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How to Make Money Online in 2023 as a Graphic Designer with Free Digital Products

Author: Kingsway CollinsTime: 2024-02-02 07:50:00

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Introduction to Making Money by Creating and Selling Digital Products

If you're a graphic designer in 2023 looking for ways to make money online, creating and selling digital products is a great option. In this post, we'll explore a simple yet effective method for making money by creating digital art with AI tools and selling it online through platforms like Master Bundles.

The entire process can be done for free with just a mobile phone and a few handy apps. You don't need any design experience or expensive tools. Anyone can give this a try!


We'll be using the AI art generator Dot AI to effortlessly create unique digital art and illustrations. Then we'll convert them to digital assets using Canva and upload to Master Bundles to sell. For every 50 products uploaded, Master Bundles pays out $25. But products can also be sold directly through their marketplace. It's an easy way to make passive income as a graphic designer online.


Some major benefits of selling AI-generated digital products include:

  • Extremely low startup costs - only require a phone and free apps/tools
  • Can be done on the side along with other work
  • Hands-off passive income potential with digital products
  • Endless themes and variations mean limitless new products
  • Can build portfolio and credentials as designer over time

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Selling Digital Art Online

The process involves just 3 simple steps:

  1. Use AI tools to effortlessly generate unique digital artwork and graphics

  2. Prepare files for selling by converting to SVG vectors using Canva

  3. Upload completed digital products to Master Bundles to earn payouts and sell in their free marketplace

Generating Images with Dot AI App

Dot AI is one of the most popular new AI art generator apps. To create images:

  • Download and install the Dot AI app
  • Type a detailed text description of the art you want to generate
  • Dot AI will instantly generate multiple related images and illustrations
  • Review the images, pick your favorites, and save them

Converting Images to SVG in Canva

Before uploading art to sell, they must be converted into SVG file format:

  • Open Canva and create a blank design
  • Upload saved Dot AI images one by one
  • Use export menu to download each as an SVG file
  • Batch process multiple images this way

Uploading to Master Bundles

Finally, upload at least 50 completed digital products to start earning:

  • Create a free account on MasterBundles.net
  • Upload batches of 50+ SVG images using the upload tools
  • Every 50 uploads generates a $25 payout (bonus program)
  • Can also set own prices to sell products in Master Bundles marketplace
  • Withdraw earnings once account balance passes $50 threshold

Tips for Success in Selling Your Digital Art

Follow these tips to maximize success and earnings when selling AI-generated art online:

Be Consistent

  • Upload new designs every day or week
  • Try different themes and variations
  • Leverage AI tools to speed up output volume
  • Persistence pays off over time

Offer Variations

  • Generate multiple color and style options
  • Offer bundles and packs for more perceived value
  • Cater to broad audiences and use cases
  • Provide high-quality SVG files people will want

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions or concerns about getting started, here are answers to some common FAQs:

Do I Need Design Experience to Do This?

  • No complex design skills needed thanks to AI image generators
  • The tools do the heavy lifting - you just guide the output
  • It's a simple way for anyone to sell art online

What Can I Create and Sell?

  • Endless options: logos, graphics, digital paper, social posts, book covers, posters, banners, patterns, frames, icons and more
  • Find niche themes with demand and low competition


Selling AI-generated digital art and graphics provides a great passive income stream for graphic designers in 2023. With just a mobile device and free tools, anyone can leverage artificial intelligence to create unique artwork and illustrations effortlessly. Products can then be sold online through platforms like Master Bundles with very little effort or financial risk involved. It's the perfect hassle-free side hustle!

We walked through an easy step-by-step blueprint for creating and selling digital art using AI tools in this post. By consistently creating and uploading quality artwork showcasing your style, you can start earning regular passive income as a graphic designer. Give it a try and design a profitable artistic side business you can be proud of!


Q: What is Master Bundles?
A: Master Bundles is a website where graphic designers can upload and sell digital products like SVGs and PNGs for free or for money. It has a special promotion to earn $25 bonus for every 50 free products uploaded.

Q: Do I need design skills to do this?
A: You don't need advanced design skills. With AI image generation apps like Dot AI, you can easily create unique graphics to upload and sell on Master Bundles.

Q: How much can I earn?
A: You can earn $25 for every 50 free products uploaded. You can also set prices to sell your designs. With consistency, you can make substantial passive income as a graphic designer on Master Bundles.

Q: What files do I need to upload?
A: You need to upload SVG and PNG variations of your designs. Master Bundles requires SVG, and PNGs allow customers to download in different file formats.

Q: Is there a limit to how many products I can upload?
A: No, there is no limit to the number of products you can upload to Master Bundles and earn from.