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Instantly Create Stunning 3D Interior & Exterior Designs with AI

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Introduction to Using AI for Instant Interior Designs and Exteriors

In this blog post, we'll explore how to quickly generate interior design concepts and exterior views using the latest AI tools. By combining the power of ChatGPT for prompt writing, Stable Diffusion for image generation, and creative tools like Skybox, anyone can easily create visually stunning 3D room designs and building exteriors in just minutes.

The key benefit of this AI-assisted approach is that you can collaboratively brainstorm and visualize different design ideas with clients in real-time. This allows you to get feedback and alignment before investing significant time in full 3D modeling and detailed technical drawings.

Overview of the AI Design Workflow

At a high level, the workflow involves 3 key steps:

  1. Use ChatGPT to generate detailed text prompts for the desired room or building exterior designs.
  2. Input those prompts into Skybox to automatically generate 3D room interiors or exterior landscape views.
  3. For complete 3D building models, bring finalized designs into Cedrio for quick modeling and realistic renderings.

Key Tools We'll Use

The main tools we'll leverage are:

  • ChatGPT: An AI assistant created by Anthropic to generate helpful text content on demand
  • Stable Diffusion: A state-of-the-art AI image generation model
  • Skybox: A creative tool for instant 3D room and landscape generations powered by Stable Diffusion
  • Cedrio: An intuitive online 3D modeling software ideal for architecture

Generating Detailed Interior Design Concepts

With the foundation set, let's dive into the first key step - creating interior design concepts. We'll use ChatGPT to help ideate and describe the desired room decor, layout, features and more. Then we'll bring those textual descriptions to life in 3D using Skybox.

Leveraging ChatGPT to Write Detailed Design Prompts

Within ChatGPT, we simply describe the general characteristics of the interior space we want to design. This includes details like:

  • Intended room purpose (bedroom, living room, office, etc.)
  • Desired style inspiration (modern, traditional, minimalist, coastal, etc.)
  • Layout and flow preferences
  • Preferred materials and decor elements
  • Ideal lighting ambiance and accessories ChatGPT will then automatically generate multi-sentence prompts optimized for Stable Diffusion's image generation capabilities. We can create different prompts to explore various conceptual directions.

Bringing Our Design Prompts to Life in Skybox

Once we have textual prompts for 5-10 interior concepts, we'll bring them over to Skybox. Simply paste a prompt and select a style filter. In around 20 seconds, Skybox will procedurally generate a 3D room visualization based on the descriptive details we provided. We can continue tweaking the prompt text and style filter to iterate on the computer-generated outcome until we achieve an interior design direction that resonates with the end client. The key benefit is instantly bringing ideas to life visually to get alignment on overall aesthetics and spatial layout without any manual 3D modeling.

Refining the Winning Design Direction

As we narrow down the preferred interior concept with the client, the next step is refining and enhancing the auto-generated 3D room from Skybox. This involves further iterating on materials, lighting, accessories, and layout to create a polished design that meets the project goals.

Envisioning Building Exteriors in Context

In addition to conceptualizing interior spaces, we can leverage the AI design workflow to visually convey exterior building architecture and surroundings. This allows stakeholders to better understand how the structure fits in the broader landscape.

Fine-tuning Prompts for Quality Exterior Views

Our initial attempts at generating exterior views by asking ChatGPT for outside versions of our interior prompts resulted in mixed outcomes. By stating "create an exterior view for an interior design" in each prompt, Skybox would oddly render partial indoor and outdoor blended spaces. To resolve this, we provided feedback to ChatGPT on what went wrong. It then generated corrected outdoor prompts without any confusing references to interiors. This allowed Skybox to properly visualize building exteriors, nearby landscape features, and background scenery.

Bringing Exteriors to Life While Preserving Context

With cleanly written exterior prompts, we can now visually convey the outside appearance of our building designs including nearby natural features and surrounding neighborhood context. Skybox fixes the vantage point for each exterior generation, allowing us to look around the landscape from a locked perspective. This is ideal for validating how a structure fits in with its environment.

Constructing Full 3D Building Models

Cedrio's Key Capabilities for Architectural Visualization

So far, we've rapidly iterated on interior concepts and exterior views to align on aesthetic direction. To develop complete 3D architectural visualizations, Cedrio provides robust modeling capabilities tailored for spaces and structures. Key highlights include:

  • Intuitive drawing tools for quick 2D floorplans and layouts
  • Instant 3D extrusion and shaping as you design
  • Massive furniture, fixture and building component libraries
  • Powerful tools for exterior facade detailing
  • Photo-realistic interior and exterior rendering

Modeling our Final Designs in Cedrio

With the aligned interior decor and exterior form locked down from our AI-assisted concept generation, we can now use Cedrio to efficiently construct fully detailed 3D building models. After establishing floorplans and overall massing, we simply add wall openings, insert doors/windows, apply materials, add furniture, and tweak lighting. For exterior areas, we can easily incorporate surrounding terrain and realistic vegetation. In less than an hour, we can have a complete 3D architectural visualization ready for photorealistic renderings and design reviews! By leveraging AI on the front-end of the design process, we have a clear vision to implement in Cedrio.


In summary, combining AI tools like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion with intuitive 3D applications provides a new way to tap into creative ideas and accelerate architectural design. Anybody can now easily mock up beautiful 3D interiors, building exteriors, and full models in just minutes!

I'm Claude, a helpful AI assistant created by Anthropic. Let me know if you have any other questions about leveraging AI for design and architecture!


Q: How can I create interior designs instantly?
A: Use ChatGPT to generate prompts tailored to your needs, then import those prompts into Skybox to instantly generate photorealistic 3D interior renderings.

Q: What if I want to tweak or iterate on a design?
A: Skybox allows you to continually generate new variations on a design using the same prompt. You can keep clicking the generate button to create entirely new rooms.

Q: Can I also create exterior views?
A: Yes, you can use the same overall process - ask ChatGPT for exterior prompts matched to your interiors, import into Skybox and generate exterior views.

Q: How do I turn designs into full 3D models?
A: Cedrio is an intuitive online 3D modeling tool perfect for quickly creating entire buildings from your designs. It has easy roofing tools, lets you add openings and furnishings, and create photorealistic renderings.

Q: Is Cedrio expensive to use?
A: No, Cedrio has a very useful free plan to get started with. It's a great way to take your designs to the next level.

Q: Can I present my Cedrio designs to clients?
A: Yes, one of Cedrio's biggest advantages is being able to create presentation-ready visualizations with different lighting, materials and angles to show clients.

Q: Do I need 3D modeling experience to use these AI tools?
A: No experience is required! The magic of these AI generation tools is that anyone can instantly produce impressive, photorealistic designs and models.

Q: Where can I get started with these AI design tools?
A: Check the links in the video description to sign up and start using ChatGPT, Skybox and Cedrio to rapidly create stunning interior and exterior designs.

Q: Will AI replace architects and designers?
A: Unlikely. While AI can help accelerate the design process, human creativity, judgment and oversight is still essential.

Q: What are the limitations of these AI tools?
A: The designs may lack coherence or architectural soundness compared to manually created ones. Iterating and tweaking is often needed before settling on a final design.