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Peace Talks Between Warring States

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Introduction to the Meeting

The meeting brought together key figures to resolve an important issue. The participants included Lieutenant He of the Cui Family Army and General Pei of Zhenxi. This was the first time Lieutenant He and General Guo met General Pei, who has long been stationed at the border.

General Pei and Lieutenant He are both young talents with growing reputations. General Guo considered it an eye-opening experience to have them at the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss prospects for peace. Lieutenant He represented the Cui Family Army's interests, while General Pei spoke for Zhenxi.

Key Participants

Lieutenant He recently assumed his role in the Cui Family Army and this was his first diplomatic meeting. He aimed to make a good impression. General Pei has defended the border for many years and earned fame and admiration for his military successes.

Context of the Meeting

The meeting presented an opportunity for the rival families - the Cui Family Army and Zhenxi - to find common ground and reduce conflict. General Guo aimed to mediate discussions and propose a resolution agreeable to both sides in this time of instability.

Proposed Resolution Method

To settle the dispute, General Pei suggested each faction send one warrior to compete in a horse race. If General Pei's warrior won, the other sides would have to agree to one of his terms. If someone else won, General Guo would negotiate with them first.

Lieutenant He agreed to the proposed resolution method, considering General Pei quite generous to suggest it.

The ensuing competition resulted in a win for General Pei. According to his terms, the Cui Family Army and Zhenxi each had to agree to one of his conditions to promote stability and order.

Outcome of the Meeting

The meeting concluded with General Pei victorious after his warrior won the horse race competition. His leadership and authority were strengthened through fulfilling his terms of the bet.

Additionally, by bringing together rival factions for strategic discussions, the risk of destructive conflict was reduced for the time being.

Overall, the diplomatic meeting succeeded in buying time and keeping tensions at bay between the major players involved.


Q: Who were the main parties involved in the talks?
A: There were representatives from the Cui Family Army, Zhenxi Army, and Guo's forces.