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Outriders Demo Guide: Legendary Loot Farming Method

Author: Dead Channel BetaTime: 2024-01-28 10:10:00

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Introduction to the Outriders Loot Cave

The Outriders demo has given players a chance to experience a slice of the upcoming looter shooter RPG. One of the most exciting parts of a looter game is obtaining powerful new gear, and players have discovered a very effective way to farm legendary items in the demo - the Outriders Loot Cave.

This farming method allows you to repeatedly defeat a boss and collect epic loot with very little effort. It's an exploit similar to the infamous Loot Cave from Destiny 1. This guide will explain everything you need to know about using this strategy to gear up fast in the Outriders demo.

What is the Outriders Loot Cave?

The Outriders Loot Cave refers to a specific room in the Terra Infirma story mission. After completing the main campaign, you can replay missions. When you replay Terra Infirma, the second arena area with a bridge and a boss is the Loot Cave. To use this farming method, simply run through the first part of the mission until you reach this room. Defeat the boss, pick up any epic or legendary drops, and let the other enemies kill you. This will respawn you at the start of the arena so you can run back and defeat the boss again in just over a minute.

Is This Exploit Temporary?

History shows us game developers quickly patch out exploits like this that allow players to circumvent the intended progression system. The chances seem high that People Can Fly will remove or heavily nerf this farming method. So if you want to grab some easy legendary weapons and armor in the Outriders demo, make sure to take advantage of this Loot Cave before the opportunity disappears!

Step-by-Step Guide to Farming the Loot Cave

Using the Loot Cave to farm legendary gear is simple. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. Complete the main story missions in the Outriders demo.

  2. Launch Terra Infirma from the Trench Town hub area and proceed through the first section.

  3. When you reach the second arena with the bridge, defeat the boss and any nearby elites.

  4. Pick up any epic or legendary loot that drops from these enemies.

  5. Allow yourself to be killed by the remaining weaker monsters.

  6. You will respawn at the start of the bridge. Run back and defeat the boss again.

  7. Repeat this process as many times as desired. With practice, you can complete each run in under a minute.

Some additional tips: Use your class abilities and mods to speed up each run as much as possible. Equip gear with lots of close range damage for quickly melting the boss.

Legendary Gear Drops

The Outriders Loot Cave can reward you with many different types of epic and legendary gear, even at the demo's max World Tier 5. Here are some of the notable weapons and armor you can farm:

Legendary weapons: The Migraine, Grim Marrow, Amber Vault

Legendary armor: Seismic Commander Helmet, Statue Armor Chest, Marshal Armor Legs

Mods: Impale, Claymore Torrent, Radiation Jump

Using this farming method, you can relatively quickly gather a powerful build utilizing some of the best endgame gear and abilities the demo has to offer.

Best Builds for Speed Runs

To maximize your legendary drops per hour, you'll want to build your character specifically for speed running the Loot Cave.

Some of the best builds include:

Trickster - Use Temporal Blade, Venator's Knife, and Cyclone Slice abilities with close range damage and cooldown reduction mods.

Devastator - Equip Gravity Leap, Impale, and Endless Mass with similar CDR and damage mods.

Pyromancer - Focus on Thermal Bomb, Overheat, and Feed The Flames to quickly burst down enemies.


The Outriders Loot Cave presents players with a time-limited opportunity to gear up their characters for endgame expeditions. If you want to try out powerful legendary gear and build crafting before the full game's release, be sure to take advantage of this exploit while it lasts.

Do you think the developer will remove this cave? Have you had success finding legendary loot using this farming method? Let us know in the comments!


Q: Where is the loot cave located?
A: The loot cave is located in the Terra Infirma mission after completing the main story.

Q: What gear drops in the loot cave?
A: The loot cave drops legendary weapons and gear up to the caps for World Tier 5.

Q: How long will the loot cave be available?
A: It is unknown if developer People Can Fly will patch this exploit. Take advantage while you can.

Q: What is the respawn mechanic?
A: Die after defeating the boss to respawn at the start of the second room. This allows you to rerun quickly.

Q: What class is best for speed runs?
A: Experiment to find the best build for quickly defeating the boss. An SMG shredder build is very fast.

Q: How long do runs take?
A: With an optimized build, runs can take 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Q: Will I reach level cap?
A: Repeated runs will help you reach level 7 gear score caps before the full game releases.

Q: Where to farm if this gets patched?
A: Check the video description for an alternative farming method if this gets fixed.

Q: What should I farm for?
A: Focus on getting legendary weapons and armor for your chosen class.

Q: Anything else to know?
A: Share this with friends before it gets patched!