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How to Quickly Build a Website in 10 Minutes Using AI

Author: Charlie ChangTime: 2024-02-07 21:15:01

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Choosing an Educational Website Topic with ChatGPT

The first step in creating a website is determining what type of website you want to build. According to the video, educational websites are great options since they can be monetized in various ways. To generate website topic ideas, ChatGPT was queried with the prompt: "What type of website can I make about cold water therapy?".

ChatGPT responded with 5 suggestions for potential website types focused on cold water therapy. These included an informational site, an ecommerce store selling related products, a membership community site, a personal blog documenting one's experience, and an educational site teaching others about the practice and its benefits. For this tutorial, the presenter decided to go with creating an educational site.

Leveraging AI to Brainstorm Niche Website Topics

This example demonstrates how useful AI tools like ChatGPT can be for easily generating targeted website ideas and topics that have monetization potential. The key is choosing a niche you are passionate about, then prompting the AI to suggest potential sites focused on that niche. The human creator ultimately gets to decide which idea resonates most to pursue. This brainstorming technique can be replicated for any industry or niche with great results. ChatGPT makes it fast and simple to get website inspiration tailored to one's interests and expertise.

Obtaining Reliable and Affordable Hosting with Hostinger

The next critical step covered in the tutorial was securing web hosting for one's WordPress site through Hostinger. Key reasons provided for choosing Hostinger included reliable performance, an intuitive dashboard, and most importantly - affordable pricing, especially when using the special promo code.

The premium shared hosting plan was selected as it enables hosting 100 sites with ample features to get started. After going through domain registration and setup, the newly created site was ready for launch and adding content.

Leveraging Promotions and Discounts for Web Hosting

The example illustrates how finding and properly applying promotions, coupon codes, and seasonal sales can further maximize savings on already affordable hosting packages. This allows one's website budget to stretch farther especially when first starting out. Conducting one's due diligence to find reputable hosts offering discounts specials specifically for new users can make website creation even more accessible and economical.

Building the Site Layout with WordPress and Elementor

With affordable hosting secured, the next phase was actually building out the fledgling website through the trusted WordPress content management system. This was facilitated using Elementor, a user-friendly page builder plugin that enables drag and drop site design.

A key benefit highlighted was how quickly those new to web design can get up to speed with Elementor's intuitive interface. Additional perks mentioned include flexible template blocks, customizability options, and broad compatibility with various themes.

Creating Visually-Appealing Pages with Minimal Coding

The tutorial video walks through installing Elementor, activating an SEO-optimized theme, then actually constructing an initial site page complete with eye-catching images, stylized text, and imported content blocks. This demonstration revealed how handy page builder tools like Elementor empower those less technically-inclined to craft professional, aesthetically-pleasing web layouts largely without needing to write custom code.

Producing Site Content using AI Assistance

With web infrastructure and layout squared away, attention shifted to actually producing engaging site content related to cold water therapy - accelerated by AI. Here ChatGPT was prompted to generate an initial article draft covering the approach's pros and cons.

Additionally, the image generation tool Midjourney was leveraged to easily create royalty-free images on demand to complement the text content using descriptive text prompts.

Automating Content Creation with AI to Get Found Faster

The tutorial video revealed how AItools like ChatGPT and Midjourney can expedite the content creation process so one's new site starts attracting visitors sooner. This allows the site owner to focus more time on business development vs. manually writing articles. Conversations with ChatGPT can yield helpful content drafts to then refine while Midjourney facilitates on-demand image creation so articles pop visually. The combined magic of AI helps new sites quickly amass search-friendly pages.


Q: What types of websites can I build with this method?
A: You can build educational websites, ecommerce stores, personal blogs, business sites, and more. As long as the topic interests you, you can quickly create a website for it.

Q: Do I need coding skills to make a website this way?
A: No coding skills are required. By using WordPress, Elementor, and AI tools, you can create professional websites without needing to code.

Q: How long does it take to make a website like this?
A: The entire process from start to finish can take as little as 10 minutes. However, you'll likely spend more time customizing, adding content, and optimizing after the initial setup.

Q: What makes Hostinger a good web hosting choice?
A: Hostinger offers reliable, affordable WordPress hosting starting at less than $3/month. They also provide free domains and have advanced features for building WordPress sites.

Q: Can ChatGPT write my entire website content?
A: Yes, ChatGPT can generate website content for you. However, you should review it for accuracy and optimize as needed. Use it as a starting point.

Q: How do I get ideas for my website topic?
A: Ask ChatGPT to suggest potential website topics based on your interests and passions. It can provide targeted ideas to help you determine what to build your website around.

Q: What are some tips for website images?
A: Use AI art generators like Midjourney to effortlessly create custom images. Craft detailed prompts for best results. Also optimize images for web loading speeds.

Q: Can I sell products on my AI website?
A: Yes, you can build an ecommerce store using this method. Add WooCommerce plugin to sell physical/digital products.

Q: How do I promote my new website?
A: Use SEO best practices. Create social media accounts linking to your site. Run Google/Facebook ads. Reach out to influencers for shares. Guest post on related sites.

Q: What are next steps after creating my site?
A: Customize design, add more content, install analytics, create email lists, monitor traffic, seek user feedback for improvement.