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How to Freely Access and Use DALL-E 3 AI Image Generator

Author: Olivio SarikasTime: 2023-12-29 05:35:01

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Accessing DALL-E 3 via the Bing Chat for Free Image Generation

DALL-E 3 is now open access and available to use for free via the Bing chat interface. This provides an easy way to start interacting with this powerful AI image generation model and see what it can create.

By typing "create this image" in the Bing chat box, you can then enter any text prompt to have DALL-E 3 generate corresponding images on the fly. The default output is 1024x1024 pixel images.

Entering Image Prompts and Generating Images

As demonstrated in the video, prompts can be entered such as "a beautiful paper crafting project" to have DALL-E 3 render various artistic paper craft images. The quality and composition of the output is impressive, with good attention to detail in representing the desired paper materials and crafts.

Image Quality and Capabilities

The images have a resolution of 1024x1024 pixels by default. While there is no way to adjust this sizing at the moment, the quality level enables zooming in significantly while retaining clarity and sharpness, allowing for detailed inspection and usage. Output shows strong capabilities for accurately generating images based on text prompts across a variety of categories and artistic styles. As shown through comparisons with Midjourney and Automatic1111, DALL-E 3 renders images reliably matching desired prompts with good consistency.

Using the DALL-E 3 Image Creator on Bing for Advanced Image Generation

Beyond the Bing chat interface, DALL-E 3 access is also provided through the Image Creator tool on Bing. This gives additional options for crafting prompts and applying stylistic guidance to steer image generation.

Crafting Prompts with Integrated Text

The Image Creator tool allows prompts to be structured with integrated text elements for DALL-E 3 to intelligently place within generated imagery. For example, a prompt was provided requesting specific bottom text of "Explore Venus Beauty Behind the Mist" to be incorporated. Output showed impressive capabilities of DALL-E 3 to not only include the full desired text, but also select appropriate fonts, positioning, and compositional balance when rendering the images.

Comparing Output to Midjourney and Automatic1111

When the same text inclusion prompt was attempted with Midjourney, while attractive images resulted, the text handling was ineffective with random non-words rendered. However, tests with Automatic1111 using the sd-xll-styles extension for stylistic guidance produced some effective results in integrating text meaningfully, even if partial.

Tips for Using DALL-E 3 Effectively with Stylistic Control

Leveraging Styles with SDXL Styles Extension

The sd-xll-styles extension for Automatic1111 allows predefined styles to be selected when generating images that help steer the output aesthetically. As demonstrated, choosing a "paper cut collage" style resulted in outputs that closely matched the desired paper crafting aesthetic, providing control over the artistic style. This extension offers a way to help guide DALL-E 3 creatively for tailored, consistent results through style selection.

Handling Issues with Text Rendering

While text integration capabilities of DALL-E 3 are impressive, examples showed that text can sometimes be cut off, obscured, or have additional meaningless text added in the rendering process. Applying stylistic guidance through extensions like sd-xll-styles seems to help improve text handling. Additionally, further prompt refinement or manually adding text post-generation remain options to overcome any artifacts.

Assessing Reliability and Consistency of DALL-E 3 Output

Matching Presented Example Images

Tests were run attempting to recreate a specific "middle-aged Asian woman" example image shared in the DALL-E 3 demo. Output results successfully replicated the same artistic style, colors, and aesthetic as the original sample with multiple consistent variations. This demonstrates strong capabilities of DALL-E 3 to reliably generate images matching desired qualities based on example images provided in prompts.

Generating Consistent Variations

The outputs from prompts show DALL-E 3 can produce multiple quality variations of images around a central theme or aesthetic style. This consistency enables iterating within a style to create a series for a creative project vs. widely divergent unrelated images.


Q: Is DALL-E 3 free to use?
A: Yes, DALL-E 3 access is currently free through the Bing chat and image creator.

Q: What image sizes and ratios does it generate?
A: The images are 1024x1024 pixels currently with no adjustable ratio.

Q: How does the output compare to Midjourney?
A: The quality and capabilities are similar overall, but DALL-E 3 handles text integration better.

Q: Does DALL-E 3 always render text correctly?
A: Not always - text may sometimes be cut off or have extra meaningless text added.

Q: Can DALL-E 3 match a specific artistic style?
A: Yes, it generates very consistent stylized variations when provided an example image.

Q: How many images can be created for free?
A: It appears unlimited at this time, with some throttling after initial free points are used.

Q: Are there ways to go beyond default capabilities?
A: Yes, extensions like SDXL Styles allow applying custom styles for expanded options.

Q: Where can I access the DALL-E 3 image creator?
A: It can be accessed directly at bing.com without needing a chat.

Q: Can I get higher resolution images?
A: Not currently - 1024x1024 is the maximum image dimension available.

Q: What computer platforms support it?
A: The web version works across Windows, Mac, Linux etc.