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New DALL-E 2 Outpainting Feature Extends Creativity and Resolution

Author: MattVidPro AITime: 2023-12-30 05:35:01

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DALL-E 2 Outpainting Overview - Key SEO Terms

DALL-E 2 recently released a major update called 'outpainting', allowing users to generate AI art at extremely high resolutions. This works by using a 'generation frame' that can be dragged around a canvas to expand and continue an image.

With outpainting, DALL-E 2 images can now be created at any size desired, although it does get expensive with credits. You can also describe new visual elements to add to the image using natural language prompts. Overall, this reimagines the DALL-E 2 editor with powerful new creative capabilities.

Outpainting High-Resolution Capabilities

The outpainting feature allows DALL-E 2 images to be generated at previously unattainable sizes and resolutions. By dragging around the 'generation frame', users can continually expand an image outwards to create incredibly detailed scenes. However, generating at high resolutions with outpainting requires a lot of credits, costing almost $1 to create a vast, expansive landscape. So while possible, users will need to carefully consider the credit costs.

Outpainting Natural Language Workflow

A key aspect of outpainting is the ability to describe new visual elements to add onto an existing image using natural language prompts. For example, you can upload an image of a character, then describe a new background setting for it. DALL-E 2 will then generate artwork matching the descriptive prompt within the frame, blending it into the base image. This allows users to easily build upon and alter creations through text prompts.

Outpainting Credit Cost Analysis

While outpainting enables incredible new generative abilities, it comes at a steep credit cost. Even small additions or fixes can require an entire prompt generation, quickly burning through credits. Ideally, DALL-E 2 would allow tiny touch-ups without a full generation based on the size of the edits. This would help users better manage the credit costs ofdetail-oriented outpainting work.

Testing DALL-E 2 Outpainting

I tested the new DALL-E 2 outpainting capabilities across a variety of prompts and workflows. This included generating brand new images, uploading and expanding existing images, and even blending together multiple Midjourney creations into a cohesive scene.

Overall, I was seriously impressed by what the feature can accomplish. While some prompts confused the AI, it handled natural expansions and blends remarkably well. The interface is also smooth and easy-to-use, making outpainting very accessible.

Generating Images with Outpainting

My first test was simply generating brand new images using the outpainting frame, then continually expanding the frame to grow the image. I used prompts like 'cherry blossom tree' and 'ground with dramatic lighting'. DALL-E 2 was able to add natural extensions of patterns and textures, seamlessly continuing the images outwards. Having full control over the generation area makes directing the expansions very intuitive.

Uploading and Editing Images

I also experimented with uploading existing images, then using outpainting to alter and build upon them. After uploading a nice rabbit samurai generation from Midjourney, I erased parts of the background and described new 'cherry blossom tree' scenery. Impressively, DALL-E 2 blended the new content into the base image almost perfectly. Being able to smoothly edit images makes outpainting extremely versatile.

Blending Multiple Images

My most complex test was blending two separate Midjourney images into a single coherent scene with outpainting. I positioned an anime warrior next to a corn warrior, then gradually filled in and generated the space between them. While some blends came out messy at first, once I got the right prompts and positioning, DALL-E 2 combined them very convincingly. Seeing outpainting merge disparate styles so naturally was awe-inspiring.

Comparing DALL-E 2 to Midjourney

After extensively testing DALL-E 2's new outpainting capabilities, I compared some of the results directly to outputs from leading rival Midjourney. Using identical prompts across both AIs, there are noticeable strengths particular to each system.

Prompt-to-Prompt Image Quality Analysis

When giving DALL-E 2 and Midjourney the exact same prompt, they each excel in different areas. Midjourney interpretations tend to be more abstract and stylized. Meanwhile, DALL-E 2 focuses on photographic accuracy. However, DALL-E 2 struggles with some contextual elements compared to Midjourney, like conveying a specific described perspective. Ultimately both have exceptional but distinct qualitative strengths.

The Future of AI Art Generation

DALL-E 2's outpainting update displays the rapid pace of progress in AI art generation. With models continuously evolving new abilities, the creative potential grows enormously every year.

I expect future AI systems will empower radical new forms of human-computer co-creation, blending artistic imagination with artificial innovation. Where things go from here is infinitely exciting!


Q: How does DALL-E 2 outpainting work?
A: Outpainting allows users to generate images at very high resolutions by gradually building up an image section-by-section with natural language prompts.

Q: Can I upload images to outpaint and extend them?
A: Yes, you can upload an image as a base and use outpainting prompts to extend and edit the original image seamlessly.

Q: Is DALL-E 2 better than Midjourney?
A: Both AI systems have strengths and weaknesses. DALL-E 2 offers higher resolution and editing capabilities while Midjourney may produce more artistic, creative images.