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Mid-Journey vs Stable Diffusion: Which AI Art Generator is Best in 2022

Author: Making the Photo: AI EditionTime: 2023-12-29 22:45:00

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Introduction to Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion for AI Art

Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion are two of the most popular AI image generators on the market today. Both systems use neural networks to generate images from text prompts. However, there are some key practical differences as well as differences in image quality and features.

This article provides an in-depth comparison between Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion to help you determine which platform is better suited to your AI art needs. We'll explore practical aspects like accessibility and pricing along with subjective qualities of the actual AI-generated images themselves.

Overview of Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion

Mid-Journey is accessed via Discord and has a simple subscription-based pricing model. Stable Diffusion is open source, so there are many free options, but it can also be run on a subscription model via services like Dream Studio. Stable Diffusion generally produces images faster than Mid-Journey at this point. However, Mid-Journey tends to have fewer technical issues for new users. So there is a tradeoff between speed and accessibility.

Comparing Practical Differences

When it comes strictly to accessibility and speed, Stable Diffusion currently has some advantages over Mid-Journey. It has more free options and can generate images extremely quickly through services like Playground AI. Mid-Journey is slightly harder to access as a Discord-based system. However, Mid-Journey may still be easier for complete beginners to pick up and start using without much technical know-how. So it depends on your needs and level of comfort with technology.

Image Quality Comparison of Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion

When it comes to subjective qualities of image generation quality, Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion both have strengths and weaknesses. Mid-Journey tends to produce more artistic, creative images while Stable Diffusion offers more control and realism.

Understanding these key differences can help guide which platform you choose for your AI art experiments and projects.

Faithfulness to Prompts

One area where Stable Diffusion seems to have an advantage is faithfulness to the specific text prompts. It tends to follow prompts more literally while Mid-Journey takes prompts as inspiration but adds its own artistic interpretation. So if you want something very specific, Stable Diffusion may perform better. But Mid-Journey will likely make it more visually interesting even if it doesn't match the prompt exactly.

Artistic Style and Realism

In terms of artistic style, Mid-Journey seems to have a clear edge. The images generated on the platform have a very distinct visual style, often reminding users of specific painters or art movements. Stable Diffusion images can achieve similar artistic effects, but it seems to require much more know-how to guide the AI in that direction. Mid-Journey has artistic style built-in.

Imagination and Creativity

Due to the tendency towards artistic interpretation over faithfulness to prompts, many users perceive the Mid-Journey AI as more creative and imaginative. The images seem to capture more symbolic meaning and make broader creative leaps from the text prompts. So for more free-form art, Mid-Journey excels.

Filters and Control in Mid-Journey vs. Stable Diffusion

Both platforms offer ways to filter image outputs and exercise more fine-grained control over the AI generation process. But there are some differences in the current capabilities.

Understanding the filtering and steering options can help determine which platform aligns better with your safety, quality and specificity needs.

Safety Filters

In terms of safety filters, Mid-Journey seems to currently have an edge, with more robust filtering integrated natively into the system. Stable Diffusion offers safety filtering through some interfaces, but it is lacking by default due to the open source nature.

Celebrity Likeness Control

The ability to control how much celebrity faces are incorporated into images is important for many use cases. This is an area where Mid-Journey maintained more capabilities so far. Stable Diffusion version 2.0 seems to have pulled back on celebrity likeness capabilities, likely due to legal concerns around fake media.

Additional Tools

Both platforms provide additional tools for manipulating image outputs, but they take different forms. Stable Diffusion offers more native capabilities like in-painting while Mid-Journey focuses tools for controlling style and composition. So this area comes down again to weighing your priorities around safety, realism, style and level of control needed.

Image Sizes, Aspect Ratios and Detail

In terms of output image specifications, there are some key differences in maximum sizes and aspect ratios available.

Mid-Journey currently allows outputs up to larger pixel dimensions compared to Stable Diffusion. It also offers more flexibility with aspect ratios.

Copyright Considerations

When generating AI art for distribution and commercial use, copyright becomes an important consideration.

Mid-Journey's policies seem to provide more straightforward ownership compared to Stable Diffusion, which can vary greatly depending on the platform used.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In summary, for accessibility, speed and pricing, Stable Diffusion often comes out ahead. But when it comes to subjective image quality, Mid-Journey leads in areas like artistry, creativity and safety filtering.

For most beginner users focused on creative art applications, Mid-Journey may be the best place to start due to its artistic style and safety. But more advanced users who prioritize control and accessibility may prefer Stable Diffusion.


Q: Which AI art generator is easier to get started with?
A: Stable Diffusion is more accessible as open source software, but Mid-Journey has an easier learning curve for beginners.

Q: Which one produces higher quality images?
A: Image quality depends a lot on prompt wording. Both can produce highly detailed, realistic images as well as distorted or unclear images.

Q: Is Mid-Journey or Stable Diffusion better for artistic images?
A: Mid-Journey tends to produce more artistic, creative images thanks to its focus on beauty and impressionistic style.

Q: Which AI art tool allows more creative freedom?
A: Stable Diffusion offers more freedom currently including creating NSFW content. Mid-Journey has more filters limiting certain content.

Q: What's the difference in speed?
A: Stable Diffusion generates images faster, usually under 10 seconds. Mid-Journey takes a bit longer but has improved speed.

Q: How do the image sizes compare?
A: Mid-Journey edges out Stable Diffusion allowing larger 2048x2432 images in more aspect ratios.

Q: Who owns the copyright on AI generated images?
A: In Mid-Journey, you fully own images you generate by paying. Stable Diffusion has variable policies depending on platform.

Q: Did the latest updates improve the AI generators?
A: Yes, Mid-Journey v4 and Stable Diffusion v2.0 include notable improvements but may still need refinements.

Q: Which tool do expert artists prefer?
A: Preferences vary based on artistic goals, but many creators leverage both tools together for enhanced results.

Q: What about in-painting and image editing capabilities?
A: Stable Diffusion currently has better built-in image editing tools like in-painting. Mid-Journey plans more editing features soon.