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Leverage OpenAI Models to Generate 150000 Words for Just $18

Author: Code JanaTime: 2024-02-01 00:20:00

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Introducing the AI Application for Generating Text and Images

A new AI application was recently demoed that allows users to leverage advanced OpenAI models like GPT-3 for generating text and images. The application provides an easy way to calculate potential text output across different OpenAI models based on pricing plans and credits.

There are several core OpenAI models available through the application, including DaVinci, Curie, Babbage, and Ada. Each model has different capabilities and pricing for generating text tokens and images. The application helps compare text generation output across the models by converting tokens into estimated word counts.

Overview of Core OpenAI Models Available

The main page of the application displays a table with the core language models offered by OpenAI. These include DaVinci, Curie, Babbage, and Ada. There are also models optimized for training such as Codex and Davinci Codex. Each model has an associated base price per 1000 tokens. OpenAI currently provides $18 of free credits to test out the application and models. With the DaVinci model at $0.12 per 1000 tokens, the $18 of credits translates to 150,000 tokens.

Pricing Plans and Credit System

The application features both free and paid plans. The Pro plan will be free for the first 3 days, allowing full access to test the application. After the free trial, there are paid subscription options available. The pricing is designed to be competitive with other AI services. For example, at $49/month the Pro plan would provide around 1.2 million words of text generation with the DaVinci model. This compares favorably to other AI writing services.

Calculating Potential Text Output from Different Models

A key benefit of the application is the ability to estimate text output across different OpenAI models based on available credits or a set budget. This provides transparency into how far credits will go with each model.

The DaVinci model is the most advanced currently available from OpenAI. Based on its $0.12 per 1000 token pricing, the application calculates that 150,000 free tokens would enable approximately 112,500 words of text generation.

DaVinci Model Text Generation Capabilities

DaVinci is OpenAI's most capable AI model for natural language tasks. It powers advanced applications like chatbots and writing assistants. The application estimates DaVinci can generate approximately 750 words per 1000 tokens. This means 150,000 free tokens translates to around 112,500 words of text output.

Comparing to Established AI Services

The application's Pro plan at $49/month would provide around 1.2 million words from the DaVinci model. This compares very favorably to established AI writing services. For example, a competitor charges $49/month for access to an AI writer that can produce around 200,000 words. The application with DaVinci would provide 6x more output at the same price point.

Customizing the Application to Your Needs

The application allows customizing the display and estimates for your specific use case. You can enter the number of tokens, words, or images required and see projected cost across models.

There are also options to optimize the table view, showing or hiding columns like the model code name, type, and use case. The goal is to provide flexibility based on individual needs.

Entering Custom Token, Word and Image Requirements

Instead of using the free $18 credit example, you can input your own desired number of tokens, words, or images. The application will recalculate potential output and cost estimates. For example, entering a need for 20,000 tokens shows the projected cost for each model. And 30,000 words keeps words fixed while updating token requirements and pricing.

Optimizing the Display for Your Use Case

The application allows toggling table columns on and off to simplify the view. For example, code name and model type could be hidden if not needed. For a language model use case, the words column could be shown while images options are hidden. Flexible views help focus on the data that's most relevant.

Leveraging the Free Pro Plan

The application's Pro plan will be available free for 3 days, allowing full access to all features. This is a great way to test out the tool at no cost.

The application is available via a Gumroad link provided in the video description. Be sure to take advantage of the 3 free days to evaluate the capabilities.

Three Days of Full Access

As mentioned, the Pro plan for the application will be completely free for 3 days. This provides enough time to thoroughly try out all models and features. Take some time to experiment with generating text and images during the free period. See how the output and pricing estimates compare across models.

Gumroad Link for the Application

The application can be accessed through a Gumroad link provided in the video description. Gumroad allows setting a free trial period for applications, and this one is set up for 3 days of full access upon signup.


Q: What openAI models are available in the application?
A: The main models available are language models like DaVinci, Curie, Babbage, and Davinci-Codex for text generation. There are also models like Claude and Whisper for speech recognition.

Q: How many words can the DaVinci model generate with $18 credit?
A: With $18 credit, the DaVinci model can generate about 150,000 tokens which equals 112,500 words.

Q: What customizations does the application provide?
A: You can customize token, word and image requirements and optimize the display to show only the metrics relevant for your use case.