials, agree to the terms, and you'll arrive at the chat interface. Then start entering prompts, asking questions, or giving creative directives for ChatGPT to generate responses! Works just like on the website.

Retains Dark Mode Setting

If you prefer Dark Mode for iOS, enable it system-wide. When launching the ChatGPT app, it will retain this dark styling for a slick look.

Stays Logged In

The ChatGPT iOS app shortcut retains your login session so you won't have to authenticate every time. Close and reopen the app and it will bring you right back to the chat with no hassle.


The ChatGPT iOS app shortcut delivers quick access to AI assistance right from your iPhone home screen. Follow along with the simple methods covered here to get ChatGPT working as an app-like experience on your mobile device.

And stay tuned for more ChatGPT tutorials showing cool things you can do with this advanced AI chatbot technology!

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Q: Do I need to already have a ChatGPT account?
A: Yes, you need a ChatGPT account before downloading the app shortcut. You can quickly create one in just a few minutes.

Q: What are the limitations of the quick download method?
A: The quick method has a basic screenshot logo and website buttons at the bottom. The complete method looks cleaner.

Q: Can I delete the ChatGPT profile later if I want?
A: Yes, you can remove the ChatGPT profile at any time in iPhone Settings if you no longer want it.

Q: Does the app remember my login details?
A: Yes, once you log in the first time, your ChatGPT login will be remembered so you can directly start chatting.

Q: Does it save my preferences like Dark Mode?
A: Yes, settings like enabling Dark Mode will be remembered when using the ChatGPT app shortcut.

Q: Where can I learn more tips about using ChatGPT?
A: There are additional ChatGPT tutorial videos linked in the conclusion that provide more ways to use ChatGPT.

Q: Can I get a Siri version of ChatGPT?
A: Yes! A future video demonstrates how to create a ChatGPT version of Siri for your iPhone.

Q: What can I use ChatGPT for on my phone?
A: You can ask ChatGPT questions, have it create content for you, and even use it to make money - learn more in the suggested next video.

Q: Is the ChatGPT iOS app free?
A: Yes, downloading the ChatGPT app shortcut outlined in this tutorial is completely free.

Q: Does this work for Android devices too?
A: This specific tutorial is for iPhone iOS devices. But similar methods can be used to add ChatGPT to Android home screens.