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How to Use Microsoft Bing AI to Create Images and Ads from Text for Free

Author: Digital Marketing HubspotTime: 2024-02-03 14:35:01

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Introduction to Microsoft Bing AI Image Generator

Microsoft recently launched an exciting new AI feature called Bing AI Image Generator. This tool allows users to generate custom images simply by entering a text prompt. As Microsoft continues to demonstrate its prowess in AI, the Bing AI Image Generator provides creative professionals, marketers, students, educators and everyday users with an innovative way to visualize concepts and bring ideas to life.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about tapping into this new creation tool. We will cover the benefits of the image generator, walk through step-by-step instructions for using it, offer tips for maximizing value, suggest creative ways to utilize AI-generated images, and more.

What is Bing AI Image Generator?

The Bing AI Image Generator is a new feature within Microsoft Bing that leverages advancements in AI technology to generate images from text descriptions. Users can simply type or voice dictate a text prompt, and the tool will instantly generate custom images. This represents an evolution of DALL-E and other AI image generation models. However, as part of Bing search, the Bing AI Image Generator is more easily accessible to everyday users for free. It also offers seamless integration with the robust suite of Microsoft products and services. Users can generate images around nearly any concept, scene, object or artistic creation imaginable. The tool exhibits creativity and understanding of nuances within language to depict the essence of text prompts in finely tuned images.

Key Benefits of Using Bing AI Image Generator

There are many excellent benefits that come with incorporating Microsoft's Bing AI Image Generator into your creative workflow:

  • Saves time - no longer waste hours trying to manually create or source quality visuals
  • Cost efficient - take advantage of 25 free high-quality AI image generations per week
  • Inspires new ideas - explore concepts more visually and spark innovation
  • Easy to use - simple text-to-image capabilities require no technical skills
  • Customizable - create customized images tailored to your specific needs
  • Integrates well - seamlessly leverage AI-generated images within other Microsoft products

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Bing AI Image Generator

Generating custom images with the Bing AI Image Generator only takes a few quick steps:

  1. Sign Up for a Microsoft Account
  2. Go to bing.com/create
  3. Enter Text Prompt and Generate Images
  4. Download and Use Generated Images

Sign Up for a Microsoft Account

In order to use the AI image creation capabilities within Bing, you first need access via a Microsoft account. If you already have Outlook, Hotmail, Live Mail or other Microsoft services, you likely have an existing Microsoft account you can leverage. Otherwise, visit the Microsoft account creation page to securely set up a free account using your email within minutes.

Go to bing.com/create

With your Microsoft account created and logged in, simply navigate to the custom URL of bing.com/create to access the Bing AI image generator interface. This can be done seamlessly using any web browser on your computer, phone or tablet connected to the internet.

Enter Text Prompt and Generate Images

The magic happens in this step where you access the AI capabilities to manifest images from written descriptions. The text prompt box allows you to type or voice dictate exactly what you want the AI artist to generate visuals around. Get creative and descriptive with your prompt wording to produce more tailored results. For example, you could prompt the creation of images with a text description like: "An large green alien spaceship flying over a golden wheat field at sunrise". Once you enter your custom text prompt, simply hit enter or click the prompt button to have the AI generate up to four image variations. The more detailed context that you provide in the prompt, the better the AI will be able to precisely envision the scenes and objects you have in mind. Don't hesitate to get very descriptive of even fanciful with your language-based scene settings!

Download and Use Generated Images

Once the AI image generator processes your text prompt, you will be presented with up to four artistic variations on the described scene or object. The tool taps into its deep learning capabilities to depict conceptual descriptions in remarkably advanced graphic visualizations. You can browse through the samples and select the variation that best fits your needs. When you find an AI-generated image you would like to save and utilize further, simply click on the three dot icon to open up the image details. On this panel you can zoom in on the image, share it via social media or email, and most importantly download the high quality JPEG photo file to your device hard drive for offline use and editing. The downloaded AI artworks can then be incorporated seamlessly into everything from marketing materials to presentations, documents, video productions, graphic designs, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Maximizing Value from Bing AI Image Generator

To help everyday users access AI image generation capabilities, the Bing tool provides some free usage limits. However, power users creating lots of custom graphics may want to expand beyond these caps. Here are some tips for maximizing value:

  • Leverage 25 Free Image Generations Per Week
  • Options for Purchasing More Image Generations

Leveraging 25 Free Image Generations Per Week

In order to make AI artistic creation accessible to more people, Microsoft currently offers up to 25 free high-quality image generation per week within Bing. This allotment resets each Monday, providing some flexibility for visual creatives and business users alike. To track your usage, look for the counter of images remaining in the top right corner every time you generate a new artwork. Strategize the timing and quantity of custom images to create each week based on your project needs.

