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Microsoft Rolls Out AI Image Creator in New Bing Chat and Edge

Author: BrenTechTime: 2024-01-22 21:05:01

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Introduction to the New Bing Chat and Image Creator

Microsoft recently announced exciting new updates to Bing, including the integration of an AI-powered image creator into the new Bing chat experience. Powered by an advanced version of the DALL-E model, this new feature allows users to create images simply by describing what they want to see.

The new Bing also features chat capabilities powered by large language models like GPT, bringing more natural conversations and helpful information to search. Additional new features include AR visual stories and updated knowledge graphs.

Overview of the New Bing Chat and Image Creator

The key highlights of the new Bing chat and image creator include:

  • AI-generated images from text descriptions and prompts
  • Chatbot with more natural conversations
  • Immersive AR visual stories
  • Expanded knowledge graphs

New Bing Chat Capabilities

The new Bing chat experience aims to make search more natural and helpful. Key new capabilities include an AI-powered image creator, chatbot features, AR visual stories, and updated knowledge graphs.

AI-Powered Image Creator

The image creator allows users to generate images simply by describing what they want to see. For example, a prompt like "an astronaut walking through a field of sunflowers in space" results in striking AI-generated images. This brings more creativity and visual interest to exploring topics in Bing.

Chatbot with GPT Capabilities

The new Bing chat utilizes large language models like GPT to enable more natural conversational interactions. Users can ask questions, get summaries of topics, and more through an intelligent chatbot.

AR Visual Stories

Bing now features engaging AR-powered visual stories on some search topics, allowing users to interact with 3D models and animations related to their queries. For example, searching for the solar system may show an interactive 3D model that can be manipulated and explored up close.

Updated Knowledge Quads

The updated knowledge graphs in Bing, called knowledge quads, provide more extensive information around entities like people, places, and topics. This allows users to get valuable background context as part of their search experience.

Image Creator Safety Features

While enabling creative expression, Microsoft has implemented measures to prevent potential misuse of the AI image creator.

Blocking Potentially Harmful Images

The new Bing is designed to detect when a prompt might result in generating a harmful image. In these cases, it blocks the prompt and warns the user. This helps promote responsible and ethical use of the technology.

Availability and Rollout Timeline

The new Bing chat and image creator features are launching gradually over late March 2022. They will become available to more users over time.

Controlled Availability

Microsoft is initially rolling out access in a controlled way to monitor usage and catch any potential issues early. This means some users will gain access before others, even in supported countries.

English Language Only Initially

The updated experience is only available in English during the initial preview period. Support for more languages will come later based on user feedback and testing.

Desktop and Mobile

The new Bing capabilities are launching on both desktop and mobile web to start. Native mobile apps may receive updates later pending testing and iteration on the web platforms first.

How to Access the Image Creator

There are a couple ways to try creating AI-generated images once you gain access to the updated Bing preview.


Go to bing.com/create to access the image creator experience directly, outside of the main Bing search. This allows playing with image generation without the context of a specific search query.

Microsoft Edge Sidebar

On desktop, the image creator is available through the sidebar in Microsoft Edge. Look for the image creator icon in the sidebar to start generating images.


The new Bing chat and image creator represent exciting innovations in search powered by AI. As these new capabilities roll out, they have the potential to fundamentally enhance how we explore topics and ideas online.

Make sure to keep an eye out for access to start experiencing more creative, visual, and natural search for yourself!


Q: What is the new Bing Image Creator?
A: An AI tool that allows users to generate images simply by describing them in words. Part of the new Bing chat experience.

Q: How does the Bing Image Creator work?
A: It uses an advanced version of the DALL-E model to generate images based on text prompts provided by the user.

Q: Is the Bing Image Creator available now?
A: It is rolling out in a controlled manner over the next few weeks for Bing and Edge preview users.

Q: What languages will the Image Creator support?
A: Initially it will only support English, with other languages to follow.

Q: Can the Image Creator be abused?
A: Microsoft says it will block any prompts that could generate potentially harmful images.

Q: Where can I access the Image Creator?
A: Bing.com/create or via the sidebar in Microsoft Edge desktop and mobile.

Q: Do I need a Microsoft account?
A: Yes, you'll need to be signed in to access the Image Creator and other new Bing chat features.

Q: What other new features are coming?
A: Chatbot with GPT capabilities, AR visual stories, and updated knowledge quads.

Q: When will the Image Creator reach my region?
A: The rollout is controlled, so you'll need to wait - but it should arrive in the next few weeks.

Q: Can I get early access to the Image Creator?
A: You can try joining the Bing preview program, but availability is still limited.