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Leverage Bing Chat for Enterprise to Boost Productivity and Content Creation

Author: Scott BrantTime: 2024-02-05 16:20:00

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Introduction to Bing Chat for Enterprise

Bing Chat for Enterprise has had an uncertain start. Even I was checking it out and was still unsure how it builds on what Microsoft is delivering. We look at better tools like Microsoft CoPilot, which raised the question - could we use Bing Chat to help get work done by writing emails, Teams messages, reports, creating images, and even summarizing PDFs? Was it possible to leverage this AI without access to CoPilot?

The answer is yes! As this tutorial will show, Bing Chat can be used to create content in Office 365 and save time daily. There are some key advantages over CoPilot and ChatGPT as well.

Overview of Bing Chat for Enterprise

Bing Chat for Enterprise comes with several advantages. First, Microsoft won't access any data you provide. Questions aren't retained to improve the model. Microsoft can't audit what you asked either. Second, security policies like multi-factor authentication carry over. Device management is supported too. It's also free with a Microsoft 365 business plan, usable today as this video shows. Compare this to Copilot at $30 per user per month with high onboarding costs. Some can't justify that, especially if benefits are unclear. ChatGPT has issues too - settings allow retaining data to improve responses. Apple and Samsung found problems here. Sharing confidential business data with third parties is risky.

Comparing Bing Chat to CoPilot and ChatGPT

In summary, Bing Chat for Enterprise is a no-cost option with no data retention and security policies inherited from Microsoft 365. Yes, it's limited to a browser sidebar without access to business data. But it can still help get work done, as we'll see. CoPilot will be more powerful with live access to data inside apps you use daily. But it comes at a high cost. ChatGPT retains your data to improve responses over time. Sharing business data with services holding it to enhance their models isn't ideal since confidential data could leak.

Using Bing Chat to Create Content in Office 365

To use Bing Chat in Office 365, open the Edge browser and sign in with a work or school account - this feature requires that. Under Settings > Sidebar > Bing Chat, enable access to browser tab data. This allows referencing webpages or PDFs to generate content.

Note Bing Chat lives in the sidebar, not inside Office apps. It lacks access to business data. Provide context to get the right responses.

Replying to Emails in Outlook

In Outlook, Bing Chat can help draft email replies. Click reply, go to Ask Me Anything, provide context, and submit. The sidebar suggests a reply to copy/paste after refinements. It can also draft new emails. Set the tone, length, etc and generate a draft to customize and send out.

Composing New Emails

In the email compose box, provide context of what's needed in the sidebar. Set the tone, length, etc and generate a draft to customize and send out.

Answering Teams Messages

To use Bing Chat in Teams, copy a message to provide context. Ask it to help define scope for a project based on the copied text. Set tone and length, generate a draft, and insert into your reply.

Summarizing PDFs and Excel Data

Summarizing PDF Content

To summarize a PDF, open it in Edge browser to allow access. In the sidebar, ask to summarize the content. Bing Chat will analyze the document and provide a summary to use in communications.

Analyzing Excel Data from Screenshots

Bing Chat can struggle to analyze Excel data directly. But taking a screenshot of a table and attaching it to the chat works better. Ask your analysis question while providing the image for context. Bing Chat can interpret the visual data to answer.

Authoring New Documents and Generating Images

Creating Documents in Word Online

In Word Online, provide context in the sidebar for the document needed. Set tone, format, length etc and generate draft content to customize. Click Add to Site to insert into Word for instant content.

Generating Custom Images

In bing.com/chat, describe the image needed in Ask Me Anything. Accept the terms of use prompt. Bing Chat will generate relevant images to use in PowerPoints, documents, etc.


Bing Chat for Enterprise can generate content in Office 365 to save time, without retaining data. CoPilot offers more benefits but at a high price. ChatGPT retains data presenting privacy issues. Starting with Bing Chat is a no-cost way to boost productivity before considering pricier and more complex alternatives with additional data privacy tradeoffs.


Q: Does Microsoft have access to my data when using Bing Chat?
A: No, Microsoft has committed not to retain or access any Bing Chat conversations, providing privacy assurances.

Q: Can Bing Chat help me write emails?
A: Yes, Bing Chat can assist with drafting email replies or composing new emails when provided the right context.

Q: Can Bing Chat summarize PDFs for me?
A: Yes, Bing Chat can review PDF content opened in Edge and provide helpful summaries.

Q: How does Bing Chat compare to Microsoft CoPilot?
A: Bing Chat is more limited as a sidebar, while CoPilot deeply integrates with Office apps, but has a higher cost.

Q: Can Bing Chat analyze data from Excel?
A: Bing Chat can't directly access Excel data, but you can provide screenshots of tables for analysis.

Q: Can Bing Chat generate custom images?
A: Yes, Bing Chat can create custom images based on your descriptive prompts.

Q: Does Bing Chat integrate with Teams?
A: You can utilize Bing Chat to help draft replies to Teams messages.

Q: Can Bing Chat help create Word documents?
A: Yes, Bing Chat can generate document drafts in Word Online when provided with a descriptive prompt.

Q: Is Bing Chat free for my organization?
A: Bing Chat comes at no additional cost with a Microsoft 365 business subscription.

Q: What are the limitations of Bing Chat?
A: As a sidebar, Bing Chat has less integration than CoPilot. It also can't directly access business data.