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How to Quickly Create 30 Pieces of AI-Powered Content in Just 24 Hours

Author: Brandon WashingtonTime: 2024-02-12 10:00:15

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Introduction to AI Content Creation Tools

Content creation has undergone a massive transformation with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Tools like ChatGPT have made it possible to generate high-quality scripts, articles, and more with just a few prompts. For content creators and marketers, these AI tools provide an invaluable way to scale content production and adapt to the fast-paced digital landscape.

However, a key challenge is that the top AI tools are spread across different platforms. While ChatGPT offers exceptional writing capabilities, it exists outside of creative tools for designing visual content. Other leading AI voice tools also live independently, requiring content creators to juggle multiple workflows.

This fragmentation makes it difficult to streamline AI-powered content creation. Fortunately, new solutions are emerging to centralize top-notch AI capabilities within unitary creative platforms.

Background on Leading AI Content Creation Tools

ChatGPT from Anthropic has quickly become the gold standard for AI writing assistance. The natural language model can generate marketing copy, blog posts, scripts, and more based on simple prompts. However, since ChatGPT is text-based, users need to copy content over to visual editors. For voiceovers and audio narration, tools like WellSaid and Vocalware offer advanced text-to-speech with AI-generated voices. These can automate narration for videos, podcasts, and other audio media. But they exist outside of primary video creative tools.

Challenges of Utilizing Multiple AI Tools

Having to leverage multiple platforms to incorporate AI creates clear friction. Valuable time is lost copying and pasting content between tools. Production workflows are fragmented rather than unified. And there's no single hub to manage how AI gets implemented across content projects. For enterprise teams and agencies, these inefficiencies dramatically slow down content creation at scale. And for individual creators, juggling AI tools interrupts creativity and productivity.

Streamlining AI-Powered Content Creation with InVideo

InVideo provides an all-in-one content creation platform that centralized AI capabilities. The video editor integrates leading AI writing from ChatGPT, AI voice generation, and more to automate and enhance content production.

With core tools like AI video scripting and AI voiceovers built directly into InVideo, creators can implement AI throughout the video design process. This enables them to tap into the unique strengths of different AI models while maintaining a unified workflow.

Generating Video Scripts with ChatGPT AI

InVideo offers seamless integration with ChatGPT to automatically generate scripts tailored to your video concept. Simply enter a prompt describing the focus and style you want, and ChatGPT will output a complete script formatted for video. For example, prompts could specify "a 1-minute explainer video about artificial intelligence" or "a vlog script about cooking breakfast." The AI writing produces professional narration that precisely matches the direction. This automation eliminates the hardest parts of scripting videos. And since ChatGPT lives natively within InVideo, you can jump right from writing into creating visuals without changing platforms.

Adding AI Voiceovers to Videos

Once a video script is complete, InVideo makes it fast and easy to add AI voiceovers. Its integrated text-to-speech technology converts scripts into life-like narration with natural voices. You can explore voice options to find the perfect fit for your brand. Then with one click, InVideo automates voiceovers for your entire video timeline. This replaces the headache of manual narration or hiring expensive voice talent.

Exporting and Uploading AI-Generated Content

After creating exceptional AI-powered content in InVideo, the last step is exporting and uploading to share it. The platform offers robust export options fine-tuned for top social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Optimized exporting removes the hassle of resizing or reformatting content to meet each platform's specifications. And thanks to InVideo's collaboration capabilities, teams can seamlessly manage and distribute content to accelerate publishing.

Choosing The Right Export Settings

InVideo allows you to export your videos in a wide range of resolutions and aspect ratios. This includes vertical formats like 9:16 that are ideal for mobile platforms. You can deliver content in 1080 to maximize quality without overdoing file sizes. And for shared team libraries, InVideo enables bulk exporting to easily publish batches of videos in a single process.

Uploading To Your Choice Of Platforms

Whether uploading directly through InVideo or transferring files to your device, content exports seamlessly to leading platforms. For example, edited vertical videos can be published natively to feed-focused apps like Instagram and TikTok. For YouTube and similar platforms, landscape 16:9 resolutions ensure proper display.

Creating AI-Powered Content At Scale

The true magic of combining InVideo's unified editing platform with integrated AI is the ability to produce content at scale. With the fundamentals automated through AI scripting and voiceovers, creators can develop multiple variations of content around core themes.

This brand-building approach allows teams to populate their publishing calendar with reliable efficiency. Maintaining consistent themes and formats in videos establishes familiarity for viewers while enabling innovation through AI-driven enhancements.


InVideo provides an ideal one-stop solution for creators seeking to make AI a seamless part of their workflow. With ChatGPT integrated directly into the editing interface alongside leading voice generation and more, it centralizes the top AI capabilities content teams need.

Removing the bottlenecks of leveraging multiple disconnected AI tools, InVideo allows creators to maximize productivity and scale content production to new levels. Ultimately, it enables anyone to harness AI as a frictionless ally in crafting engaging, discoverable content.


Q: What AI tools does InVideo offer?
A: InVideo offers integrated access to AI writing tools like ChatGPT to generate scripts, AI voiceover tools, and AI-powered video and image searches to find relevant clips.

Q: How can I customize the AI-generated content?
A: You can manually edit scripts, choose from multiple AI voices, add your own video clips and images, change colors/branding, and duplicate projects to create variations.

Q: What export settings should I use?
A: Export vertical 9:16 videos at 1080p resolution for optimized playback on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

Q: Why create variations of the same content?
A: Variations help establish creator/brand consistency so viewers know what to expect. It also allows mass content creation from duplicate projects.

Q: Can I use InVideo for free?
A: InVideo offers free and paid tiers. Higher tiers provide more AI features, content options, and monthly quotas for premium assets.

Q: How much content can I realistically create in a day?
A: With InVideo's AI automation and duplication options, you can feasibly create far more than 30 social media videos or posts in a 24 hour period.

Q: What if I don't like the AI-generated script?
A: You can manually edit the script, prompt the AI to generate a new version, or write your own script from scratch in InVideo.

Q: Can I change the AI voice or language?
A: Yes, InVideo provides multiple realistic male and female AI voice options in various languages.

Q: Where does InVideo source stock media content?
A: Stock video and images come from licensed sources like iStock and Getty, along with InVideo's own library.

Q: Can I use my own video clips and images?
A: Yes, you can supplement with your own media assets in addition to InVideo's stock library.