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Microsoft Rolls Out AI-Powered DALL-E Image Generation in Windows 11 Paint App

Author: Gyan WindowsTime: 2024-01-21 12:40:00

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Introduction to DALL-E Integration in Microsoft Paint

Microsoft has rolled out the highly anticipated DALL-E integration in Paint to all Windows 11 users. This groundbreaking feature allows you to generate AI images within Paint using OpenAI's DALL-E model. It represents an exciting advancement in making AI accessible and easy to use for everyone.

During their September 2022 event, Microsoft confirmed plans to add AI features powered by Bing Chat everywhere, including core inbox apps like Paint. The latest Paint update now enables the DALL-E co-creator capabilities for all Windows 11 users, not just Windows Insiders.

Overview of DALL-E Integration in Paint

The DALL-E integration essentially brings an AI assistant right into Paint. After opening a new canvas, you can click the co-creator button on the right toolbar to activate the DALL-E enhancements. You then simply describe the image you want to generate using natural language. DALL-E processes the text prompt and generates a graphical interpretation, leveraging the knowledge and creativity of the AI model.

Availability of New Feature

This exciting new functionality has been in testing since September 2022 through the Windows Insider Dev and Beta channels. But as of this week, the DALL-E co-creator feature in Paint has now been approved for broad public release on Windows 11 following successful trials.

Using the Paint Co-Creator Feature

The DALL-E integration seamlessly blends AI image generation capabilities into the familiar Paint interface. Getting started is simple and intuitive even for beginners.

After launching Paint, access the co-creator toolbar and start describing your desired images. Then explore and fine-tune the results with built-in controls.

Accessing the Co-Creator Button

Launch the latest version of Paint on your Windows 11 device. You may need to check for app updates in the Microsoft Store if you don't immediately see the new options. When opening a blank canvas in Paint, look on the far right side of the formatting toolbar for the new purple co-creator button. Click this to activate the DALL-E features.

Generating AI Images

After clicking the co-creator button, a sidebar will appear where you can enter text prompts. Think of the images you want generated and describe them in natural language. For example, "An astronaut riding a horse on Mars." Once you enter your prompt, DALL-E will process the text and generate a related AI image on your canvas. Feel free to enter additional prompts to create multiple images.

Exploring Variants

If you want to explore variations on the generated image, use the controls in the co-creator sidebar. You can refresh the image, edit your prompt, or have DALL-E produce different renditions of the concept called "variants".

Beginner's Guide and Waitlist

Getting Started Tutorial

For those completely new to AI image generation, Paint now includes a handy step-by-step guide. Look for the "New to AI?" link in the co-creator sidebar. This will launch a beginner tutorial taking you through best practices for prompt formulation, using variants and iterations, and other fundamentals for leveraging DALL-E effectively.

Potential Waitlist Signup

Due to demand, some users may still need to join a waitlist before full access to the DALL-E co-creator is granted. Check the sidebar for notification of approval status. If waitlisted, typically you just need to sign up and then watch for an activation notice in the app within a few days letting you know when your access is live.

The Continued Evolution of Microsoft Paint

Paint's Enduring Popularity

Many wrote off Paint long ago, expecting Microsoft to retire the simple graphics app in favor of more modern tools. But against the odds, Paint continues to endure thanks to its approachable interface. Almost 6 years after announcing plans to discontinue Paint, it remains a highly popular application on Windows 11. This is a testament to the accessibility and ease-of-use it provides even in an era of more advanced image editing software.

Recent Enhancements

While keeping the simple user experience intact, Paint continues to gradually add pro features. Recent Windows 11 updates brought one-click background removal powered by AI, as well as layers support. These let Paint users remove objects easily and work non-destructively on separate image layers - capabilities previously only expected in advanced software like Photoshop.


Q: What is DALL-E integration in Paint?
A: DALL-E integration allows Microsoft Paint users on Windows 11 to generate AI images by describing what they want to see.

Q: How do I access the co-creator feature in Paint?
A: Open an empty Paint canvas and click the co-creator button on the right toolbar to access AI image generation capabilities.

Q: Do I need to join a waitlist to use DALL-E in Paint?
A: You may need to join a waitlist if the feature rollout is not complete yet. Check the co-creator sidebar in Paint for details.

Q: What new features were recently added to Paint?
A: Background removal and layer support were recently added, enabling more advanced image editing capabilities.

Q: Is Microsoft still planning to discontinue Paint?
A: No, after significant backlash, Microsoft reversed course and committed to continued development of Paint.

Q: What OS version do I need for DALL-E in Paint?
A: You need to be running Windows 11 to access the new co-creator feature in Paint.

Q: How good are the AI-generated images in Paint?
A: The images are surprisingly accurate and match descriptions very well in testing based on DALL-E integration.

Q: Can I edit the AI-generated images further?
A: Yes, you can use all of Paint's editing tools and layer features to customize images after generation.

Q: Is there a tutorial for using AI image generation?
A: Paint includes a beginner's tutorial to help new users get started with generating images with DALL-E.

Q: Do I need a Microsoft or Azure subscription?
A: No subscriptions are needed to access the basic DALL-E integration in the Windows 11 Paint app.