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How to Get Early Access to Microsoft Bing Chat: A Step-by-Step Guide

Author: George BasicsTime: 2024-02-05 02:20:01

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Introduction to Microsoft Bing Chat: A New AI Tool

Microsoft recently announced an early preview of Bing Chat, a new AI-powered chatbot tool integrated into the Bing search engine. Bing Chat allows users to have natural conversations with an AI assistant to get answers to questions, expand on search results, and more.

While still in early preview, Microsoft is granting limited access to Bing Chat for select users who join the waitlist. This blog post will walk through the steps to join the Bing Chat waitlist and set up your devices to access the tool as soon as possible.

What is Microsoft Bing Chat?

Bing Chat is a chatbot assistant from Microsoft that is integrated directly into the Bing search engine interface. It allows users to have natural language conversations with an underlying AI system to get intelligent answers to questions, provide clarification on search results, and have a human-like dialogue. The chatbot is powered by AI systems developed by Microsoft, building on recent advances in language models to enable more natural conversations. While specific details are still emerging, Bing Chat appears similar in functionality to chatbots like ChatGPT from Anthropic.

Benefits of Early Access to Bing Chat

As an early preview product, only select users granted access by Microsoft can currently use Bing Chat. By getting access sooner, early adopters can be among the first to try this innovative new tool and take advantage of benefits like:

  • Getting a head start on learning how to use Bing Chat effectively
  • Providing early feedback to Microsoft to influence future development
  • Gaining niche expertise as an early user that could be valuable down the line

Joining the Bing Chat Waitlist

To request access to the Bing Chat preview, users must join a waitlist on the Bing website. When you join the waitlist, Microsoft will review your request and grant access incrementally over time.

However, there are also steps you can take to boost your chances of early access even faster...

Create a Microsoft Account

To join the Bing Chat waitlist, you need to have a Microsoft account. If you don't already have one, visit the Microsoft account creation page to set one up. It's free and easy to do. Using your Microsoft account credentials will allow seamless access to Bing Chat once available.

Navigate to Bing.com and Click "Join Waitlist"

Once signed into your Microsoft account, visit Bing.com and click on "Chat" in the top navigation bar. This will open up a Bing Chat early access page. On this page, click the prominent blue "Join waitlist" button to submit your request for preview access.

Set Microsoft Bing as Your Default Search Engine

One tips for getting Bing Chat access even faster is to set Microsoft Bing as the default search engine on your devices. Here's how to configure Bing as default on your most-used devices.

Download the Bing Browser Extension

For Chrome or Edge browsers, go back to the Bing Chat early access page and click "Make Bing your default search engine". This will open a window to download the Bing browser extension. Install this extension, which will automatically set Bing as the default search. Using Bing more actively can help boost your waitlist status.

Make Bing Default on Other Devices

Aside from your computer browser, also consider making Bing the native search engine on your smartphone and other devices. The more you use Bing products, the better. On iPhone, go to Settings > Safari > Search Engine to select Bing. On Android, go to Google App > Settings > Search engine to set Bing.

Download the Bing Mobile App

Another way to increase your Bing activity is to download the Bing mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Using this app can help boost your waitlist eligibility.

Get the Bing App from App Stores

To download the Bing app, open the app store on your iOS or Android device and search for "Microsoft Bing". Install the Bing app published by Microsoft. Alternatively, use the QR code or direct links on the Bing Chat early access page to pull up the app download page.

Log In with Your Microsoft Account

Once the Bing app is installed, open it up and log in using your Microsoft account credentials. This will associate your mobile Bing activity with your waitlist request.

Await a Bing Chat Confirmation Email

After joining the waitlist and setting up Bing as default, keep an eye on your registered email inbox. Microsoft will send an email confirmation when you have been granted access to start using Bing Chat.

Be patient, as it may take some time depending on demand. But taking the above steps can help accelerate access.

Check Spam Folder for the Email

Don't forget to monitor your spam folder as well for the Bing Chat confirmation email. Email filters sometimes flag new senders, so it's possible it gets sorted there.

Add the Sender to Your Contacts

To prevent issues getting future Bing Chat updates, add the Bing sender email address to your contacts list or sender safe list when you receive the confirmation message.


Bing Chat presents an exciting new way to interact with information using AI-powered conversations. While still in early access, joining the waitlist and boosting your Microsoft product activity can help unlock priority access.

We covered the key steps around signing up for the waitlist, making Bing your default search engine, and tips for getting access even faster. Keep an eye out for that confirmation email granting you access!

Once available, Bing Chat is sure to open up new possibilities for convenient, natural access to information across devices.

Recap of Key Access Steps

  • Create a Microsoft account
  • Join Bing Chat waitlist on Bing.com
  • Make Bing default search engine everywhere
  • Download Bing mobile app
  • Watch for Microsoft confirmation email

Start Conversing with Bing Chat

We've just scratched the surface of what will be possible with this new AI assistant. Once granted access, start testing Bing Chat to answer questions, clarify search queries, and more through natural dialogue.


Q: What makes Bing Chat different from ChatGPT?
A: Bing Chat is powered by an upgraded version of GPT technology and has access to significantly more data, allowing for more accurate, up-to-date responses.

Q: Is early access to Bing Chat limited?
A: Yes, early access is currently limited as Microsoft rolls out the new AI chatbot. Joining the waitlist gives you a chance to try it out before the general public launch.

Q: Can I get early access if I don't have a Microsoft account?
A: No, you need a valid Microsoft account to join the Bing Chat waitlist and get early access when available.

Q: Is Bing Chat available on mobile devices?
A: Yes, you can access Bing Chat through the Bing mobile app on both iOS and Android devices once you have early access.

Q: What should I do if I don't receive the Bing Chat confirmation email?
A: Check your spam folder. If it's not there, make sure you entered the correct Microsoft account email when joining the waitlist. You can also try adding [email protected] to your email contacts.

Q: Will I lose access to Bing Chat after the early access period?
A: No, once you gain access to Bing Chat you will be able to continue using it even after the general public launch.

Q: Is there a time limit on using Bing Chat in early access?
A: There are no known usage time limits, but Microsoft may implement limits as they continue to test the technology in early access.

Q: Can I share access to Bing Chat with friends during early access?
A: No, your Bing Chat access is tied solely to your individual Microsoft account.

Q: Will Bing Chat ever be available offline?
A: There are currently no announced plans for offline access. The AI requires an internet connection to function.

Q: How accurate is the information provided by Bing Chat?
A: As an AI system, Bing Chat's responses should not be considered 100% accurate. Always verify any critical information obtained.