Options for Purchasing More Image Generations

For power users who need to produce more than 25 AI-generated images per week, Microsoft does provide paid options to continue creating at scale. Within your Bing account, you can purchase extras sets of image generations beyond the free weekly limit. There are different tier packages available when you tap the "Get More Images" link, allowing you to pay-as-you-go for continued on-demand artwork creation abilities. The costs are reasonable for unlocking ongoing access to the advanced AI graphic capabilities.

Creative Ways to Use Bing AI Generated Images

With an abundance of custom graphic content able to be manifested through AI artistic capabilities, what are some of the top use cases? Here are just a few creative ways to leverage Bing's image generator:

Digital Ads and Marketing Materials

One excellent application is using AI-generated graphics within digital advertising campaigns and marketing materials that demand constant fresh imagery. The Bing image creator can churn out limitless on-brand photos and illustrations to captivate audiences across channels like:

  • Display/Banner Ads
  • Social Media Ad Creatives
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Campaigns
  • Web Banners
  • Digital Signage
### Presentations and Documents Enhance your business presentations, documents, educational content with custom AI graphics tailored to your specific themes. Embed stunning data visualizations, conceptual illustrations, photos and more seamlessly within tools like:
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Google Slides
  • Canva
  • Microsoft Word
### Social Media Graphics Stay ahead of the visual content race on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok by utilizing AI-generated images optimized for your target audiences. Create eye-catching posts, stories, shorts, reels and channel artwork that aligns with your brand style guide requirements.

Conclusion and Next Steps

As one of the first mainstream AI image generators provided by a major tech player, the new Bing tool opens up game-changing opportunities for creatives, marketers, educators and everyday users alike. Anyone can easily access advanced artwork creation capabilities at their fingertips for free or affordable paid tiers.

We have only scratched the surface of possibilities that AI-generated images can unlock across nearly every industry when coupled with human imagination and intent. This is your chance to become an early pioneer taking advantage of Microsoft's long-term visionary investments into AI.

We encourage you to start exploring the Bing AI Image Generator firsthand to visualize concepts and bring your ideas to life with customized AI artistry. As you continue your journey, follow Microsoft Blogs and Social Channels for the latest product updates taking capabilities, integrations and ease-of-use even further over time.


Q: Is Bing AI image generator free to use?
A: Yes, Bing AI image generator offers 25 free image generations per week. You can sign up for a free Microsoft account to access it.

Q: What file types does it generate?
A: Bing AI image generator creates JPG, PNG and SVG file types to download.

Q: Can I use the images commercially?
A: Yes, Microsoft allows commercial use of Bing AI generated images within their terms of service.

Q: What prompts work best?
A: Clear, concise prompts with specific details work best to generate highly relevant images tailored to your needs.

Q: How good is the image quality?
A: Image quality can vary but is generally highly detailed and print suitable for documents, social media, ads and more.

Q: Can I edit the images?
A: Yes, you can open and edit downloads of Bing AI images in graphic design programs like Canva, Adobe Creative Suite and more.

Q: Are there restrictions on image content?
A: Microsoft forbids violent, offensive and adult content. Images must comply with their content policies.

Q: How do I get more free generations per week?
A: Currently the 25 free generation limit per week cannot be increased. You must purchase credits instead.

Q: What is the benefit of the paid plan?
A: The paid Creator plan offers unlimited high-resolution downloads without watermarks starting at $15 per month.

Q: Can I use Bing images on social media?
A: Yes, Bing's terms allow sharing generated images on websites, social media platforms and elsewhere online.