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How to Use Microsoft Bing's New AI Image Creator for Free

Author: Financial Freedom JourneyTime: 2024-02-03 20:15:00

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Introduction to Microsoft Bing's New AI Image Creator

Microsoft recently launched a new AI image generation tool called Bing Image Creator. This allows users to create original AI art by simply entering text prompts. The technology behind it is powered by DALL-E, one of the leading AI systems for generating images from text.

Bing Image Creator has an easy-to-use interface that makes creating AI art quick and accessible. Within minutes, anyone can start producing unique digital images for personal or commercial use.

Powered by DALL-E Technology

DALL-E is an advanced AI system created by Anthropic that can generate realistic images and art from text descriptions. It was trained on billions of image-text pairs to understand visual concepts and their relationships. By leveraging DALL-E, Bing Image Creator inherits cutting-edge capabilities for generating high-quality, creative images based on text prompts provided by the user.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The Bing Image Creator interface allows users to get started quickly with AI art generation. There are text boxes for entering prompts, along with options to modify images like art style and level of realism. After images are generated, they can be downloaded directly or sent back into the system for further refinement. The streamlined workflow makes experimenting with AI creativity fast and intuitive.

Generating AI Images with Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator puts the power of AI art generation into the hands of everyday users. Getting started is as simple as typing a text prompt and letting the advanced DALL-E system handle the rest.

There are also additional tools that give users more control over modifying and perfecting the AI images produced.

Using Text Prompts

The text prompt is where users describe the image they want to generate. For example, prompts like "a horse running through a field of flowers" or "a robot holding an umbrella in the rain" tell the AI what type of image to create. The AI will interpret the text and generate a unique image meeting the description. Testing different prompts allows for experimentation with Bing's image capabilities.

Modifying Images with Options

Bing Image Creator provides options to alter aspects of generated images without changing the prompt. For example, applying a filter like "Vector Design" or "Realistic" will adapt the style while keeping central elements the same. If an initial output doesn't fully match expectations, these tweak options streamline the refinement process to zero in on the perfect AI creation.

Downloading AI Artwork

Once happy with a generated AI image, users can download the high-resolution artwork in standard formats like JPG and PNG. The downloaded images are 1024 x 1024 pixels. The artwork can then be used for personal projects, shared online, or even sold commercially thanks to flexible usage rights covered later.

Tips for Creating AI Art with Bing Image Creator

It may take some experimentation to master Bing's AI image generation capabilities. Here are helpful tips for getting great results when creating AI art.

Take advantage of available tools like Boosts and style options to reduce guesswork and quickly iterate to improve results.

Using Rewards to Get More Images

Bing provides a Reward system that allows power users to earn things like Boosts to enhance the image creation experience. Boosts make images generate faster when supplies run low. Regularly using Bing for search and other services earns points towards Rewards. The points convert into Boosts for actions like faster image generation or more daily attempts in Bing Image Creator.

Trying Different Styles Like Ink Drawings

Don't be afraid to experiment with the style filters when generating or modifying images. Options like "Ink Drawing" provide a radically different take compared to the default output. Testing artistic filters like oil painting or impressionist can unlock AI artwork perfect for specific applications, prints, and more. Change up prompts and styles until a style resonates.

Licensing and Ownership of Bing AI Artwork

Since AI creates the images based on user prompts, Bing provides generous rights when it comes to using the artwork produced by Image Creator.

The flexible licensing terms make it possible to leverage unique AI art commercially or personally after downloading.

You Own the Copyright to AI Images

Bing's terms state that users retain complete copyright ownership of images generated by the service. Neither Microsoft nor the AI system itself claims rights. This allows downloaded AI artwork to be used in any personal or commercial manner without concerns over copyright violations.

Images Can Be Used Commercially

With complete copyright ownership, users have broad rights when it comes to leveraging AI images commercially. This includes options like:

  • Selling AI art as prints or merchandise
  • Using unique images for commercial design projects
  • Putting generated art on products, packaging, marketing materials, etc.


Bing Image Creator opens AI art generation to everyone through an easy-to-use web interface. Powered by advanced DALL-E technology, it allows creating endless unique images from text prompts.

Hands-on tools make iteratively improving results fast and frictionless. Meanwhile, flexible usage rights empower personalized applications ranging from social media posts to commercial products.


Q: Is Bing's AI art generator free to use?
A: Yes, Bing Image Creator is currently free to use, with some limitations on the number of images you can generate per day.

Q: What technology powers Bing's image generator?
A: Bing Image Creator is powered by DALL-E, a leading AI system for creating images from text prompts.

Q: Can I use Bing's AI generated images commercially?
A: Yes, Bing's terms of use state that you own the copyright to any AI images you create, allowing commercial use.

Q: How do I get more image generations per day?
A: You can earn more daily image generations by using Bing search and redeeming Bing Rewards points.

Q: What image sizes and formats does Bing's AI create?
A: Bing Image Creator outputs 1024x1024 pixel JPG images by default.

Q: Are there any content restrictions?
A: Yes, Bing prohibits harmful, illegal, or explicit content in image prompts and generations.

Q: Can I modify generated images?
A: Yes, you can use options like 'High Definition' or 'Ink Drawing' to modify AI images after generation.

Q: How do I download images from Bing Image Creator?
A: There is a download button below each generated image allowing you to save it to your device.

Q: Where do I find Bing's image generator?
A: Go to bing.com/create to access Bing Image Creator and start creating AI art.

Q: Is there a waiting list to access Bing's image generator?
A: No, Bing Image Creator is now fully accessible without needing to join a waiting list.